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Wound Seal

WoundSeal Powder 1

For MInor External Bleeding WouldSeal Powder helps to stop bleeding instantly:

  • Used in in Hospitals
  • Easy to Use
  • For Home & On the Go
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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Wound Seal Powder Bandage (2/Pk) for only $9.99
  • The lowest price of WOUNDSEAL Powder Stop bleeding Instantly 4 Tubes/ pack ( 2 pack ) was obtained on February 1, 2023 3:22 am.

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Product Reviews

9 reviews for WoundSeal Powder

  1. Col Colt

    This stuff is as good as it gets. I’m on three blood thinners and anything can cause bleeding if not careful. Since I live alone this product is indispensable for stopping bleeding and does it in short order. A must have if you’re 65+ and on Warfarin and/or Plavix.

  2. Snowboater

    Send a utility knife into the backside of the middle bone in my thumb. My first decent cut since I was put on thinners. In younger days I’d have applied pressure until I could stitch it up. This one was to the bone and would probably have been a 4 stitcher. I really couldn’t stop the bleeding for longer than 5 seconds. Lots of blood. Got everything ready for my 5 sec window and it just started leaking when I was pouring the Wound Seal. Holy crap this stuff formed an instant scab. Hard and everything. It stung, but worked. A bit of gauze, some duct tape and back to work. Not a leak all day. I’ll update after it completely heals.

  3. lc in texas

    I originally purchased for my dad that is on blood thinners. But I had a stray tom cat literally take a chunk of meat out of my chicken’s rear. It was very deep. I poured a good amount on it and it formed a crust/scab. It stayed dry and in about 2 weeks it fell off. 6 weeks later and the hen was completely healed and regrowing feathers. After the feathers came in you couldnt tell she had ever been injured. I love this miracle product.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Wound Seal is outstanding! Stops bleeding immediately as advertised, easy to apply, cuts start healing immediately and carry container is convenient. I carry 1 pack in all my vehicles and in my home. I also carry a pack on me personally if I am going to out for a days activities. Dr.’s offices and clinics should carry Wound Seal to sell. Wall Greens is the only pharmacy that sells the product. Amazon prices for the product is typically 30 to 40% cheaper than Pharmacies. The only change I would recommend is to make wound seal reusable if you don’t use the whole tube.

  5. picky

    you almost never need this. but when you do you are incredibly glad you have it. rinse the area off put pressure on too dry. sprinkle on the powder and the bleeding stops stops. then bandage. im a professional chef. i work with knives all day. you may never need this but if you do it will be a life saver.

  6. MJNV

    If you wet it don’t worry, but the drier you keep it the better.It’s very easy. Clean the cut, disinfect, open cut and pour the powder, hold and you’ll be amazed how well it works.Beats any bandaid/bandage.

  7. BigD

    Amazing!!! This is a must have product for any serious first aid kit. Very cost effective compared to some stitches at the ER. Worked great on one of those hard to seal cuts to the side of the thumb. One tube goes a long way. Sealed a nasty cut and sped the healing process.

  8. Elizabeth McMillen

    We used it to stop bleeding from an open wound on my husband’s arm, and it worked like a dream stopping the bleeding immediately. Don’t be turned off by the fact that it is a fine black powder that does the trick! That can be cleaned off later and only a small amount of the powder is left. Great product, especially for emergencies, because the last set I bought I included with medical supplies for the Bahamas.

  9. Monish Daya;

    I came across a man who had a bike accident on the road in chandigarh. He had lacerated his dicep and was bleeding heavily. Luckily I was carrying this stuff. It sealed the one inch wound immediately and stopped the blood flow, enabling him to ride to the hospital.

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