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Glad Square Disposable Paper Plates

Square Disposable Paper Plates 1
  • SAME RELIABLE QUALITY, NEW LOOK — These plates are currently transitioning to an updated design. Some customers may receive our current print, but we know they’ll both make you Glad
  • MICROWAVEABLE AND CUT RESISTANT — These large, disposable plates are microwave safe and cut resistant. The 10 inch square plates can be used for your appetizer or main course
  • SOAK PROOF — Glad green paper plates are coated with our exclusive soak proof coating to keep even the messiest foods from penetrating the surface
  • SUPER DURABLE — These square paper plates are durable and convenient. Say goodbye to washing dishes when you use these disposable decorative paper plates
  • PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND EVERYDAY — Convenient paper plates will enhance your dinner party, summer picnic, or any meal time!
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as of December 21, 2021 10:19 am


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at Amazon.com, eBay.
  • At amazon.com you can purchase Glad Square Disposable Paper Plates for All Occasions | Soak Proof, Cut Proof, Microwaveable Heavy Duty Disposable Plates | 10" Diameter, 50 Count Bulk Paper Plates for only $8.01, which is 70% less than the cost in eBay ($26.99).
  • The lowest price of 2 New RAE DUNN by MAGENTA Christmas Nutcracker Happy Holidays Square Plates was obtained on December 21, 2021 10:19 am.

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Product Reviews

19 reviews for Square Disposable Paper Plates

  1. Precise Disarray

    We keep paper plates on hand for near daily use. I normally don’t purchase square paper plates, but these were quite reasonable and I figured I would try them. They are sturdy, and so far have been durable for my needs. The edge creates a lip, which keeps the food nicely on the plate, or if you have runny foods, it keeps it from rolling off.They hold up to being wiped off and reused again (if that is your thing). I mean, if it is just me and I used it for catching my crumbs from a sandwich, I will wiped it off and reuse it. Sometimes I use a regular plate, but often I like to grab a paper plate. Either way, I like having them on hand, and these have been good so far. No complaints. Basically comes down to pricing when I make my decision (and that they aren’t flimsy). .

  2. samantha

    Not my first time buying these and I continue to be amazed by how sturdy and how pretty these designs are. I use them for anything and everything. Much better than the Dixie ones I used to buy. Great value and worth the buy.

  3. Allymama

    I’ve needed plates for cousins bohemian themed baby shower and found these plates.Since I’ve bought these for purely esthetic reasons (so cute!!) I wasn’t expecting them to function as good as they did.We had a whole Buffett of Mexican themed hot foods which could’ve destroyed these plates at any given moment.They endured the party and also was used for some impromptu to-go container (stapled shut) and it survived the whole car ride.I can’t recommend these plates any more than I already have.If you want cute but durable disposable plates, these are the ones to go for

  4. Laura Jasphy

    This is such a pretty looking plate, so it’s truly disappointing that it is so flimsy. Describing it as soak proof and heavy duty is false advertising.

  5. User

    These are the absolute best paper plates I have ever used. No one can compare. I have never had one leak through ever. I’ve been using them for about 5-6 months. I have even used it as a cutting board for small task and they have never cut through. I love love love these! Little pricey but so well worth it.

  6. Jessica

    They advertised being way more sturdy than they are. You have to use 2 plate if you want actual support

  7. DesertRat

    I bought these for my multi-cat feedings, because of the leak-proof and square shape. The plates were functional for the intended purpose. They are square and leak proof, but are flimsier than cheap white round paper plates.I would not use them for serving human food that needed to be carried through a buffet line, or to the table, they would fold under the weight.Since I bought them three weeks ago, the price has tripled. I won’t buy them again and I do not recommend them.

  8. Liz Smith

    These are good for mini desserts. They are not very strong; so I wouldn’t use them for heavy foods. If you are having an event where light fare is being served (vegetable trays, fruit trays, mini desserts, etc) then these will work well. They are very pretty.

  9. Vicky

    Love how large these plates are! They could stand to be a little thicker to add sturdiness, but overall I’m happy with my purchase.

  10. Ginelle Clift

    A little flimsy but unlike how big they are

  11. missfixit67

    Super thin, flimsy material. Doesn’t hold food well!😞

  12. Glenda Lewis

    Good size.

  13. Brian

    Paper thin.

  14. bonnie haill

    Works good for warming up dinner. Save on doing dishes.

  15. Carolina

    These hold up well.

  16. Louise

    These plates were perfect for what I needed. They are HUGE! They bend under heavy weight but were perfect for food served at the picnic table and the wet salad etc did not bleed through. Perfect!

  17. Donna D Moore

    Very disappointed. Unless the definition for durable and strong has changed??? These are horrible plates. Any sauce/grease leaked through the plate and stained the table. Unless you plan on using 3-4 plates just for a general bacon and egg breakfast they are absolutely useless. I returned mine.

  18. Adele

    Decorative and not bad for sturdy

  19. Mark

    High quality sturdy plates larger than your round one so it can hold more food

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