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Bounty Quilted Napkins 1
  • Bounty Quilted Napkins, 1-Ply, 12.1In X 12In, 100/PK, White
  • Alcohol-Free
  • White
  • 100 Pack
$9.99  out of stock
as of January 28, 2023 6:22 am

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  • At you can purchase Bounty Quilted Napkins, 1-Ply, 12.1In X 12In, 100/PK, White for only $9.19, which is 83% less than the cost in eBay ($55.49).
  • The lowest price of Bounty Quilted Napkins, Mixed Whites & Prints, 200/Pack, 12 Packs (PGC34885CT) was obtained on January 28, 2023 6:22 am.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Bounty Quilted Napkins

  1. Lee Weston

    $8.00 not including tax for a small pkg. of very thin, no absorbency value cheap paper napkins. Profiteering off of fear during a global pandemic that has hundreds of thousands sick and thousands of men, women, children and babies dead. May your shame haunt you and never let you rest.

  2. CR

    Bought these as an alternate to the thick pricey and Koch Brothers owned Vanity Fair napkins we were using. These are great. Durable and perfectly sized. Really happy we made the switch. They are just as good and soft and cost a lot less too.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Ok. I never thought that I would think one brand of napkins was better than another, but that was before I tried these. These are the best napkins I’ve used. They aren’t “fancy” dinner napkins, but they are obviously not “cheap” napkins. I don’t feel like they are garbage and use only one when I eat. It isn’t a good deal if you need to use 2 or 3 napkins. With these I only need one.

  4. Annette

    I always bought cheap, or at least cheaper, napkins. I resisted buying these Bounty napkins when I first saw them. They seemed like a bad deal, too expensive. I finally gave in when my husband one day complained, while in a a bad mood, about how our napkins always fell apart and you had to use more than one. Now, all I buy is Bounty napkins. They are really great! They are strong and thick, and they absorb well. The difference between these and the other brands and off-brands on the market is night and day. (I’m not talking about Vanity Fair, that’s a different breed all together. But this is for your everyday napkin needs.) I won’t buy anything else now, and they are worth the extra cost. I love the great deal here on Amazon Pantry.

  5. rundowntheyears

    Outragious criminal pricing on Amazon for two packages of napkins at $36.00!

  6. Elizabeth

    400 is a lot of napkins! I had no concept that I was basically getting 2 of the normal size containers that I would buy in the grocery store. These are a great deal and a good quality product. I would definitely purchase these again, but I have so many it will be a while before I need more.

  7. SH

    I’m not sure how much I can really say about this product but here goes:This is pretty much exactly what you would expect from the name, Bounty paper towels sliced into napkins. They are great because they are more durable than napkins and also convenient because I don’t have to rip a piece off of a roll (like a normal paper towel).The price was pretty solid (obviously more expensive than normal napkins) for what it is. The convenience of having a small paper towel in a stack is pretty great as well. I used them for eating, cleaning, and everything in between.

  8. Kimberly

    Well, there is only so much you can say about napkins. These are napkins and, they do the job. They are not to thin not to thick that it hurts your mouth when wiping your mouth. If you need napkins I would recommend these. Would buy from seller again. Product came as described. The amount you see in picture is what you get. Always nice when you get a producr as described on Amazon.

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