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Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray

Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray 1
  • Contains 6 – 2 Fl Oz bottles
  • Creamy coconut is blended with the fresh citrus scent of lemon pure essential oil for a sweet, bright scent with every spritz
  • Made with alcohol derived from non-GMO sugar cane that’s 99.9% effective against germs and aloe + vegetable glycerin for clean, soft hands
  • No parabens, no phthalates, no fake fragrance, no dyes or artificial colors, no worries
  • EWG Verified, cruelty-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and propylene glycol-free
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as of January 28, 2023 5:23 pm

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  • The lowest price of Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray: Coconut and Lemon, Travel Size, 2 Ounce, 6 Count was obtained on January 27, 2023 1:23 am.

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Product Reviews

9 reviews for Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray

  1. A. Magee

    So, I took a chance on this stuff before a trip. I’ve tried many, many hand sanitizers. Some burn. Some smell bad. Some leave you sticky feeling. This stuff does none of that!! It sprays on nicely smells AMAZING!! Your hands feel wet, you think oh no, is this going to be sticky?? No!!’ It isn’t!! And then it leaves your hands SO SOFT!!! I’m amazed. My husband is even amazed. I will never NOT be without this stuff!! It’s so good!!!

  2. Fuzzybunnyslippers

    Fragrance smells great but is strong initially. Good thing to know for people with allergies or asthma/pulmonary conditions. I hated using hand sanitizer because it tends to leave hands feeling sticky and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth if you happen to eat something after using it… this, however, evaporates quickly, didn’t leave a sticky residue, nor does it leave finger foods tasting bad, and doesn’t dry out your skin 😃 Just got back from a trip to NYC and took this with me. Used this constantly because of all my subway travel 😷 I’m officially in love!

  3. Toby

    I have tried many other hand sanitizer sprays over the years. I love the way this makes my hands feel – it does not dry my skin and I have had eczema since a child. It also smells great. The ingredients seem to be much safer than many of the other sanitizer sprays available in the market today. I also have chronic health issues and I feel this product does help to protect me from germs when I am out in public particularly.

  4. liakins

    It seemed like when my kid got sick, it’d always happen a day or two after we went grocery shopping (he’s 3 and rides in the cart). I bought these so I could keep one in the cars, in my bag (for after shopping decontamination) and so my older one could take it to school. They smell great and don’t dry your hands out as much as the ones that smell like straight up alcohol.Bonus: if I shop by myself, I can get a snack that I don’t have to share! I can spray my hands post shop, eat my whole snack to my face without fear of catching cooties, and my beasts will never even know what they missed. I call that winning!

  5. Jenna Miller

    as a nurse, I use hand sanitizer before + after every patient interaction. I also have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out whenever I try to use traditional hand sanitizers. This hand sanitizer leaves my hands still feeling soft after every use! The coconut + lemon scent is the perfect amount of sweet + clean. I am hooked on this stuff.

  6. L.Lee

    Never even heard of this brand until I was given one by my sister in law as part of a baby shower gift. I loved the convenience of it being a spray and the amazing smell! I had to get more and was happy to find it on Amazon for such a great deal for 6 of them. I now have one in the diaper bag, my purse, car, etc…It doesn’t hurt or dry out my sensitive hands. The smell is my favorite part, plus it’s not overpowering.

  7. Ray

    I usually get these when I stop by my local Trader Joes, but I happened to get a bulk order of 6 to avoid running out. I have given some to people I work with and they love the scent. Definitely better than the basic alcohol smelling sanitizers, and not harsh on your skin.

  8. Matt L.

    Not much to say. I trust it kills the germs on my hands. I mostly buy and use this because I love the way it smells and it makes me happy. Not sure if there is a much better reason to buy it. Coconut + lemon = me with a happy nose. It also doesn’t make my food taste nasty after handling and it doesn’t make my eyes burn after rubbing them (eating and eye rubbing of course occurs long after my hands have dried). It is made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils, so A+#1 on that matter. Apparently I had a bit more to say than I thought when I started writing this review. I love this stuff. Hello, goodbye, AstroTurf!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Pretty efficient and smells nice!!

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