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Glad Round Disposable Paper Plates

Round Disposable Paper Plates 1
  • SAME RELIABLE QUALITY, NEW LOOK — These plates are currently transitioning to an updated design. Some customers may receive our current print, but we know they’ll both make you Glad
  • MICROWAVEABLE AND CUT RESISTANT — These disposable plates are microwave safe and cut resistant. Glad round plates can be used for your appetizer or main course
  • 600 PLATES TOTAL — This pack includes 600 soakproof paper plates, making this the best value for large parties or simply keeping your home stocked with blue and white plates
  • SUPER DURABLE — These round paper plates are durable and convenient. Say goodbye to washing dishes when you use these disposable decorative paper plates
  • PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND EVERYDAY — Convenient paper plates will enhance your dinner party, summer picnic, or any meal time!

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  • At you can purchase Glad Round High Quality Sugarcane Plates | Ultra Strong Compostable Plates for All Occasions, 10.25" Diameter , 32 Count , Column Pattern for only $7.56, which is 81% less than the cost in eBay ($39.00).
  • The lowest price of Bulk Paper Plates 500 Count Recyclable Heavy Duty Coated White Dixie Basic 8.5'' was obtained on August 26, 2020 4:17 pm.

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Product Reviews

10 reviews for Round Disposable Paper Plates

  1. Avatar


    Just used these plates, everyone at the table loved the floral design. These plates are well made: strong, durable, and better than other plates that I’ve used. Very happy with my purchase, we use them for everyday and for special occasions.

  2. Avatar


    I would not purchase these again. Not because they don’t hold up, but because the blue dye of the floral print was stuck to my food. :/ If they made a plain white version, I would totally buy them.

  3. Avatar

    Rose Hoffert

    The plates were pretty The color was lighter than shown in the picture. They were too thin and flimsy, not sturdy for heavy foods. For that reason I could not use them for my event and had to buy other plates .

  4. Avatar

    Mike S.

    These are a good size, and are durable. They are probably not as good a value in terms of amount vs. price as what you can get in a warehouse club store, but there are plusses and minuses to that since you do not have to store a ton of extra plates. They are nice to have on subscribe and save so you can have them sent automatically on a schedule that fits your needs.

  5. Avatar

    David Rosario

    I never knew Glad made paper plates until I searched for them here on Amazon. I’ve always purchased Dixie in the past because thats all I knew. LO & BEHOLD….GLAD PAPER PLATES!! These plates rock!! They were super stronger and far more cut resistant then any paper plate I’ve ever use including Dixie!! I totally recommend!!

  6. Avatar


    I love Glad garbage bags, so when I saw Glad started making paper plates I HAD to make the purchase. Definitely not a letdown. They have pretty designs which makes them nice for any occasion. Plates are nice and strong and can withstand anything. Good for all uses. I just wish they were available at my local Walmart.

  7. Avatar


    Nothing soaks thru these, they are very sturdy. Only problem, although they are supposed to be microwave capable.. I have read not to put anything with color in microwave (like decorative paper towels) because the dye can start on fire. So, I use them for many things since they are so sturdy, and nothing soaks through. But, I don’t put them in microwave (that’s just me). They are very nice plates and recommended- but not n microwave.

  8. Avatar

    dale k.

    No the most dirtiest paper plate on the market have to use two or three of them to hold a sandwich

  9. Avatar


    Very sturdy !! No leaking !! Hot wet foods no problem !! And u can cut on them too and not poke thru!!

  10. Avatar

    norma aggio

    not worth the money i spent

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