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Tecsun PL880 - Longwave & Shortwave Radio with SSB 1
  • Full range coverage including AM/FM, Longwave & Shortwave with Single Side Band
  • PLL synthesized digital dual conversion receiver with unparallelled sensitivity & selectivity
  • 4 & 5 selectable bandwidth filters on AM and SSB respectively plus single Side Band receiver with 10 Hz tuning step
  • 24 hour alarm clock plus sleep timer from 0-120 minutes
  • Powered by one single 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery with built-in charger, battery included
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as of January 28, 2023 5:22 pm

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Tecsun PL880 – Longwave & Shortwave Radio with SSB

  1. TerePizarro

    I have a Grundwig Satellit 750 SW/LW/MW/FM/AM/SSB/AIRCRAFT MULTIBAND RADIO which I gave a 5 star review when I bought it 2 months ago, I have a Sangean ATX-909x AM/MW/FM/SSB/LW radio which I gave a 4 star review 2 weeks ago when I bought it! I heard about the Tecsun PL 880 AM/FM/MW/LW/SSB/SW radio on line and on reviews about the best portable radios of 2017 and in You Tube videos! My wife Tere Pizarro bought me this radio last week and it arrived Yesterday! It came with a beautiful Leather case for carrying, the Rechargeable lithium battery a USB adapter did not come with the battery 5 volt power supply to charge the battery but I had one in my house and put the battery to charge since it was halfway charged! I used the Tecsun PL 880 last night and at the same time using it with my Grundwig Satellit 750 and Sangean ATX-909x radio to compare performance between the 3 with SW, AM, FM and SSB listening, tuning and how strong the radio is to get weak and strong signals to use the filters of the radio! I was surprised that this Tecsun PL 880 performs equally with the Grundwig Satellit 750 and outperformed the Sangean ATX-909x radio although this radio is bigger and pricey! The Grundwig Satellit 750 is a little better in sound compared to the Tecsun PL880 because a better bass and treble button and the Squelch button although on some SW stations the Tecsun PL 880 outperformed the Grundwig Satellit 750! Also the Tecsun PL 880 performed better on SSB upper side band with synchronous PPL on SW stations compared to the Grundwig Satellit 750! The Tecsun PL 880 outperformed the Sangean ATX-909x radio on all aspects although that radio is a good radio! In my opinion the Tecsun PL 880 is the best portable radio for less than $200 and I will recommend this radio to anyone without hesitation! I bought the radio through Amazon and it was a awesome and Amazing experience!😀😀

  2. hawkeye

    TLDR: Outstanding Audio Quality, Excellent Top-Notch Performance (sensitivity/selectivity-but with a controversial ssb/sync issue), Ease of Use, Rechargeable Battery Operation, Extreme Performance to Price Ratio, The Best Quality Control of Amazon Offerings.I have been into DXing since I was a kid cuz my dad had also been into radio when he was a kid, building crystal radios, etc. The original single store Radio Shack was in the city where I grew up and a weekend outing with my father to The Radio Shack was always an adventure. As a teen I had a Hallicrafters as a bedside radio.Skip to 1990’s. Lived in a high rise with a balcony where I could set up an awesome antenna. Discovered E&B Electronics (now closed), a 20 minute drive from my home that sold top shelf SW,Ham Transceivers, UHF Scanners, but I eventually had to move to a condo with no balcony and had generally lost interest. In my storage closet are a Drake R8, an Icom IC-R7100 (unblocked), an AOR 3000A(unblocked), and an iconic Sony ICF-SW77.For the past 10 years my bedside radio has been a small portable 5 station preset Sony ICF-M410V that I paid $60 for. (It’s still available on Amazon but the link is like a paragraph long). It served me well and had good sound from its 3″ speaker. It’s tuning knob now only goes in one direction so I decided to replace it.I have been studying the top battery operatable AM/FM/SW radios on Amazon for over a month. I must have watched at least 50 comparative videos on YouTube and concluded that the PL880 could not be beat performance wise and sound quality was important to me. (The PL 600 was right up there at the top of the performance scale, but my major use of the radio will be for FM listening and sound quality was of great importance to me.) Along with performance, the single factor that made me ulitamately zero in on this Tecsun PL880 was quality and quality control. Yeah, I’d like to have a Grundig 750 cuz it looks so cool, or a Sangean 909x cuz of it’s display (but sub par performance without an outside antennae), or a CC Crane, but looking at all the reviews for those there were just too many peeps who received dead on arrivals or short-lived radios. The Tecsun has almost none that I saw. So when I saw the PL880 being offered for same day delivery yesterday I impulsively pulled the trigger and I am happy I did.This radio excudes the feel of quality. It’s audio quality is nothing short of amazing. I keep a Grundig S3250DL on my desk. The Grundig is known for its excellent sound. If you were not doing a side by side comparison, unless you are tone deaf, you would have to admit that the audio quality from the PL880 is outstanding both for voice and music. It also can pump it out at room filling volumes. Side by side, while I can hear a subtle overall difference, the audio that the PL880 puts out is hard to distinguish from that of the Grundig. Kudos to Tecsun!While I am not yet fully familiar with the operation of the 880, 5 minutes after the battery was installed and fully charged I did a scan on the FM/AM/SW bands; 1.) FM Band – I was stunned at the number of stations that I had been missing with my Sony and the excellent radio I have in my car. All crystall clear; 2.) AM was ok but much better than expected.In the building where I live the way it is configured and the materials used to construct it AM is hardly worth the effort, yet the 880 pulled in quite a few stations well that I did not know existed; 3.) SW – Then I said what the hay and attached the included antenna, ran it across a window inside and did a SW scan. I expected nothing, but got 39 hits ūüôā Some were very strong and clear, but as they were all foreign speaking except one, I have no idea where they were broadcasting from. Looks like my DXng days have been revived.I do agree with those who say that the final top extension of the antenna is extremely thin and fragile. I wil not be extending the antenna its full length because of this . Also, having lived with this radio for a few days now, I find accessing stored channels somewhat cumbersome and anti-intuitive, but I gues that’s the price you pay for having THREE THOUSAND storage channels :-)If you can spare the bucks and are looking for an outstanding sounding, battery operated, easily portable, handome looking radio (with the added benefits of SW/LW/Emergency Info. abilities), buy yourself a PL880 -You’ll love it. The way I look at it, at my age if I can buy myself a thrill for $169 bucks it’s a great deal ūüôā

  3. James D. Besser

    First, background: I have used shortwave receivers for more than 50 years, starting with vacuum tube communications receivers, then a succession of small portables – Sony, Sangean, etc. I expected the Tecsun to be a step above the latter. What I have found: while the audio quality is excellent and FM reception is better than average, the PL880 is able to pick up almost nothing on shortwave. Almost nothing on the ham bands, the international broadcast bands, day or night. By way of comparison, my old, very small Sony ICF something or other pulled in a fairly good assortment of stations, sitting in the same location in my house, using the same kind of built in whip antenna. This is heading back to Amazon tomorrow..

  4. Bruce H

    Amazing, super little radio. OK, where to start. Most all the online reviews are spot on.I have played with radios for 45+ years, and with the exception of my high end ham sets, this is the best radio I have ever used. AM reception is as good as anything I have ever used. FM performance is OUTSTANDING. I can pick up stations I cannot ever hear on other radios. Shortwave has been outstanding. (For this to work and work to its potential, you really must use the external antenna or wire up something much much longer, like a wire 25 -50 feet OUTSIDE. SSB reception is outstanding and the variable filters work great. Battery life is also amazing, something like 3 or more days of continuous use.

  5. John Valente

    This unit is defective. There is a documented problem with the fine tuning in lower and upper sideband and although this problem has been fixed in NEW radios, Electronnix is still selling the defective radios. This radio was manufactured over a year ago and should have been taken off the market and not being sold through Amazon. VERY DISSATISFIED that Electronnix (KAITO) would still be selling this radio to unsuspecting buyers. BUYER BEWARE buying this unit from Electronnix (KAITO).

  6. Brian Lucas

    It’s all been said for this multi-band radio; lots of excellent reviews as this radio is a real winner, especially for any serious shortwave listener… even with the telescopic aerial/antenna, it produces good signals across the HF band; FM has great sensitivity too, and long-medium wave is a little above most average receivers, which is a same; if an additional RF amplifier stage or even better, a longer/diameter ferrite-rod, would have been the cream on top for this great receiver.Where this radio comes into it’s own, is the ability to change the filters to reduce or remove interference QRM, and in some cases QRN; LW-MW can also select filter band-pass too, and there are a number of unofficial un-published button functions, that will provide some useful tweaks to suite your own preferences; search SWLing for this information at:http://swling.com/blog/2014/06/complete-list-of-tecsun-pl-880-hidden-features/The two changes that need doing for shortwave is, the DNR Dynamic Noise Reduction, and MUTE… however, for most general users, they will be more than happy as the radio comes out of the box, without any tweaks required.If I compare my Icom IC-R75 that’s now a little long in the tooth, regarding it design life; the Icom falls short along side the Tecsun PL 880 portable, and so compact with very good sound quality, from such a small package… for the price you get a lot of quality radio technology, considerable thought has been put into this receiver, with great results. I Highly Recommended this receiver.Unfortunately I have now to state one caveat ! after several days of enjoyable use, the pre-charged battery discharged without any indicator showing it was depleting ? I did think this was odd, but now is evident of a faulty charging problem within the receiver; thus had to return to Amazon… having said this, it’s still a great receiver and hopefully, my replacement will be as good.


    Got the Tecsun as a backup for crossing the Atlantic ocean from Cape Verde to The Caribean Isl. … Actually preferred the weather maps from the SSB radio – compared to sattelite. The Radio is stable, low noise, clear and very eay to handle. It works right out of the box with the supported HF antenna. A VERY good buy!

  8. Mike

    What an absolutely fantastic receiver this is. Like others have said, the sound is first class and build quality is lovely.This is one of Tecsun’s flagship receivers and it certainly lives up to its name.I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in Shortwave.Well done Tecsun… You have a winner! 👍

  9. James Beeston

    Ive had some good times with this radio but I think mine has a fault with recharging the battery. I like the SW though a bit slow dialling in DX users. I used to be a Roberts fan but have switched my alliance, looking forward to seeing what Tecsun come up with next.

  10. J.M.HURST

    A lot of features and the sound is incredibly good.

  11. Landynut

    This radio is quite sensitive and picks up a lot of broadcasts from the telescopic antenna. I really like the automatic memory feature whereby it scans and stores the stations for you in a short space of time. shame you can’t tag them with names, hence 4 stars.

  12. pedlar

    Have used Tecsuns for years, pl600 took ages from China. Cannot fault, except separate bass and treble knob,

  13. review

    One of the best portable radios money can buy, great value for money.Tecsun have a winner on there hands.

  14. rescuer

    I am very pleased with the radio, good sound, easy to use, battery lasts along time and is easy to handle

  15. JB

    A very good receiver, once you know how to set it up properly, maybe a shade expensive (my opinion).

  16. Amazon Customer

    its a lovely radio well worth the money

  17. ian rose

    very good receiver.

  18. snow-fall

    Das Radio hat m√§chtig viel Potential, aber leider auch mich st√∂rende Schw√§chen.Die beiden Tuningkn√∂pfe sind super, sehr komfortable Frequenzeinstellung. Der Lautsprecher ist au√üergew√∂hnlich gut f√ľr ein kleines Radio,jedoch h√§tte das Klangbild mehr H√∂hen bringen m√ľssen, das st√∂rt besonders bei schwachen verrauschten Sendern.Die gr√∂√üte Schw√§che ist die nur mittelm√§√üige Empfangsempfindlichkeit auf AM, der Sony-7600GR ist da deutlich besser und das ist bei den heutigen schwachen AM-Sendern auch notwendig. Der Synchrondetektor ist unbrauchbar weil er klirrt, SSB ist v√∂llig unbrauchbar, kaum eine Verst√§ndlichkeit hinzubekommen, ich habe genug Amateurfunkger√§te zum Vergleich.Ein gutes Radio, ich h√§tte es gerne behalten, wenn diese mich st√∂renden Punkte nicht w√§ren.

  19. antonio zandonati

    La radio, commercializzata dalla ditta IELLE, √® arrivata con un giorno di anticipo, e risponde pienamente alla descrizione. La confezione contiene una elegante e utile borsa di finta pelle, un’antenna filare, cuffie, l’accumulatore necessario al funzionamento. Ho trovato il Tecsun PL 880 del tutto soddisfacente, all’altezza di pi√Ļ ingombranti apparecchi semi professionali. Io lo uso con una piccola antenne attiva Degen 31 MS, che aumenta considerevolmente la sensibilit√† della radio su onde corte. Avevo precedentemente interpellato il venditore su un particolare, la risposta √® arrivata in breve tempo.

  20. jean-michel

    Une radio c’est d’abord du son : je suis bluff√© par la qualit√© de celui du PL-880 au regard de son faible volume. Mon bon vieux Grundig de taille comparable sonne bien nasillard √† cot√©. 4,5/5Les commandes de r√©glage sont fluides et ergonomiques 4,5/5Les capacit√©s techniques sont largement au dessus de mes besoins quotidiens (largeur de bande r√©glable, etc) mais c’est sympa de pouvoir accrocher RFI, la BBC et China Int. en Ondes Courtes. L’antenne filaire √† laisser pendre par une fen√™tre ou √† accrocher √† un arbre est efficace dans cette configuration. 4,5/5Le chargement de la batterie sur USB comme un GSM est une bonne id√©e mais dommage de ne pas pouvoir passer en piles en cas de besoin 3/5La documentation est claire mais uniquement en anglais (ce n’est certes pas du Shakespeare…) 1/5.

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