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  • Venom Steel nitrile rubber gloves provide 2 layers of protection for incredible rip, tear, puncture, and chemical resistance
  • Heavy duty disposable gloves are latex free and made of 2 layers of black and white nitrile rubber that help identify breakthrough
  • 6 mil thickness is 70 percent thicker than common disposable exam gloves, making these great mechanic gloves or cleaning gloves
  • Venom Steel black nitrile rubber gloves help protect your hands from grease, grime, dirt, oil, fuels, nicks, scrapes and more
  • Unlike latex gloves, these nitrile gloves are latex free | Venom Steel disposable gloves are also powder free and fully textured for better grip than standard medical gloves
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  • At you can purchase Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves XL 100 Count - Heavy Duty 5 Mil Thick Medical Exam Gloves - Powder Free, Latex Free, Textured Grip - Food Safe Meal Prep Gloves, Cleaning Gloves for only $11.99
  • The lowest price of Venom Steel VEN6544 Nitrile Gloves, Rip Resistant Disposable Latex Free Black Gloves, 2 Layer Gloves, 6 mil Thick, X-Large (Pack of 500) was obtained on January 28, 2023 3:22 am.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves

  1. RMj

    complete garbage! 1st box last year were great as the product states. This batch/series/box is beyond ridiculous. Must have went cheaper materials. Not even a simple oil change that last 30 min and torn… Forget about doing real mechanical work. No bueno! Thumbs down👎🏽

  2. Dan

    These gloves work great! Normal nitrile gloves break shortly after my hand sweats in them. I fully disassembled a bottle jack, cleaned all the metal shavings out that were left in from manufacturing, and reassembled it with no issues with the gloves at all. My cat even attacked my hand while wearing these gloves and his teeth didn’t puncture or tear the glove.

  3. Dinkleberg

    Broke four gloves in a row trying to get one on. Don’t know of this was a bad batch or what but they also did not hold up long when working with them. The globes are comfortable though when they aren’t falling apart.

  4. D. Matheny

    A few years ago, we started packing these gloves with us for cleaning animals during a hunt – and I have to say they work perfectly.These gloves are durable, pack up easily in a backpack (I also keep extras in the truck), and make clean-up an absolute breeze.The nitrile gloves are definitely a bit tougher than traditional ‘blue’ gloves; but, in my experience they’re probably 10% less likely to break. It’s not a huge difference.Also, I’m 6’7″ with large hands – and the Large size works just fine. Personally, I prefer works gloves to be tight so I can feel what I’m working on.Overall, I highly recommend these gloves. For me, a 100-pack easily gets me through 2 seasons (and that includes giving gloves out to other hunters like crazy during the year).

  5. The Dude

    These are not like the same venom gloves i have bought before. They used to have no powder on them and were black on the inside. They also do not feel like they are as thick as they used to be. Disappointed because i liked them before much better.

  6. fsgkme

    I do mechanic work on our own 6 vehicles, plus for other friends and family – everything from brake jobs to engine rebuilds. I’ve been using another brand of black nitrile 6mil glove. These cost about $7 more and the name and description sounded heavy duty. Right off the box “Venom Steel, Rip Resistant Industrial Gloves, Heavy-Duty, 2-Layer Protection” Sounds like they’d be an excellent mechanic’s gloves. NOT SO. I went through 3 pairs changing out 4 injectors in 2 hours. I get much better service from other gloves!

  7. PinkMoonCow

    I’ve been experimenting with black gloves for 9 months at my job in a kitchen working 10hr shifts so I change gloves alot, but its super annoying when I have to change them due to rips or tears. Unfortunately all the other gloves I have tried did so often. It sucks when I am prepping vegetables or slicing meat and I get a tear, have to remove them wash my hands, dry my hands completely just to put on another pair.. these are the first gloves that last the whole time needed without tears (unless I accidentally get to close with a knife but that’s not the fault of the glove…obviously) so needless to say, I LOVE these. Yes there kind of pricey but it is actually worth it for the fact I dont have to change damaged gloves all day.I found my food prep gloves for the future. I will continue to buy these.

  8. Rhanmis ortega

    Product is expensive. $20 for 100 gloves that are not rip resistant not puncture proof.*I purchased the correct size.False advertisiment, not puncture proof, not “industrial grade” w.e that means.Gloves ripped on a staple, gloves pulled apart when pinched between a tile and the floor.Not recommended similar to doctor gloves and exam gloves except those stretch more, these are relatively dry and I believe that is why they rip so easily.These gloves look nice, and are comfortable to work with tools but they rip really easily.This product needs to be recalled, and updated as such, a successful company would do such, as well as settle their reputation and take their tax credit in loses. After many failures in many situations I can say this is not rip resistant.

  9. J. Phelps

    Good feel & fit BUT, not very tough & certainly not the rip resistance that advertised/promoted & reason I bought a box so disappointed as often put new pair on & find after only a minute or so of non sharp work ie: general use picking up a screwdriver etc, they will have a hole/tear in 1!!

  10. VB

    Great product. Really strong construction and good fit on all fingers. Carried out three separate jobs on the motorcycle and am still on my first pair – no signs of tearing or any wear at all. They will make your hands sweat, but that’s to be expected and a small price to pay for such a sturdy product. Recommended.

  11. Bogdan

    I tried to pinch these on purpose and applied reasonable pressure – they didn’t budge. I also tried washing one pair inside out with soap after an oil change and some other work I done on my car just to see if the chemicals will dissolve it eventually – so far they hold even after 4 washes!!!

  12. JFB

    I used to replace gloves all the time because they would tear, but since I have the Venom gloves I actually get to re-use them.As a DIY a pair of gloves will last me 3 or 4 jobs, and I only throw them away because of how stained they are (from oil, grease etc). Great value and very comfortable.

  13. Henry

    By far the very best gloves out there I have ever used no one will be disappointed guaranteed satisfaction 100%…I’m returning for a later review been through many hundreds of these and still beats anything out there still!

  14. Canadian customer

    As durable as the 15 mil blue ones I have, but thinner and you feel what you’re working on better.Also – touch screens work through them.

  15. wakaguaka

    Excelentes guantes de nitrilo, muy resistentes, y la talla me quedó a la perfección.Los utilizo más que nada para detallar mi auto y para algunas otras tareas donde quiero evitar el contacto físico de ciertas sustancias.

  16. Dane Peterson

    They’re good gloves however they are are a tight fit for large.

  17. Collin Basso

    Gloves are great, I use them for work and at home frequently and they never disappoint. They are good for needle pricks and gardening

  18. MikeO3

    Better then the Adena. Large is a little small compared to other manufacturers version of large.

  19. Guillermo Aguilar De Mesa

    excelente producto llego mas que a tiempo gran calidad gran oferta

  20. Cliente de Amazon

    El producto cumplio mis expectativas, se ve de buena calidad ya lo he utilizado y hasta el momento podre reutilzar el par que use de un principio.

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