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Clorox Hand Sanitizer Spray 1
  • 16.9 ounce pump spray bottle of Hand Sanitizer
  • From Clorox Commercial Solutions
  • Bleach-free formula kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds
  • Formulated with 71% ethyl alcohol and bleach-free
  • Provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
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as of December 21, 2021 10:18 am

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Product Reviews

12 reviews for Clorox Hand Sanitizer Spray

  1. Kelly Warren

    The reason Amazon sells it cheap is because it is short dated. Sort of a scam. With that said, I think that it’s antiviral/bacterial killing ability should persist long past the printed expiration date.The reason I give this product one star is that it is such low viscosity fluid and not a thin gel like every other hand sanitizer. I am a physician (dermatologist) and use these products daily in the clinic. This one does NOT spread well onto the hand. Based on the consistency and the delivery device (it comes out of the bottle as a very fine mist) I do not believe that it is as effective at killing pathogens as the much more common gel-based alcohol sanitizers which spread much more easily onto the entire surface of the hand. I suspect that much of the alcohol in this product evaporates either before it covers the entire skin surface or too soon after it covers the skin surface to ensure that pathogens are killed. Just my professional opinion. I would not buy this stuff again.

  2. Mary S.

    I ordered the same item from BestSource two months ago and the product arrived with 18 months of shelf life left. This time the exact same product (Clorox Hand Sanitizer) has LESS THAN 6 months! Because I thought it would have the longer shelf life on the product I ordered two. BUT, with this less than 6 months I have to return one of the bottles. Can I pay more for a longer shelf life? I had talked to the manufacturer (Clorox) and they said to DEFINITELY NOT use it ever after it has expired. NOT good!

  3. Pilot80

    While I cant be 100% sure this actually kills norovirus, I bought it for our vacation to Disney World because who wants a stomach virus to ruin an expensive trip? My family of 6 used it after every ride and periodically throughout the day and managed to stay healthy all 8 days. I took the big bottle and dispersed it into about 8 smaller spray bottles bought from the travel section at the store so everyone had their own bottle to keep with them. The only con I could possibly have is that it has a very strong alcohol smell but it goes away very quickly. Will be buying for all family vacations from now on!

  4. Where the Sidewalk Ends

    So, I love this stuff, as any emitophobe would. Clorox’s line of hand sanitizers kills Norovirus so that alone makes it a 5 star product for me. Everything else good about it is just a bonus.After learning that all these years the other types of hand sanitizers we were using did nothing for that evil bug out there, just knowing that this one does work, makes this a favorite. But for some reason I assumed this bottle was a hand wash. I think it’s the spout that made me think that. It’s not. It’s a large bottle of hand sanitizing spray, and yes it actually does spray.It’s not a stream of liquid or a gel. It has a wide fine mist to it and does an outstanding job of coating the hands. This is perfect for having in an office, for keeping in the cup holder of the car, etc. Now I also know what to order when Amazon is out of the little bottles that I buy for myself and also hand out to the family to keep in their purses, lunch bags, cars, etc. This is perfect for keeping in the car!

  5. Yellow 11

    Box arrived soaked and bottle almost empty…the product smells like it might be good…but I wouldn’t know because I can’t use it…

  6. Mom says

    I am so glad to find a hand sanitizer that is actually fragrance free. I’m using it in my classroom for all the students. I can’t tolerate the the scents of many others, especially with a whole class using it! The scents can also set off asthma for some kids.The spray is nice because it seems they are having fewer issues with getting it all over the place. When I use it, I feel I need 2-3 sprays to get good coverage, but the kids, with their smaller hands don’t seem to have that problem, and of course they can always spray more. I’d read about what a large bottle it is, and it is larger than most I’ve seen at stores, but I am sure I’ll still go through several this year. As others have mentioned, you can use it to refill your old purse sized gel sanitizer bottles, but because this is truly a liquid, it’s harder to use then. I’ve seen mini spray bottles of it available. I plan to buy a couple of those. Signed on to buy another bottle for the classroom.

  7. Retro Cool

    Absolutely love this hand sanitizer! It does have a strong alcohol smell but it doesn’t make my hands feel too greasy or have a strong fake perfume smell. It does the job. I fill up smaller spray bottles so I can have some for my bag. Maybe I am a germophobe but when your co-workers cough all over the place then touch door handles and come from the bathroom with wet hands, I’m spraying my hands.

  8. Richard A. Sanford

    I have led groups to Cuba, and in the past we used regular gel hand sanitizer on the bus to prevent illness. Each time the person got on the bus they were required to use the pump spray that we had. It did not always prevent people in the group from having stomach issues. Once I started using the Clorox hand sanitizer, the problems were cut down drastically. We went from 14 out of 30 becoming ill when using the gel hand sanitizers to 1 out of 21 becoming ill using Clorox Sanitizer and that 1 person’s illness was very mild. Even though the spray bottle is 16 ounces versus a 32 ounce bottle of Gel Hand sanitizer, the 16 ounce bottle of Clorox goes a lot further. I can’t guarantee that this was the answer but I am definitely sold on spending the extra money on this product! What got me thinking about this product was when I saw an ad saying it prevents the Norovirus. (I don’t know if that is guaranteed but, hey if it works the way it did, I’m sold!!!)

  9. KB

    Exactly vaa described.

  10. joseph e calleja

    very good product that way a four star yes i will let other people know ,thank you happy new year

  11. Super Angel


  12. Melissa

    Great product!

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