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Wind-Resistant Face Mask

ergodyne balaclava

Balaclava Ski Mask 1
  • Synthetic
  • WIND-RESISTANT – Protective fabric paneling over face shields against the wind’s bite
  • BREATH EASY – Align mesh panel over the mouth for optimal airflow
  • HINGED DESIGN – Can be worn in 3 different ways: open face balaclava, neck gaiter or full ski mask
  • HIGH-QUALITY THERMAL FLEECE – Warmth in mild to extreme conditions
  • LONG LENGTH – Full head & neck coverage that easily tucks into jackets
  • REFLECTIVE ACCENTS – Help keep workers safe and seen
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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Balaclava Ski Mask

  1. Amazon Customer

    this is my second year working in North dakota on workover rigs. this is by far the best mask I’ve worn working derricks. high wind and below zero Temps this mask was awesome. I keep a spare in my bag at all times.

  2. Dominique Vandelay

    I LOOK LIKE SMOKE FROM MORTAL KOMBAT!!! I LOVE IT!!! Gotta get the green next #ReptileBut in all seriousness, I work outside doing commercial hvac/r and it gets beyond cold on those rooftops.I will give an updated performance review next weekend 12/2/17*EDIT/UPDATE 1/13/18*Ok, so I went a few extra weeks to get a much better trial & I am not disappointed in the least bit, I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing heavy winds/snow & rain mixtures(upwards of 20mph) on various roofs & this mask withstood the harshest of what was throw at me, it’s very durable & I’ve actually had to take it of just to cool off a few times(that’s a plus for me)5*

  3. laura

    Very useful, breathable. Perfect if you are going to be moving, walking, excersizing etc., but if you plan to be outside without moving too much I would recommend wearing another balaclava or a scarf on top of this one

  4. Joy Dolluxe

    I am very happy with this product. It works great, and keeps my whole head and face warm, especially my nose and ears. The only bad thing about it is that it pushes my nose in and I have to constantly pull it out to loosen it a bit. But I’m still giving it 5 stars.

  5. McNicholls Boodram

    I love this! It’s extremely warm and snug fitting! Definitely stretching to fit you big head! It’s not an issue to use it with glasses either! Great product!

  6. P. Phillips

    I do service work and sometimes I have to go on roofs. It was a cold windy day, my head was warm. I have a good size head it fits pretty good a little tight when first put it on. It came down my neck and tuck it in my shirt. Next year going to get another one to switch out.

  7. Rick

    I already own a Seirus balaclava. Was buying a backup and saw this brand. Whoa this thing is awful. No doubt it’s soft and warm. Unfortunately is SMOOSHES the heck out of your nose! There’s no tension relief for the nose. I was uncomfortable trying it on for less than 30 seconds. I couldn’t imagine trying to snowboard with this thing on.To simulate what this feels like, have someone press down on your nose and hold it in.Also the cutout for the eye area isn’t right. Material rides too close to the bottom edge and corners of your eyes.I’m going back to my Seirus thank you very much. The nose area is soft & flexible neoprene.

  8. B.P Scott

    Fits perfectly. Very very warm as well I highly recommend buying this it folds back into a face cover as well if you don’t want the top on!!!👍✌

  9. Andy Xia

     First things first, I’m 6’1. I’m a definitely a bigger person than average so these are my first initial impressions. The product itself is actually rather comfortable, and I can see myself wearing this without wanting to take it off. I took a quick walk in around -10 degrees Celsius and I didn’t actually feel the cold at all. The only slight problem that I can see is that the part of your mouth is actually pretty breathable so you might be able to feel the wind if it’s really cold. Other than that I’m very happy with this product and I would recommend it to everyone, it’ll probably fit you well if you’re bigger than average.

  10. Tyler

    This is a great balaclava, I paid 19.99 for this and I’m definitely satisfied with the price and the quality. I work in water and sewer and have had to stand outside in -30C for ~8 hours and these things are absolutely necessary to stay warm. Having lived in Saskatchewan my whole life these things are basically a necessity of life in the winter! I hate how a lot of balaclavas of this style don’t include a mouth vent, but this one does so that is good because if you have actually stood outside in -20C and above you will know it really sucks having a mask that doesn’t have a mouth vent.

  11. Kornell

    Compre este pasamontañas para mi viaje a Yellowknife Canada, en invierno, con temperaturas de -40 grados centigrados, y definitivamente no me defraudo, el material es comodo y completamente termico, incluso cuando toda la parte de la boca estaba llena de hielo (por el aliento) no sentia ningun frio, definivitamente es un producto que utilizare cuando este viajando en mi motocicleta y el clima no sea calido,Vale definitivamente la pena si lo que buscas es aislamiento termico!

  12. Kurt Walling

    Warm and very comfortable. Good quality. Worth the money.Update: After wearing it skiing, for the first time, and wearing it for approximately 6 hrs, the mask has stretched and is no longer tight to my face. I’m quite disappointed. It’s still wearable but only if my ski goggles hold it right to my face.

  13. Mr. Leslie Clarke

    VERY adjustable fit, and well made

  14. Eddu Villa Espi

    Lo recomiendo para mucho frío ya que es caliente, para una mañana fresca será demasiado, pero para un día frío o de nieve queda perfecto.

  15. Arturo Galicia Alarcón

    Cuando llego el producto dude un poco(se me hizo algo delgado),cuando sali a andar en bicicleta con un clima muy frió me sorprendí bastante al notar que el frió no traspasaba el material,es un gran producto tanto para ciclistas,obreros,motociclistas y cualquier tipo de profesión o hobby que se realice al aire libre.

  16. Marilou Gauthier

    En quelque seconde la condensation au niveau du nez et la bouche forme un flaque immonde. Le tissu ne protège en rien du vent et peu du froid. J’ai du le combiner à mon bon vieux foulard pour garder mon visage au chaud et au quebec il fait des froid infecte. Tester a -21C avec foulard capuche de chandail et capuche de manteau. Inutile a utilisation unique a ces temperature la.Matériel clairement cheap, moule très peu le visage, il cherche continuellement à remonter dans les yeux…C’est une déception ….Quand je respire en travers la toile, je sens tout le froid extérieur entrer, mon foulard est 10 fois mieu et cause bcp moins de condensation que ce truc.Le vent mon dieu…autant dire que je me promenait nue peau…Je setait la chaleur de ma tête malgré que je le portait fullface être dérober par l’extérieur. Et je ne l’utilise pas pour des activités de plein air ni pour de longue marche….Ici, je parle d’une malheurs marche de 8 minute pour aller travailler!Je ne recommande pas ce produit…

  17. Tyler

    Used for snowboarding a few times. Kept me warm (only used to about -10C though). The mouth/nose area gets a bit humid, but that’s to be expected.It fits under helmets without a problem. I found it far more comfortable than a regular toque.Two areas that bug me a little: when you don’t wear it to your eyes keeping it over your ears can be annoying. Further, when you leave your face uncovered it is a little tight on the chin.

  18. A_PlusPlus

    After using this Balaclava Face Mask for a few weeks, I can write an honest review of what I think of this product.First off, I love this face mask, the fabric is very comfortable and does not make you feel itchy all around like other masks. The design of this mask lets you wear it in many different ways, you can wear it as a full mask when it’s really cold out, or pull down the face mask when it’s not as cold. You can also wear it as a neck warmer by just pulling down the top head portion and the face shield and this Balaclava wears like a neck warmer. The material is very thin but even at very cold windy days, this Balaclava keeps you really warm.The fit of the mask is just right, I even bought one for my six-year-old and fits him relatively well. I highly recommend this product if anyone is looking for a high-quality Balaclava.

  19. Hart

    I had originally purchased only one of these. After receiving it I gave it a good inspection and then headed outside to shovel snow in minus 28C. I found it to be quite comfortable. Putting it on and taking it off isn’t that difficult for me but I can see how some people might feel that it’s a tight fit.Because it worked as well as it did and the quality was decent I ordered 5 more. When I received the second order the first thing I did was put on one and then second over top the first. First I wanted to see if I could get a second one on with the room it has at the neck and if this would make me feel like I was being choked. It’s snug but acceptable. The second test was heading outdoors to see if I would have any issues with breathing through two of them. It was a little difficult but whoa was it warm. By combining two I’d say I kept in at least three times as much heat. While this would and did cause sweating, a bad thing at low temperatures, I found I could just remove the outer one and carry on.Thus I now have four of these in every vehicle in addition to other cold weather gear and feel a little better about heading out in cold weather which around my territory is a good part of the year.I found these to be a very good buy and worth the money they are asking.

  20. Frank

    The “size-fit-all” is quite weird 🙁 The mouth screen is too low so I have to raise the bottom part to my eyes … It’s very incomfortable. And the mouth screen let pass the wind but it’s hard to breath trough it since its not a streatching material …

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