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The Augason Farms 72-hour 1-person emergency food supply provides 42 total servings and an unprecedented 2, 667 calories per day. Five easy-to-prepare meal varieties-including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a fruit snack-are packaged in a convenient, grab-and-go pail. Food storage can often seem intimidating. Knowing what to get, how to make meals with what you have, and how to make sure you stay nourished in case of an emergency can feel daunting. Not only will you thrive on the nutritious meals, You will enjoy the variety and great taste. Meals are easy to prepare by simply adding water and simmering for a few short minutes. All this, coupled with a 25-year shelf life, and you have an emergency food solution that will free you from the worry of an unexpected emergency for years to come. Please discard oxygen absorber after opening. Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 55° F and 70° F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. Augason Farms recognizes that today’s consumers are more concerned than ever before about what kind of foods they eat, and want to provide their families with food that is safe and the best quality. Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms believes that great taste is a tradition worth preserving. Crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, their products are manufactured in-house to the highest possible standards.

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  • 42 servings
  • 2, 667 calories per day & 8, 000 total calories
  • 5 meal varieties
  • Easy to Prepare. Just add water!
  • Up to a 25 year shelf life!
  • Net weight: 4 lb 0. 97 Z (1. 84 kg)


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  1. Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness, so much whining and complaining.1. If preparing for 1 person, divide the pouch into portions and only prepare 1 portion at a time.2. Roll the opened top over, seal in a baggie or jar. Unreconstituted leftovers are not going bad in 3 days.3. Beef up the dishes. Add canned chicken, dried vegetables, noodles, instant rice, lentils, or something similar.4. Answer this question you ask yourself: Why am I looking at this product? Is it for survival or prepping? Is it for disasters? There are literally thousands of books out there that tell you how to get water, store water, filter water. The same books discuss food storage. The Rawles books, Kunstler books, or Forstchen book are good starting places.5. If you are serious about surviving bad situations, get it in your mind to depend on yourself. Reality doesn’t care what your situation is or who you are. You probably will need to save yourself. Ask Katrina and Sandy survivors.6. Today is the perfect day to take a first step toward being ready to face an uncertain future. Go to the grocery store and buy one box of rice, a jar of chicken bullion cubes, 3 cans of beans and 2 cans of meat that you like and will eat. Now, for under $10 you can eat soup or casseroles for several days and not starve.7. Remember, while much of surviving is dumb luck, the rest is on you. Get ready for the future.

  2. Sadtaco

    No complaints about this, other than the servings are not individual; each entrée or product is 72 hours worth for one individual but in a single package. That means if you want to use this for 9 meals, you need to open each entrée or product and cut it into three servings and repackage everything three times or just cook it once and save the leftovers. I was hoping it would be packaged the way an MRE is so this wasnt very convenient.

  3. ThreeDogsMama

    One pack of dehydrated bananas. One pack of bland, low quality oatmeal that says brown sugar, but doesn’t taste like it. I think all three of the other packs are just soup. The potato soup tastes alright, but you will want to add veggies and meat or something to that. It’s basically just white soup. Also you have to make a huge pot of soup and store (and reheat!) leftovers, or keep the humidity from getting to open packs. The banana chips came in a resealable pack, but the other packs were not. I won’t buy it again.Update: I tried to portion out the chicken and rice to make just a bowl of that. It tasted alright, but I got violently ill shortly after consuming it.

  4. B. A. Martin

    Outstanding value for the money. 25 year shelf life. Don’t sweat it – if you’re in the market for long term food, you found the brand. Just take your time cooking it, remembering that in a “hunker down” situation, you’re not likely to be in a hurry anyway. My wife even commented how she was pleasantly surprised by how decent these rations turn out.Expectation: eating this stuff would be tolerable – a more pleasant alternative to dying of starvation.Result, compared to normal food: “not bad at all!”Result, considering that this stuff has been completely freeze dried and will last into my retirement: “incredible!”

  5. minnesota reader

    Deceptive labeling. It’s four big Mylar packages, sized for 4 people. If you’re by yourself, and open and prepare a package you’ll need a working refrigerator to keep the leftovers in. Not a realistic scenario if you’re buying this for a one person SHTF scenario. I’ve actually been through a real earthquake and I can tell you that electricity and grocery stores aren’t going to be there.

  6. cajunmandick

    This was purchased as a hurricane supply product , later as I tried the food I found out that it’s only half edible . The banana chips and the oatmeal we’re great but the chicken and rice is soooo salty that it’s unedible . One bite was all I could take and now I’m not sure I’ll try the potato soup . Not a 72 hour supply , oh well on to other manufacturers .

  7. Robert

    The biggest problem with this package is that all the rations are packed in 8 to 10 serving pouches.So if you made one of them it might be spoiled by the third day. The chicken and rice requires a whisk and 30 minutes to cook. How many people have a whisk in their bug-out-bag?The creamy chicken flavored rice tasted good,I had seconds. The maple brown sugar oatmeal was good ,with a little sugar added.The banana chips are good and will travel well after opening.This 72 hour emergency food supply would work for a family of 3 or 4 for a 1 day supply of food.

  8. Duane B.

    Pros:Tastes goodEconomicalCooks & completely rehydrates in the time specifiedLong shelf lifeCons:No individual portionsAssumes you can refrigerate leftoversNo meatNot vegetarian (C’mon guys, give me one or the other!)Need a magnifying glass to read the instructionsAugason’s canned products usually have instructions for rehydrating/cooking a single portion. The non-resealable pouches in this kit do not give you that option. I don’t know if the pouches in their buckets are any different. From this kit you end up with 10 servings of chicken flavored vegetable soup, 8 servings of potato soup, 8 servings of chicken flavored rice and 8 servings of oatmeal which is enough to get most folks through 72 hours (as long as they have refrigeration.) The chicken flavor comes from “rendered chicken fat” so I don’t consider this a vegetarian option. Mountain House remains my prefered brand but I will be adding some Augason cans, too.

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