ICOM 7300 Direct Sampling Shortwave Radio

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ICOM 7300 Direct Sampling Shortwave Radio 1
  • 100W (25W AM) Output power
  • 0.030-74.800 RX frequencies
  • Receiver type: Direct sampling
$1,499.95  in stock
2 new from $1,369.95
as of January 28, 2023 5:21 am


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase RX Adapter for ICOM IC-7300 ( RX7300 - SMA ) for only $29.00, which is 98% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($1,499.95).
  • The lowest price of ICOM 7300 02 Direct Sampling Shortwave Radio Black was obtained on January 29, 2023 1:21 am.

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Product Reviews

6 reviews for ICOM 7300 Direct Sampling Shortwave Radio

  1. DigitalMagic

    Been a ham close to 30 years and have either owned or used many receivers/transceivers.Let’s face it, any rig can squirt a signal into the air and be heard.The rubber meets the road in receiver design. ICOM did it right. As a direct sampling front end, (not pseudo DSP), this radio is VERY quiet! Period. I was amazed as I scanned various bands where I could pick out weak signals in the noise with ease.I’ve yet to read a bad review on this radio. I’ve used transceivers more than 3 times the cost w/o any real noticeable improvement in receive or transmit.Because much of the radio is firmware/software driven, revisions and improvements can be downloaded and installed at a later date. Not sure what more the ICOM engineers can do to improve this gem.I spent hours just listening to the amazing receive capability, playing with the BW filters, NR filters, notch filter. The best part of all?…ALL of those items are completely configurable by the user. Don’t like the “auto-notch?”…change the width and position with the press of a button and a spin of a knob! Don’t want to see all the noise in the noise floor? Change the reference level down to -15db and see only strong signals. Looking for a weak station hiding in the noise? Rotate the reference to a positive db figure and they begin to appear.SWR: My simple antenna is a 65 foot end fed wire for 4 bands, 40,20,15, 10..I can also tune 17 meters. My antenna w/o the internal tuner is approx 1.6:1..Not too bad. The internal tuner has no problem achieving a flat match; keeping the PA quite happy and running cool. I run mostly SSB voice and a little A.M 25 watts…I’ve not yet seen this rig get even warm!ON AIR: I’ve received many (Unsolicited) audio compliments using the included hand mic. I see no reason other than physical comfort to buy a desk mic. I’ve set my MIC gain at 40, COMP at 3 or 4. With 100 watts, I’ve worked 13 countries on 20 and 40 meters with mention of my great audio quality in less than 2 weeks.It seems everyone is talking about the ICOM 7300, and I see why…especially considering the cost of this radio. I’ve heard some minor complaints about the size of the spectrum scope. Hardly a big deal to me as the resolution is outstanding. If one wishes, it is a easy matter to use a computer screen to control the radio with the waterfall display as big as one wishes.I wasn’t thrilled about the default AGC settings, but again, this too is easily changed and stored, or fully adjustable on the fly.The entire interface is intuitive, fast and accessible; no more diving through nests of menus and sub menus to get what you want or use most often. Anyone new to amateur radio looking for a new radio will find the 7300 easy to use with performance right up there with rigs costing far more. It may take the new user a day or two before they feel comfortable with all the awesome features; but following a VERY simple learning curve, the fun begins.If I had one negative comment it concerns the manual. ICOM includes a basic “Getting Started” guide. I realize it is a cost saving measure, but I wish they would have included a complete printed manual. I don’t like reading PDF’s online. The full manual is included on the disc that comes with the radio.I’ve heard words like “Game Changer” etc….I completely agree. I’ve only had this radio 2 weeks; I am still grinning ear to ear when I turn it on.

  2. M. Urso

    This radio is a game changer in the ham radio market. I have radios at twice the cost that don’t have the sensitivity, rejection and ease of use. All these expensive, $3000 plus, are going to have to compete with this gem of a radio. The very fast spectrum scope tied with the waterfall make weak signal hunting so easy. The spectrum scope is just the first over the top feature. The radio digitizes signals very very early in the reception, so no IF section. The filtering is done at an early level of the processing meaning almost no ringing that tight DSP filtering can cause. You may have the best radio available from last year, but when compared to this treasure it isn’t all that much better if at all. Even the hand mic sounds wonderful and you can tailor the transmit output audio as well as the received audio. With 8 VOICE memories and 8 CW memories AND the ability to record received signals also to a memory card. You update the firmware, store complete radio setups, and all your saved audio to the memory card. Talk about the perfect field day radio! Save the setup you use in your shack, then make any changes needed for field day operations. When you are done with the event, restore your normal setup. When I spoke to the Icom rep a year before this radio was released he said that he could not tell me all the improvements since being an SDR radio they were always coming out with updates and new features.This is THE radio to have for HF, even if you are just starting out. It will grow with you and at the cost of a mid-line radio you cannot go wrong. No it does not do 2m and 70 cm, but it does do 6m. Small enough to be used HF mobile.

  3. Sean E. Kelleher

    Huge upgrade from my Elecraft KX3. The waterfall display alone is worth buying this rig.It also has a quieter, gentler, receiver. Side-by-side testing with my KX3 on the same antenna, I hear a sort of “freight train” S3 roar on the KX3, but much softer hiss on the Icom. Nothing I do with NR / DSP on the Elecraft matches the Icom’s out-of-the-box audio.Many other nice touches. Solid and well-built, included ATU, tap on waterfall to seek to a frequency, SD card for audio recording and screen shots. Was making contacts into Canada within minutes of plugging in the radio.Though I wouldn’t like the touch screen, but it works well.If I had any wishes, it would be for a 2nd RX antenna jack, and more buttons. Tapping to change bands or enter a frequency is no big deal though.

  4. Marlys

    I only have technician privileges right now. First-timer and brand new at this. Right now I’m just listening and learning Morse Code. Hope to take the General License test in August. I just learned if you press the last 2 digits of the frequency once and then press it for a second it brings up another digit place so it can be fine tuned. Anyway I do really like it. Every time I go on You Tube I learn more about how to work with it. I bought the PS126 that ICOM recommends with it and so far all is well. I still need to ground it. It’s pretty compact and works with my Radiowavz 80M OCF 136′ antenna so far on the 80 40 20 10 meter bands that I’ve checked. The tuner is inside it as is the preamplifier. I couldn’t hear the 10m band two days ago and then turned on the preamplifier and it was there. Still learning. Delivery took a while as it came from out West. I am quite happy with this radio.

  5. nachoman

    I can’t say anything about this radio that hasn’t been said by others. It is an amazing HF rig and it does everything I need it to do and more. I have had it for several months now and I am still finding new things hidden in menus that I never knew were there that increase it’s usability. This is worth every penny and more.

  6. Joseph H.

    This is super rig and it’s packed with features . Beautifully put together icom hit it out of park. The RX is incredible pull any signal with two built in preamps .. loaded with monitoring meter temp and cooling fan . Rf 100 watts .. u can’t ask for anything better for under 1,500. Spectrum audio and signal scoping !! Amazing this radio isn’t 2k.. I have no faults none…

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