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  • SUSTAINABLE WILD TUNA – Wild Planet’s tuna is pole and line caught in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean or off coastal New Zealand, maintaining natural populations and preserving the ecosystem.
  • NOURISHING ALBACORE TUNA – Count on our tuna to provide 600mg of EPA and DHA omega 3 in every serving to support your brain, heart and whole-body health
  • ALWAYS NON-GMO – Gluten free, Non-GMO, and Kosher, our canned tuna is a convenient and healthy snack or addition to your favorite dishes.
  • FAD-FREE TUNA – You can enjoy Wild Planet tuna with a clear conscious knowing that we rely on pole and line fishing methods that support local oceanic habitats and fish populations.
  • NO ADDED OIL, WATER OR FILLERS – We leave out the fillers so that each can of albacore tuna is filled with the fresh-from-the-sea flavor that you want.

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  1. ☮ S.Trasny

    I like to support businesses that employ family members. When two nephews went to work seasonally on a Wild Planet fleet fishing vessel I began buying Wild Planet tuna. The nephews fished to pay for school. They graduated years ago, but I haven’t switched brands. There’s no getting around the fact that the price per ounce is considerably higher than the grocery store brand I used to buy. The fact that I don’t care surprises some family and friends that consider me (sometimes excessively) frugal. This is absolutely the freshest, cleanest tasting canned tuna that I’ve ever tried. Can after can, I’ve never found some of the “surprises” experienced with some other brands. No weird colors, smells or textures. It feels right too that it’s pole and line caught, 100% sustainable. Highly recommended. If you like tuna, you’ll love this tuna.

  2. Anke

    Best tuna around!I have read a few negative reviews and wanted to assure everyone that NOTHING has changed w/ Wild Planet except the labeling on the can…. after reading the one negative review, I contact the company (always best to go to the source than risk misinformation…. we have enough of that on the net!).My case of tuna was received and is just as awesome as it has been for over 10 year that I have been eating it! …and yes, this tuna is not canned in the USA… but take a few minuets to try to locate any large scale cannery in the USA (good luck)… there aren’t any. There are a few micro cannery’s and you can locate tuna for sale that is canned there but you are going to pay A LOT more for that tuna.As I said before… NOTHING has changed with the tuna… since Wild Planet is WILD and not farmed raised, there could be variations in fish depending on time of year caught, size of fish, fish diet… and I am sure everyone know this.. After receiving the company info, I feel confident nothing has changed with the tuna… anytime you are eating a wild non-farm raised animal there are going to be differences based on environmental conditions…and everyone also knows our global environment is drastically changing :(I received an excellent… long and very detailed email from Wild Planet… here are the excerpts regarding product changes:EMAIL DIRECTLY FROM WILD PLANET:Thank you for being a long time customer. Our albacore fish, canning method, and cannery have not changed.We did update all of labels, to make them more eye appealing and added new information, like the non GMO statement. We did remove other information like the BPA statement to comply with California Prop 65. We chose to remove it completely other company will be handling it different. We have not changed our cans, the lining of our cans still do not contain BpA.We do test our nutrition labels yearly, label changes, a new product line, or when FDA requirement changes. With our new labels we decided to use the current testing nutrition labels. We send a random selection of cans from a production run or runs to our testing facility and they send us back our nutrition facts to use. We usually use one catch or few catches per product run the testing will reflect those catches. The difference can be size of fish, fat content, ocean conditions, etc. If the albacore was caught when they just to fed and build up their fat. Then the can will have more protein and less fat, less omegas. If the catch was caught at the end of the feeding then there would be less protein and more liquid, more omegas. Since we are catch and process throughout the year, the actually can content may differ from the nutrition label. “

  3. JD

    Purchased 26 12-pack cases of this tuna over the last 3 years from Amazon and about a dozen more from Wild Planet. Love the tuna but the last 2 cases from Amazon were foul smelling and bad tasting. They are can coded MI11ZS2S16R1, product date 1/6/2017. Got a case direct from Wild Planet between these 2 purchases which was a different code and product date and that case is normal excellent quality. Have to conclude the other batch should be removed from inventory. Can’t rebuy this product from Amazon until new batches are obtained.Got a prompt refund from Amazon for the latest purchase. The purchase on 9/7 is technically outside their 30 day refund window but it was not prime delivered here in FL until 9/15 due to Hurricane Irma. Trying to break through the bureaucracy on that.

  4. L. Lopez

    This is the tuna to buy if you’re worried about the environment, over-fishing and mercury and other chemicals. Smaller, younger fish don’t have a chance to build up dangerous chemicals like the big giants do. Delicious!It may look different than Bumble Bee tuna but trust me, it makes great tuna salad.

  5. Elizabeth Duckworth

    This is the best quality Tuna I have had in recent years unless I have purchased fresh and cooked it myself. I am 75 years old and remember clearly when the (typical) canned tuna was like this, it was good to excellent depending on it’s grade, dark, light or solid until I was about 30 or so. Somewhere in the mid seventies quality control began to go downhil or it was the basic economics of producing this product. This is reminiscent of better days, it’s a little pricier and less in the can, so I use less of it and not as often. I use a whole can for the two of us for the best tuna sandwich, using very little mayo, finely chopped half stalk of celery, about 1/4 of an apple minced finely, a small handful of chopped walnuts and some fresh ground pepper. Sometimes I’ll ad a slice of cheddar and grill it! I also use it now for a dinner entree, taking extra care in it’s preparation, no longer do I throw together Mac and Tuna with potato chips on top as I did in my college days.

  6. Balynt

    This product is processed in Thailand after being caught in New Zealand or North America? This was not disclosed online.

  7. Amazon Customer

    loved it

  8. xin

    This is my first time purchasing this because based on my research this is the healthiest tuna can I can find. I was excited to try this, after opening 4 cans and while eating them, I chewed on this tiny piece of plastic. I was horrified by this. I had the throw away the rest, and I am not sure I safe I feel about eating the rest of the box. I am very disappointed by this. I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but something in the manufacturing process was overlooked.

  9. Zach Graham

    Great quality. Little bit pricey

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great product! So much better than the usual skipjack variety. Highly recommend.

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