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with Active Cleaning Ripples

Cottonelle Ultra Soft Toilet Paper 1
  • Unique active cleaningripples texture provides softness and removes more at once for a superior Clean vs. The leading national value brand
  • Designed with the right balance of strength and softness for an effective clean
  • Strong 1-ply bathroom tissue that is 3x Thicker, 3x stronger, 2x more absorbent vs. Leading national value brand
  • Paraben-free toilet tissue that is free of Added perfumes and dyes
  • For a superior Clean (using dry & Moist together vs. Dry alone), add Cottonelle Flushable Wipes to your bathroom routine
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  • At you can purchase Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Soft Toilet Paper, 12 Mega Rolls for only $19.39, which is 63% less than the cost in ($52.12).
  • The lowest price of Cottonelle Professional Bulk Toilet Paper for Business (17713), Standard Toilet Paper Rolls, 2-PLY, White, 60 Rolls / Case, 451 Sheets / Roll was obtained on December 22, 2021 8:18 am.

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Product Reviews

11 reviews for Cottonelle Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

  1. Brian M.

    A lot of lint particles come off the roll as your using it. I’ve used other brands that are just as soft and effective and do not produce as much lint.

  2. Patricia Jean Burton

    I was sick and tired of toilet paper rolls with such limited sheets so I decided to see how these were and I’m absolutely thrilled how long they last. “Awesome!”

  3. Nonnie

    best toilet paper on the market. mega rolls are a great value

  4. Adam Pates

    Cottonelle Ultra is a really good toilet paper but it is quite as strong not as strong as regular Cottonelle, so it’s really a question of which do you prefer strength or softness. I was trying to find rolls with the most sheets of toilet paper so I choose this option. It is very, very soft. Which is nice to your bum. Next time I’ll try to find the most sheet of regular Cottonelle to receive the product I prefer. It’s not a big deal but you may have a different preference. I’ll probably not choose Cottonelle Ultra next time around. But hey that’s my preference. If you prefer a supper soft toilet paper this is the toilet paper for you. I think the absorbency/speed of absorbency is about equal, but I’ve never actually “tested” the 2 styles side by side.

  5. Tatiana

    It is extremely soft and cleans well with the built in ridges. My only con is sometimes it leaves behind some residue but overall is it a great toilet paper and I would highly recommend.

  6. D. Dell

    I’ve found this product to be comfortable, strong, and does the job. The main feature I like is the 1 ply instead of 2 ply. The 1 ply does not plug up the plumbing as easily as the 2 ply. And with human nature the way it is, some people tend to use more paper than they actually need.It’s just one aspect to think about.

  7. Barbi

    Great product for butts

  8. Amazon Customer

    Best price around

  9. Daniel

    Works as toilet paper but not the best…. breaks apart at times and leaves lint.. never really had any other toilet paper that does that..

  10. Dakota Thompson

    Let’s be real fam. We all buy toilet paper, but none of us talk about it. For a man of my demographic, purchasing a quantity of two of these and spending approximately eight dollars on enough to last a year and a half on top quality is priceless.

  11. Kt

    I didn’t get the product on sale but with the threat of a pandemic, I didn’t get scalped either.

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