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SOS 2000mAh Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio 1
  •  2000mAh POWER BANK – Emergency SOS radio has a 2000mAh aluminum rechargeable battery which provides emergency power to any small tablet or smart phone.Besides,it can provides up to 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours of radio time.
  • 4 RECHARGEABLE WAYS – (1) Solar : absorbed sunsine by solar panel. (2) Hand Crank : Just need to shake about 5 times that will have power.More times more power.(3) Micro USB Rechargeble Way : we provide USB cable that can charge to the powerful 2000mAh battery. (4) AAA Battery ( not included ): Need 3 batteries to get light source which is easy to install and remove.
  • 2 BRIGHT LIGHTS – This solar hand crank radio has 140 Lumen built-in FLASHLIGHT.It will help you expel darkness if meets emergency situation such as earthquake,blockout at home etc.Besides it can provide higher visibility at least 10 meters when walk at midnight.Another is 4 LED READING LAMPS which will help a lot for children and adult kneeling in the ocean of knowledge.Attention:don’t see light with eyes directly.
  • AM / FM / NOAA – You can tranfer hand crank weather radio AM / FM station freely and check frequency from LED weather broadcast. As a NOAA radio, you will know more news nearby or far away.
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  • At you can purchase 2020 Upgraded Version Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, Portable AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio for Outdoor Household Emergency Device, LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Power Bank USB Charger SOS Alarm for only $19.98, which is 33% less than the cost in eBay ($29.77).
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Product Reviews

5 reviews for SOS 2000mAh Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

  1. Customer

    Amazon’s shipping speed: although we have Amazon Prime, Amazon surprisingly indicated 4 days to deliver the radio and they weren’t wrong. This is not the first time Amazon goofed on shipping.Overall appearance: The radio looks just like depicted in the Amazon listing. No surprises. Matte red in color to be easily found if dropped outside.Construction: rugged non-slippery plastic (no rubber), feels strong enough to take some beating. (have not tested)I will break down the functionality per feature.Radio: The volume/off knob has a firm feel to it and does not lend much opportunity to accidental actuation (and inadvertent draining of the battery), like I’ve experienced on some digital radios.The tuning knob has a similar firm feel. The tuning dial moves quickly even with small increments in the tuning knob angle, in other words, it is pretty sensitive and thus makes it a little harder to tune in the desired station. One needs to be very careful. Using lower gearing for the knob would, in my opinion, allow for easier tuning.The precision of the frequency dial is not perfect, it seems to be more than 1 MHz off.The wx band allowed me to tune in only one broadcast which was very faint and of poor quality (sounded like RF bleed-through). Since I do not have another wx radio to test the broadcast itself, I have no way to conclude whether the problem is in the radio or the broadcast.Band switch: The slider switch itself is large and indented enough to be easily operated by one finger. That, however, does not work as expected. Exerting any inward pressure on the switch face (which one does when one places one’s finger on the switch to slide it) results in the switch binding and not moving. The switch can only be moved by pushing sideways on the opposite ends. This element surely could be improved.Flashlight: This feature is quite standard and works as expected. Nothing fancy, just a plain flashlight with no tricky modes. The light comes one with one push of the button and extinguishes with another push. Easy, simple, sufficient.The beam is approximately 50 degrees tall and 30 degrees wide. I do not have a way to measure luminescense but the flashlight provides ample light for one to see where one is going in the dark.SOS: One unique feature that I have not found on other wx emergency radios is the SOS button. Once activated, the radio emits a loud and obnoxious siren-type sound of variable pitch where the pitch changes compose the actual SOS message in Morse code. Pretty ingenious since it covers more than one sound frequency and lends itself to possibly higher chances of discovery in an emergency.Charging: There are multiple ways to recharge the radio. Via the supplied micro-USB cable would be one.Another way is via the built-in solar panel. A red light on the frequency dial indicates charging state plus its intensity provides a clue as to how much charge is going into the battery. Even on a cloudy day, the red light would illuminate and the battery would charge. On a sunny day, the red light will glow fiercely, making one think that the radio will catch on fire. :)Lastly, a hand crank will have to do in a real emergency if short on USB availability or sunlight. The hand crank itself works sufficiently for recharging, is understandably bi-directional, does not bind or scrape knuckles, however the crank knob would benefit from a more ergonomic shape for longer cranking.

  2. Lucky13

    I bought this radio because the last power outage we had at the house I got my portable radio out and the battery was dead. I searched the whole house hopping to steal a battery from something no luck. Frustrated we could not listen to the news. Let face it folks how often do you pull out the old transitor radio? Or do you even know where it it is? And then find battery is dead. Well this one has 3 power sources. You can crank it for 30 cranks and get about 15 min radio. Or place it in the sun and solar charge. Great at the beach. Or you can find batteries and put them in it. It comes with a rechargeable battery installed that charges by either plugging it in with the provided cord or by crank or Sun . Now I keep this In my car in winter and motorcycle in summer. I had an older one but it was huge. This one is very tiny it actually looks like a big flash light. Speaking of flashlight it has one. You I can send SOS or use it to see in the dark. Another plus you can charge your cell phone it has a charge plug. Again handy during power outages. The 2 reasons I carry it with me. I may order a 2nd one .

  3. David Flippo

     Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable RadioSince purchasing this device, I’ve come to enjoy the quality and performance of the various features. We live in an area of the country that experiences a monsoon season from June through October. Typically, we experience several power outages as a result of the monsoon storms each year. This will be a valued device to have during those outage periods . All of the features seem to work great. I was surprised by how bright the flashlight was, considering it only having one LED. The radio works well, using all three bands, and I was amazed at how clear the radio sounded. Using the radio to charge another device works well; in charging both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve compared the charging times, with those stated in the information provided on the Amazon web site, and those times were comparable. I performed testing with the hand crank, after fully discharging the battery. One hundred turns of the crank, provides about 10 minutes of flashlight operation, one hundred turns of the crank provided 13 minutes of radio time. After fully discharging the battery again, I placed the radio in bright sunlight for 3 hours. The battery voltage increased from 2.96 volts to 3.30 volts. The provided information clearly states that relying on solar charging could take about 33 – 35 hours to fully charge a fully discharged battery. A fully charged battery measures about 4.15 volts, using a usb cable takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to achieve that level.

  4. Matteo B.

    I just love how the skin is completely smooth to compliment the water resistance of the flashlight. But this is much more than just a flashlight that you can crank, It will also allow you to charge an additional device with the USB in the back.The radio works well and the flashlight is super bright. Cherry on top, there’s also a solar panel on the top that will allow you to charge this little device without having to turn the crank.It’s very compact and lightweight, and will accompany me in my travels, when my power banks deplete… this guy will keep going!

  5. Janna S22

    This is a great little weather radio. And just a good radio in general. It receives stations very well and the sound quality is pretty good for a tiny weather radio. It’s nice to have a radio that can power itself and this one does an excellent job at that. The flashlight is very bright and runs for quite a while, but if it does run down, a few spins of the crank revive it quite nicely. I am very pleased with this radios performance and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compact weather radio that is capable of charging itself. In a bad situation, this radio could be the difference between staying tuned or being left in the dark, literally.

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