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Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Cinnamon Flavor Food Bar
with 5 Year Shelf Life

  • Plastic cookie wrap
  • READY TO EAT: Pack of 9 fortified ready-to-eat, pre-rationed bars providing 3600 Kcal each
  • TASTY FLAVOR: Great cinnamon flavor, non-thirst provoking formula
  • PERFECT EMERGENCY FOOD: Designed to sustain life in emergency situations until rescue is available
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: USCG approved for 5 year shelf life under any climatic condition
  • MADE IN THE USA: Approvals: USCG No 160.046.36/0 TC No 168.006.010 “


  • Summary up front: These bars are very tasty and good for their purpose – short term sedentary survival situations. They are not good for long term or more active survival situations. The low price makes this an excellent purchase.With this product is you have to know what you are buying. These are 3600 calories for the entire package. And it’s mostly sugar. It says 3 day/72 hours. There are 9 bars in there, so that means 3 bars a day at 1200 calories per day.So with that in mind, these are true survival bars – they are meant to keep you alive in survival situations. Such as on a life boat in the middle of the ocean, stuck in your car during a blizzard, or secluded in your house during a pandemic. You don’t need to expend much energy in those situations, and so this is a good use for that.What it is not good for is putting in your “get-home” or “bug-out” bags. In that situation you’ll be expending a ton of energy and this being a sugary meal you’ll need to be eating every few hours as your body will burn off those easy access carbs very quickly.The packaging on this product is top notch. It is encased is a vacuum seals Mylar wrapper, which makes it air and water tight, and will make it last many years. Then each bar is individually wrapped in cellophane, protecting them for a few weeks once the Mylar has been opened. It also keeps the bars intact over longer periods.The coconut bars are extremely sweet. There is a lot of sugar in them that makes them very easy to eat. They have an oily feel to them but that doesn’t linger or have any aftertaste. The consistency is similar to a pressed granola bar such as Nature Valley bars, except the added sugar gives them a more gritty feel when you bite into it.The cinnamon bars are sweet also, have more of a “apple cinnamon” taste to them. They are slightly more crumbly also and a little less oily. Otherwise very similar.Given the low price (at time of writing $7.67 for coconut, $8.99 for cinnamon), this is an excellent value. Most other products are 30-100% more expensive (but generally have less sugar).

  • Daniel Cousar
    April 1, 2020 5:31 pm

    Imagine, if you will, someone took a small bit of dough and several metric tons of honey, mixed them together, and then compressed them into a small bar. Then after they took one bite they said, “Wow, this tastes like I’m eating pure honey and it’s just way too sweet.” So they added several pounds of cinnamon to it to mask the taste, except now it tastes like nothing but honey and an overpowering amount of cinnamon. That’s these bars.Tell you what though, they curb hunger like no one’s business, so I can’t fault them for the taste. Just know what you’re in for.

  • Great flavor for an E-Rat, but the first ingredient is sugar. While that may be fine for a quick energy boost while stuck in your car for a few hours in a snow storm, I wouldn’t want to try surviving off of the stuff. While it may be good for an extremely picky eater during an extended power outage or natural disaster, or as a nice treat during the zombie apocalypse, this doesn’t seem like a very good attempt at a lifeboat ration.

  • I just received one of these SOS Emergency Cinnamon Bars. At first I was very happy, but as it sat on my counter I realized it was taking on air, ie, the vacuum seal was gone. So… I opened it to try it out. First, I measured it because it was bigger than I expected–it is 5 inches tall (12.5 cm) x 4.5 inches wide (11.5 cm) x 2 3/8 inches thick (5 cm). Then I opened it up. You need scissors or a knife to open the pouch–it’s tough material! Inside are 9 small dry bars that are sorta’ like granola bars, each wrapped in cellophane. As other reviews have said, they are moderately crumbly, but not bad at all. However, the taste is, in my opinion, very good (but I love cinnamon anything.) I recommend this, but if you order some 1) protect them from being punctured or torn, etc., and 2) inspect them all when they come in to be sure the vacuum seal is in tact. Mine was clearly marked as being manufactured in 11/18, and expires 11/23. They contain LOTS of sugar and are nutrient deficient, but are fine for short term use. I recommend them except for these qualifications.I ate one of the nine for breakfast and I was fine until lunch (but I was not doing any physical work, either.) Just refrigerated the rest hoping they will keep for awhile.

  • Great for 72-hour bag or other emergency stashes. These are intended as (3) 400 calorie servings per day, these are not enough for an active person, but if you are sheltering-in-place, or in a car these are a great option. They have a vacuum sealed foil wrap, and unlike all the others I’ve seen, these are individually wrapped inside it which is great for keeping them sealed short-term (hours or a couple days) after opening the foil pack. Now, while these will provide the 1200 calories a day, you may not love them. The texture is a bit gritty, kind of like gluten free foods. They did not leave my mouth feeling dry when I was done which was nice, nor were they extremely hard, they were firm enough to not crumble and soft enough to not make your mouth sore trying to take a bite. The flavor was quite palatable with it being relatively bland with just enough cinnamon to not be eating cardboard, but not overdone like chewing a cinnamon stick. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more flavor as I like cinnamon, but I’d rather it be a touch on the bland side than over-flavored.As a warning, these are extremely dense and when still in the vacuum packed foil would be a useful substitute for a brick if you need to hit a zombie upside the head.

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