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  • Pack contains 6 Big Rolls of Bounty Full Size printed paper towels
  • Each Big Roll contains 33% more sheets than a Regular Roll
  • Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper* * vs. leading ordinary brand
  • 2X More Absorbent* *vs. leading ordinary brand
  • 100% of the pulp used to make our paper towels is from responsibly managed forests
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36 new from $29.26
4 used from $22.24
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as of January 28, 2023 6:22 am


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay,
  • At you can purchase Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels White, 12 Double Rolls = 24 Regular Rolls for only $20.99, which is 38% less than the cost in ($33.95).
  • The lowest price of Bounty Paper Towels, Print, 6 Big Rolls = 8 Regular Rolls, Prime Pantry was obtained on January 29, 2023 4:22 am.

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Product Reviews

7 reviews for Bounty Paper Towels

  1. TH

    This is my first review ever for any product, however, I felt this information should be shared. I have been using Bounty Paper Towels for years, so when I saw them in Prime Pantry I ordered them without reserve.I must concord with other reviewers that these rolls did seem scimpy when I unpackaged them. I put that info in the “fool me once” category as I had not bothered to read the reviews since I believed I was familiar with the product.However, the info I feel compelled to share here is that the green color in the print of these towels transfers to the item being cleaned! I believe this issue renders this product useless for the purpose for which it was intended. I have never experienced this issue even with lower quality paper towels. The item purchased did not meet expectationsI have reported the issue to Amazon and am awaiting their reply

  2. Two kids mom

    I usually buy my paper towels from the membership store, using their brand Kirkland so I was eager to see if I have been missing out on better performance. The short answer is, maybe a little for scrubbing, but at at a higher cost. The long answer is below.I measured the Bounty as 28cm x 26 cm (11 inches by 10.2). The Kirkland brand pulls off in smaller sheets and it was 28cm by 18 cm. I actually like that you can get a smaller piece more easily from the Kirtland brand. Advantage Kirtland.I then cut the Kirtland so it would have the same area as the Bounty and put them in water to test how much they could absorb. I put each in a bowl, saturated them, then lifted up and allowed to drip for the same amount of time, then weighed how much water they held. Both ranged from 45g to 52 g over 10 trials (1.6- 1.8oz) and there was no significant difference between the two (I ran a t test actually, and used this in my stat class). Yes, I know I am a nerd and my students laughed at me. Tie.I then used them to scrub my cabinets using cleaner. Here the Bounty was a clear winner, it took longer to disintegrate than the Kirtland. Each sheet lasted about 3 cabinets, where the Kirtland lasted two. Advantage Bounty. This is the least scientific test, since it is difficult to completely control how hard you are scrubbing.Now on to cost. I calculated this on area since each one has different sized sheets. I calculated the cost per area (rounded to nearest penny) as 25 cents per square meter for Bounty and 16 cents per square meter for Kirtland. That means a particular amount of Bounty costs 1.6 times as much as the Kirtland.The Kirtland roll weighs 345g vs the Bounty Roll at 198g. There are more sheets on the Kirtland.One other issue, the Kirtland come wrapped in individual wrappers, the Bounty do not. Also the Kirtland only comes in plain white, no designs. Not going to rate this, because it depends on your preference.So which you purchase should depend on what you are doing with the towels. Sopping up messes, I would pick the cheaper ones. Hard core scrubbing and cleaning, choose the Bounty. I think I will actually buy some of these to keep around for tougher jobs, but rely on the cheaper ones for most quick wiping up. I have attached some photos so you can see the difference between them. The pattern is Bounty, the plain is Kirtland. Plastic wrapped is Kirtland,Bounty is not wrapped.

  3. Debby B.

    Last time I ordered these Bounty Prints from Amazon, I got rolls of 54 sheets 2-ply, at a weight of 212 grams per roll. I noticed with this order, my product looked skimpier. These towel rolls I received this time are 48 sheets 2-ply, at a weight of 186 grams per rolls. Are we supposed to not notice? I’m getting more and more disgusted. And, I notice that nowhere on this ad page could I find where it says how many sheets per roll. But, as with other things, product get smaller and smaller for the same price.

  4. smh

    NOT “Big Rolls”…. First off, these paper towels do not seem like the Bounty you get from the store. They are thinner and not as strong as Bounty and by no means are they bigger than the normal rolls you get at your local store.

  5. JEG

    6 equals 8??? Ha! No, 6 does not equal 8, it doesn’t even equal 6. What is going on at Bounty? Do you think the consumer hath no eyes? Your paper towel roles are shrinking. They are teeny tiny. The only increase I see is in the price. Dreadful. You’ve smirched the name Bounty! Rename your product please. Teeny Towels! Tiny Towels! Hardly Any Towels At All! Or better yet: 6 equals 2!

  6. MFSCheri

    I honestly am not sure what to say because lately Bounty towels seem to be coming in a variety of sizes despite a consistent past. I’m not happy with the Bounty single-size ( ( I don’t like the select-a-size at all) paper towels. When I first opened the box I thought I had accidentally rec’d toilet paper! I’m including pictures to add clarity to mydisappointment. I had purchased a package from another store while I waited for my Amazon delivery. The labeling ( I didn’t save yesterday’s packaging not thinking I’d need it!) on both packages was the same 6=8. My store purchas on right, Amazon delivered today on left.

  7. markm

    Wow Amazon “Pantry” has been a big disappointment. Of six items 2 were aub-par, including these paper towels:1. They are NOT bigger rolls, in fact they are small rolls. The six rolls are NOT the same as 8, more like FOUR,2. The green ink comes out. I’ve never seen this before.Not happy. They seem thinner than Kirkland brand as well. I kinda feel ripped off… and good luck contacting anyone at Amazon! Avoid

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