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3M Versaflo

3M Versaflo Respiratory Faceshield 1
  • Ready-to-use assembly that includes a premium visor and premium faceseal
  • The M 927 visor is made of coated polycarbonate
  • The M 937 faceseal is made of flame resistant polyester
  • Recommended for assembly, facility maintenance, machine operations, painting, sanding
  • Recommended for automotive, food and beverage manufacturing, manufacturing, military maintenance, repair and operation (MRO), pharmaceutical, transportation industries

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as of August 26, 2020 8:18 pm

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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at Amazon.com, eBay.
  • At amazon.com you can purchase 3M Versaflo 56740 M-207 Respiratory Faceshield Assembly, with Flame Resistant Face Seal, 8.5" Height, 15" Length, 9" Width, Standard, Gray for only $281.04, which is 79% less than the cost in eBay ($1,339.99).
  • The lowest price of 3M TR-300N+ HKL Versaflo Healthcare Medium/Large PAPR Kit was obtained on August 26, 2020 8:18 pm.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for 3M Versaflo Respiratory Faceshield

  1. Avatar


    Without the powered respirator, dogs up bad. Said respirator, 500$+, for a plastic box, containing a battery and filter, and $350 for a battery.. come on, that just ridiculous.

  2. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    especially if you have the earmuff attachments. Otherwise its great. Just wish the supplied air system didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I 3d printed some fittings to make a stationary supplied air system from a shop air filter and some tubing. if you do this, be sure to get the lightest weight, most flexible tubing possible, and make the connection at the helmet able to rotate. Otherwise itll tug on your neck and be a real pain

  3. Avatar


    its a 3m product, so you know its quality. I’ve been in the autobody field for almost 20 years. finally decided to get a papr respirator. this unit is comfortable and easy to wear. took a little getting used to, but it works great, much better than the old pink filter particle masks.

  4. Avatar


    Great face shield. Use it to keep from breathing in dust when turning. Much more comfortable than a regular shield with a respirator.

  5. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I can’t imagine getting into another crawl space without this system. It actually eased a good bit of my breathing issues.

  6. Avatar


    U need the air in order to work I happen to have the adflo so it worked for me in the summer!. It was 101 and I could keep this on regardless try that with a respirator or dust mask. Over all get tool for me I cut concrete for a living so I am safe from silica.

  7. Avatar

    Philip M.

    I love it, especially since it has the cloth face surround and not the paper one. Seals well and you can’t even see the tear off that’s on the lens

  8. Avatar

    Trigg Word

    Missing parts! Head caps and skirting for ventilation system!!!

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