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Sellstrom S30120

Full Face Shield Mask

Full Face Shield Mask 1

The Sellstrom S30120 is a new low cost protective face shield that is very versatile, lighweight and comfortable. The advantage series shield comes assembld with an ABS grey crwon, polycarbonate shield and ratcheting headgear for above the neck protection from flying debris, dust and or chemicals. The face shield comes with a univeral pin pattern on the crown to allow users the opportunity to use other branded shields in the market if they choose. These shields come with a univeral pin / whole pattern that fits this S30120 crown.

  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 STANDARDS – Certified to prevent work injuries from impact, non-ionizing radiation, and chemical exposure from machinery, welding, cutting, grinding, and other types of face hazards.
  • FULL PROTECTION – It’s an above the neck safety shield for men and women to guard face and eyes. It’s versatile for a variety of uses in industrial and home settings, lightweight and comfortable.
  • FACE SHIELD FEATURES – Includes a grey abs crown, clear polycarbonate window and ratchet headgear. Abs injection molded crowns have universal bracket pin pattern for use with any window mount.
  • NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED – The 301 Advantage series arrives fully assembled. Just remove the protective film from both sides of face shield before using, and it’s ready to be worn when needed.
  • SAFETY APPLICATIONS – According to the CDC, there are 2,000 eye injuries a day at U.S. workplaces. Protect yourself and use for construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, metal work, and more.
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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Safety Full Face Shield Reusable Mask Washable Protection Cover Face Anti-Splash for only $5.19, which is 68% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($16.31).
  • The lowest price of Sellstrom Dual Crown Safety Face Shield with Ratchet Headgear, Clear Tint, Uncoated, Blue, S38110 was obtained on December 22, 2021 7:18 am.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Full Face Shield Mask

  1. C. R. Lott

    I occasionally use a high speed grinder to cut metal with the danger of small metal particles bombarding my face. I ordered this sturdy shield that is reasonably priced. Although the instructions did not mention the fact that a thin plastic film covers the front, this was obvious because of writing on the film. After I peeled the film the shield was still cloudy, so I returned to Amazon and got a replacement. After peeling the front film from the replacement, this second shield wa also cloudy just like the first one. I contacted the manufacturer (Sellstrom) 800-323-7402 and a nice lady informed me that there is a second film covering the reverse side of the shield. After removing the film on both sides the shield is perfectly clear and is a a nice protector for my face. If you order one of these be sure to remove the film from both sides.

  2. Mr. K

    I’m keeping this review at a one star so that the manufacture and customers see that there is a problem that can be easily improved on. There is a protective film on BOTH sides of the face shield, but there is printing only on one side so many people including myself are thinking the the other side does not have a film. Mine look scratched and cloudy until I removed the other film which is hard to get an edge to start removing. I ended up using a knife near a top edge.There are three possible improvements for this problem:1. Print messages on both films about removal2. Put a sticker on the unmarked film with instructions to remove it3. Put instructions and a video in the description on Amazon on how to remove both filmsThis would result in a major improvement in customer satisfaction

  3. kindlemeister

    Shield a bit cloudy for lathe work…correction. A plastic protection needs to be peeled off of the shield….then it’s nice and clear!

  4. MR Cart

    I am happy with this face shield.i have not had it that long but so far so good. Very clean clear view , a few times i have tried to touch my face, adjust glasses only to bang my hand into it… to me that tells me it is so clear i am forgetting it is there.using this saves me having to wear additional eye protection which tends to fog up when i get too hot. This face shield also has room for my 3m6000 series half face mask… so pretty sweet to be comfortable AND safe at the same time.Frankly i should have bought this years ago…

  5. Painter of Stories

    I was able to lock the shield in any position during use. It was also light weight, did not move around easily and the shield was crystal clear. There was also a variable ratchet adjustment knob on the back of the band that fitted my head perfectly. IMO this beats the 3M shield I had in every respect.

  6. Terry

    The face shield arrived on time and packed well, no damage. The headgear fits very well and is comfortable. The shield could not be more easy to assemble; the instructions are VERY simple and easy to understand. They even have pictures to reference so you can’t mess this up. It is quite obvious that there is protective film covering both sides of the shield that needs to be removed. How someone could not see this is just unreal. Neither of the films were difficult to remove, just takes a little bit of effort…so not hard at all. But, if they were too easy to get off I’m sure people would complain about that too. The film was designed to protect the shield during shipping so just get over it.I did not have any issues adjusting the headgear or keeping the shield in place with the two finger screws on the sides. Does not need to be cranked down to work properly, just snug them and it works great. Overall, I think this shield works great, was packaged well for shipping, and does what it says it will do.


    previous review is inadequatethe product is okscreen clearunclear because the protective film is not yet removed

  8. L

    There are a few things about this that make it virtually unusable.There is a lot of optic distortion! It’s advertised as being clear to look through, but that’s definitely not the case.It hits my face when I use it and also touches my glasses.It’s super annoying, and doesn’t go down very far which is why I got it.. hoping to not have to wear a dust mask while using my flex shaft (Dremel), but the dust mask is much more comfortable.Wish I had returned it right away…

  9. Amazon Customer

    The shield is very clear. I noticed some negative reviews said it was hard to see through and I was hesitate to purchase in the beginning. Glad I take the plunge. The fact is there are protective film on BOTH sides of the shield. One film is with letter printed on it. The other side has a very light blue tint film. Once you remove all the film. The shield is super clear. Value for money.

  10. Camazon

    It keeps debris off of your face and out of your eyes, so that’s good.You can’t see through it so well however which is an issue.

  11. Frodo Baggins

    Just received it today. I’m very happy with my purchase. I recommend this to all families especially during this time of Coronavirus wreaking global havoc.

  12. Richard D.

    Better than goggles when dealing with flying debree from chainsaw or weed eater.

  13. LM

    Bought them for my elderly parents during Corona virus outbreak.They have them in case of emergency.

  14. Kathy A

    It is a cheaper model of a protective face mask, but good for the price.

  15. Scarlet Bard

    Good deal, but fits oddly and too close to my face.

  16. Steve Lemieux

    Like this product, does the job it was designed to do, once adjusted it’s very comfortable, I wear glasses so I needed something like this, just one problem, it fogged up a little but I can live with.

  17. Saoirse

    satisfied my expectations. little more than I wanted to pay but I needed it in a rush.

  18. Sean

    Good quality and tough…works great !


    Pretty decent shield for price

  20. gob

    did job perfectly!!!!

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