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  • 220 plates per case
  • 5 layers & 50% stronger than the leading comparable store brand paper plate
  • Soak Proof Shield
  • Microwavable & Cut resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • 220 Plates, 10 1/16in – (25.5cm)

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  1. Nathan

    If you just crawled out from under a rock, you put food on these paper disks, then you eat the food. You can throw the paper disk away when you are done and now you don’t have to do dishes. If you pair this with a disposable fork and cup you’ll be living the life of luxury and not needing to wash dishes ever.

  2. Laura O.

    My order was for 220 plates. I received 4 packs of 44 and 1 pack of 27. I am short 17 plates.

  3. QueenOfJean

    Average daily paper places. We often double up for foods that have a lot of sauce or that need cutting with a steak knife, but I think that’s to be expected. We’ve been subscribed to these plates for well over a year, and don’t plan to change that any time all .

  4. HH

    Thinner than I thought they’d be as a Dixie product.

  5. 386 Senior

    Dixie paper products, the only thing you can say is always good and always dependable

  6. Saira

    These are worth buying. They are durable can with stand food that’s heavy in sauces and it doesn’t cut through when cutting into food. This brand is a lot more expensive at my local supermarket so I’m glad I got a good bulk deal.

  7. Kenya Marquez

    I have these plates at home for back up or days when we don’t want to wash dishes. They are big and sturdy. Does the job!

  8. Kimberlyn Daniel

    The product is heavy and strong for everyday use

  9. Donna

    Color bled onto egg (not very appetizing) so won’t be ordering again

  10. Omi Oyin

    Very happy with purchase: good quality, excellent price, smart packaging (had to take them with me in check in laggage to another country), safe, fast delivery. Totally worth the purchase! Thank you!

  11. Amazon Customer

    This plate is extremely high quality. It’s way better than one of the most popular brand that is sold in Costco. You have to try it to understand how sturdy and nice it feels. And the deal can’t be beaten even when the other ones go on sale at Costco

  12. cyndall

    Perfect for parties or everyday use and lI’ve the way they look

  13. PDC

    Could be a little sturdier and a little bigger but overall satisfied with purchase.

  14. V

    Have only used this for dry foods not wet foods.It was great for chips and dip & pizza.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Nice plates for when receiving guests at home and need extra plates.

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