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Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio

am radios with best reception

Sangean LB-100 Rugged Radio 1
  • Rugged Industrial Grade Digital PLL Synthesized AM / FM Radio with 10 Station Memory Presets (5 AM, 5 FM) and Dynamic Loudness
  • Rain Resistant to JIS4 Standard, Dust and Shock Resistant with Rubber Shock-Blocks
  • Compact Roll-Cage Protective Design Resists Impacts and Drops while Remaining Highly Portable, Rugged Rotary Tuning and Volume Controls with Durable ABS Plastic Body
  • 5 1/4 Inch Water Resistant High Powered Speaker, Backlit Display and Compact Flexible Antenna
  • Operates with 9-foot Attached AC Power Cord or 4 C Batteries (not included)
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as of January 28, 2023 5:21 am

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Product Reviews

18 reviews for Sangean LB-100 Rugged Radio

  1. erc from MA.

    Purchased 12/2018-all good until 9/2019. Wouldn’t turn on.Tried different outlets,etc. nothing. Today went on manufacturer website to return. Need to pay to ship back from MA to CA then also include a money order/check to cover return shipping/handling/insurance/packaging (ugh!) not the best 1-yr warranty. Before boxing, we plugged in again and guess what? it turned on. This is the 3rd time this has happened, frustrating. We are going to keep radio, next time it doesn’t turn on we are going to give it a non-pleasant send off! Our new radio will not be this same kind again! which is sad because it’s so cool looking.

  2. Happy woman

    I’ve had this for several months now. This is a VERY basic radio, which is what I was looking for but here’s my + & -‘s.+ The sounds is strong so it works well with a crowd or in noisy places.+ I only listen to a few stations so having only 5 preset buttons is perfect.+ I am not rough with anything but this seems to be a heavy duty exterior, able to withstand some accidental knocking around.+ This radio has the option to use batteries which makes it nice to bring camping or if you have a booth where you sell stuff, etc…- The antennae is not adjustable which means if you want a clear station you may not get to point the speaker in the direction you prefer, but you have to move the entire radio around to get a clear signal.- The only adjustments other than “on & off” are volume & station, again, VERY basic features which is fine, but it would be nice to be able to turn down the bass a little. I’m one of those people who like to hear the actual words of a song along with talk radio or sermons, not just feel the beat of the drum or the hard consonants such as “k, d, p & t”. 😉

  3. Dave P

    Seems well built . Anti slip rubber feet nice. Good reception and sound in the Twin Cities, MN . Ok sound but not as good about two hours away on the boat. But Crap reception in the all metal pole barn. Which is what I bought it for was my shop. I don’t think it’s the radios fault. But I read someone else had a metal barn and it worked good. Must be by door or window? So I tried a wire added to antenna and even drilled a hole in barn and ran wire out. Still no good. Ended up sticking the rubber covered antenna out hole. Two stations now. Public radio is ok. But I had to draw the line at country. I’d rather due without than listen to that. I’m going to buy an external antenna to hook to roof top and run wire back. I will keep it for exterior barn work and boat use if that fails.

  4. Todderbert

    The Sangean Lunchbox radio brings a lot to the table. It’s reception is incredible. Finding stations past 500 miles on the AM band.Search my name and model of this radio for an in-depth video review on youtube.Features I like best about this radio:* BASS…yeah its got it.* Nice and easy to read back lit display.* Ultra rugged. Just like the box says.* Simple to use.* It’s Yellow!* FM and AM reception is excellent!* AC power option, giving you more power to the speaker…oh my.Features I wish it had:* Aux Jack In. I know the Toughbox has one, but its green or black.* More presets..this can be an everyday radio.* Longer antenna option.* Tone control.Overall, at $52.00 you can’t miss this one. The price went back up a few days later, but Amazon likes to do that. Keep an eye out for it to drop in price again.

  5. TheGuyThatThatGuyKnows

    Not the best reception but I use it on a porch with a metal roof and close to power lines.Update-I’ve changed my rating from 3 to 2 stars but I’d say it’s a 2 1/2.I don’t know why this radio is so highly rated. The sound quality is awful. Too much bass and sound in general is poor. I would be embarrassed to try using it on a job site. You can’t nor would you want to turn it up. It doesn’t play loud enough anyway. It’s just too small to put out big volume and only has the one speaker. I had an antenna put up and a coaxial cable professionally installed after getting it in an attempt to rectify the lack of reception which did not help nearly as much as I’d hoped. If I’d known that It wouldn’t get good reception even with the antenna I would have returned it but I obviously couldn’t after having altered it. I hope this update will help sway some opinions in another direction as it is the only reason I’m doing it. Trying to help the consumer that is.

  6. DLC90266

    I’m so impressed! I live in an area with radio reception that is challenging, particularly for AM radio. My car radios get it but this is the first AM radio outside of a car that gets decent reception. I have a home stereo, a boom box, etc. and all have AM static. Even this one gets some static in certain positions but at least I can turn it until the static disappears. The tone is great. The reception is great. I love the controls, with a tuning knob but discrete digital frequencies, and presets. i like that it works on batteries or 120v power. I’m very happy.

  7. Sharon C.

    I have a horse who is on complete stall rest. I needed a weather proof, specifically dust proof radio to play music for him to help break the boredom. The Sangean LB-100 ultra Rugged Compact AM/FM Radio was exactly as described and exactly what I needed. Reception and sound quality are very good. The volume and tuning controls are easy to use.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Note I give 3 stars if order arrives on time and works as it should, 4 or 5 is something is exceptionablereception is good Sound quality is acceptable considering price with one exception which is the bass, a deep thump thrown in at seemingly random times, I really do not need loud thumps while listening to the news, weather, or, DJ. It’s annoying and distracting and really doesn’t add to the music and there is no way to adjust it

  9. Ontario Girl

    It’s well built, but needs a bass/ treble setting. I find it a bit bassey when people talking, has to face me or the’re muffled and can’t understand them. Great for music! On batteries it lasts about 48-56 hours at moderate volume with good batteries. I use 2 sets rechargeable batteries. Excellent reception with sturdy antenna. The warranty paper that came in the box said it was only good in USA. Haven’t checked into that further. Like it on the whole. Will try next model up next time that has bass and treble settings.

  10. Comprando Ando

    El diseño es unico, la construccion y materiales muy resistente, tiene buen volumen y sus funciones son bàsicas, pero son las necesarias… llevo utilizandola por 6 meses y no tiene ningun problema, ni queja hasta el momento.

  11. sandi gileo

    I have bought two of these. The first one lasted a few years then the knob to change stations ceased working so I could only listen to the stations that I had programmed. I Bought the second one a couple of months ago and it already has that same problem 🙁 I am really disappointed. Wondering if Amazon will give my money back?

  12. Alistair Lachlan

    This radio seemed like what I was looking for. I turned it on for 10 minutes the day it arrived. It workrd fine. The next morning I tried to turn it on and no sound came out out no matter how much I fiddled with it. Could the on/off switch be broken?

  13. mike


  14. Rob D

    It’s pretty loud and durable

  15. Jean-Pierre Comeau

    Merci. Très satisfaite.

  16. Keely Flaherty Work

    We have tried various radios at our remote cabin and none of them come in clearly. This is the third radio of this kind we have purchased for our outdoor cabins and they work great. Definatley recommend for anybody that is looking for a good sturdy outdoor radio for camping or remote locations.

  17. Guy Bougie

    Very statisfied

  18. Ben

    Great, powerful sound, practical and rugged, will buy their products again.

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