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  • HIGH QUALITY: Our capsules are manufactured and packaged in state-of-the-art cGMP certified facilities meeting all health compliance requirements. Our capsules are made using only 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin.
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Highest quality pharmaceuitcal grade gelatin derived from only beef, contains no pork. Kosher and Halal certified. No additives or contaminants. Allergen and Gluten Free.
  • RESEALABLE PACKAGING: All capsules are packaged and sealed in resealable plastic bags. Please note packaging may vary based on quantity and capsule size. A clear bag may replace the blue bag in the listing’s image.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SUPPLEMENTS: Create supplements and vitamins with full control of ingredients and dosages.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us directly and we will do our best to make it right. We pride ourselves in providing a convenient shopping experience.

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as of August 26, 2020 11:17 am


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay,
  • At you can purchase EMPTY GELATIN CAPSULES BULK - SIZE 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 - KOSHER HALAL - USA QUALITY for only $9.89, which is 12% less than the cost in ($11.25).
  • The lowest price of Clear Size 00 Empty Gelatin Capsules by Capsuline - 1000 Count |Manufactured in North & South America|Kosher & Halal Certified |Gluten Free was obtained on August 25, 2020 8:16 am.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Capsuline Empty Gelatin Capsules Size 00

  1. Avatar


    1st time I ordered this product it came in the blue bag that is pictured in their discription. Had a factory sealed tear off top and was resealable. Very legitimate looking product. This recent order arrived in a standard clear ziplock bag with a capsuline sticker on it. Has the same Lot# as my first purchase that came in the blue bag. Why would the same Lot# have one bag that looks like it was professionally sterilized, filled and sealed in a factory and another that looks like someone just shoveled the capsules into a bag in their garage? If you ordered a bag of Doritos and the first one came in a factory sealed Doritos bag and your second order came in a clear ziplock bag with a sticker that just said Doritos what would you think? Very shady. 1st order gets 5 stars. 2nd order gets 0 stars so we’ll say 2.5 overall. Not even sure the two products are the same.

  2. Avatar

    Jocelyn Explains It All

    I have a capsule machine I use for capping Kratom so I’ve used several different brands. This one is my favorite by far. It’s the cheapest while still holding quality. They don’t have a weird taste to them like some gel caps. They are a little harder to snap closed, but I actually prefer that because it prevents them from breaking or bending in the capsule machine.Will definitely keep buying.

  3. Avatar

    Bryan Smith

    I bought a 100 count filler and fill them all at once. There was only 817 capsules in this package. I figure that’s almost 20% short. Very disappointed.

  4. Avatar


    I had been using these for years and loved them. Recently there’s been a change though. They used to come in a blue sealed tear-off bag, they now come in a big Ziploc-like bag with a sticker label on it. (another reviewer has posted a photo of them side-by-side.) I don’t care about the packaging, but it’s obvious the quality is different. Since the bag changed, the actual capsules are far less consistent. Many are misshapen and not perfectly round, it’s easy to tell when you’re putting them into a “capsule machine”. I’ve reached out to the company to ask if they’ve changed manufacturers or something. I loved the previous quality, I don’t want to have to find a new brand!

  5. Avatar


    I purchased these to make capsules for my business. The price seemed good so I tried them out instead of my usual brand. Finding better prices for your inventory is always a good thing; spending less money = making more profit! Trying this brand was a horrible mistake!First, these capsules are very brittle compared to the normal gelatin capsules I usually buy. I do not buy vegan capsules, just standard ones. These seemed very thin to the touch and placing any amount of pressure on the capsules (for example, assembling them using a capsule making machine or even filling by hand) will cause them to crush and crumble, destroying not only the capsule but whatever you are making will also be wasted. Tiny pieces of the broken capsules will be mixed into your product. This never happened with any other brand I’ve tried. This experience cost me a lot of money in destroyed product, wasted time trying to figure out what was wrong and trying to reassemble the imperfect capsules, and frustration from the entire experience.Secondly, the capsule bodies are fitted with capsule tops that are not universal; the machine that the company uses to produce these needs to be re-tooled or recalibrated. One of my employees used the capsule maker, separated the pieces and placed the pieces in the appropriate side. We do not separate them individually and place each piece by hand, we place tops and bodies in separate bowls, then use the capsule maker to sort them into position. When she finished placing the bodies in the tray, she poured out the tops into the tray and was puzzled because she seemed to have been missing 12-15 tops. Upon closer inspection, I discovered some tops had gotten inside other tops. The only way this could happen would be that the machine molds aren’t accurately measured, allowing smaller ones to fit into the larger capsule tops. Even a millimeter or micrometer in difference will cause this to happen. If the capsules aren’t exactly the same size, everyone will experience this problem. {If the company is reading this, try it for yourself. Separate the bodies from the tops, mix each container up and try to reassemble them. You will notice your tops are combining into each other, and some capsule bodies will not work with every capsule top. You will have to locate one that fits absolutely perfectly before it will close properly. Either the finished capsule will have a loose top or one that’s too tight that will not fit causing it to split because it’s brittle.} Finally, there were supposed to be 1000 capsules in this package. Most companies do not count them individually before packaging them and instead rely on weight. Because these capsules aren’t measured properly, their weight for 1000 capsules is incorrect. Unless and until the company remedies these major errors, they will continue to lose customers. It is disappointing that these capsules weren’t well made – I have gone back to my normal capsule company. Paying the extra $5 for capsules that are accurately sized and superior quality saves me time, money and a lot less frustration in the long run.

  6. Avatar

    Jennifer Whitney

    If I could leave a negative 100 star review, I truly would. I have been ordering these capsules from Capsuline Inc. on Amazon for over a year now with no issue at all. I even HIGHLY recommend this particular capsules to my good friends who, like myself, make our own skincare supplements for ourselves, as well as for my BUSINESS!NEVER AGAIN!!!I have seen over 20 reviews in just the last 3 months alone of really upset customers saying that their delivery arrived cut open and/or completely missing product. On 7/12/19, I received my 13th capsule delivery, and immediately I noticed the package was incredibly light. When I inspected the bubble wrap envelope more closely, I noticed a 4″ cut in the envelope. Upon opening the bubble wrap envelope, I noticed that the top left corner of the actual product package had a 4″ cut in it as well, and about 75% of the capsules were missing.After counting the capsules that were still left in the package, there were only #46 capsules in the actual package, and an additional #12 capsules loose in the bubble wrap envelope. Therefore, out of the #1,000 capsules that I ordered, I only received #58 capsules. Coincidence? I think not!My best guess as to why this keeps happening to us loyal Amazon Prime Customers is that these Amazon Prime delivery folks are slicing the envelopes, and then they realize that the package has some sort of capsule in it that could possibly contain expensive Vitamins, Supplements, or even possibly an “illegal substance” in them. I am going to be reaching out to Capsuline Inc. directly informing them of the theft issues going on with Amazon.In the meantime, I recommend these capsules until the issue is resolved.PurecapsUSA Empty Gelatin Capsules – Size “00” – 1000 Fillable Caps – White Color – Kosher/Halal – Hypoallergenic – GMO Free

  7. Avatar

    Mr A J

    Brilliant product. Larger than I expected them to be but given that you can look up the sizing, that’s on me.

  8. Avatar


    good quality

  9. Avatar


    To make herbal remedies

  10. Avatar


    Capsuline Clear Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 00 1000 CountVery easy to fill. Worked as well as I was hoping. Some of my supplement pills were too large to swallow easily so I bought a mortar and pestle to grind them up and these to fill with the powder.

  11. Avatar


    I got these for hemp seed oil and they worked great. To test, I filled 2 and left them out on the counter on a piece of paper towel for over 24 hours and no leaks. It takes 5 capsules to hold 1 tsp of oil.

  12. Avatar

    Matt Hepplestone

    I use these capsules for CBD microdosing. I know a concern with online capsule purchases is will they hold a liquid, and the Capsuline capsules have been fantastic. I’ve never had one prematurely rupture. Easy to work with, even with my slightly arthritic fingers.Best value online in my opinion.

  13. Avatar

    Cee Jay

    Perfect for encapsulating my own nootorpics, Lion’s Mane and cannabis/CBD Coconut oil extracts! Much cheaper than buying these things pre-encapsulated. I’m saving SO much money!

  14. Avatar

    Harry Hindle

    They are good to handle when making herb capsules

  15. Avatar

    Farrokh lavimizadeh

    Great quality,fast shipping. Just ordered again.By the way i see lots of bad reviews here but my order were great I filled 998 of them with ease(dropped 2 of them on the floor).

  16. Avatar

    William Humphrey

    I bought a holder to go with these for easier filling…somewhat finicky but overall not to hard to do

  17. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied

  18. Avatar


    i will order these again. they were very easy to fill.

  19. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I will have to buy more

  20. Avatar

    Stephen Dauber

    Always good. Tried this many times and never have any complaints. Just as good as the more expensive name.

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