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Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles with Uvextreme Anti-Fog Coating 1

Protect your eyes from airborne debris, chemical splashes and impacts with the Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles with Uvextreme Anti-Fog Coating & Neoprene Headband. The contemporary low-profile design of these safety goggles features a soft, elastomer body that flexes and conforms to the face for a secure, comfortable, gap-free fit. The clear toric lens with Uvextreme anti-fog coating provides superior optics for excellent vision in most indoor work environments. A pivoting, quick-adjust neoprene headband allows for a customized fit and longwearing comfort on the job. Lens replacement is easy and economical. Safe and durable, these goggles meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CSA Z94.3 standards.

The Uvex Stealth goggle combines modern design, technology, materials and high-performance lens coatings to create the high levels of worker comfort. The Uvex Stealth makes it easy – even fashionable – to wear goggles on the job.

  • Futuristic, low profile design for chemical splash and impact
  • Toric lens provides superior optics and peripheral vision
  • Quick-adjust headband
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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles -Clear HydroShield Anti-Fog Lens, Neoprene Headband for only $9.09
  • The lowest price of UVEX S3960C Stealth Safety Goggles Clear Uvextreme Anti-Fog Lens, Gray Body was obtained on January 27, 2023 2:22 am.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles with Uvextreme Anti-Fog Coating

  1. Greg

    Was decontructing a bathroom wall, and regular glasses kept letting dust settle in my eyes – after a trip to urgent care, i bought thesee. Nary a speck o dust past that seal.. They are the Gandalf of goggles – “NONE SHALL PASS”.And yet, they don’t really fog up on me. Bonus.

  2. ThroughMyEyes2016

    follow up:7/18 Purchased these goggles for working indoors and outdoors in carving sculptures. The first month was great but the past 2 weeks of working outdoors I was unable to see through the goggles after several cleanings. I had to constantly stop working to try and get the goggles clean enough to see through. They developed white markings on the outside that are not possible to remove. Loved these initially but don’t last long enough. Now I have to look into purchasing a replacement

  3. Amazon Customer

    I am currently a Biochemistry undergrad who also works in a research laboratory at a medical school, so I really wanted something that would not only be durable, but comfortable without sacrificing protection.Usually, tight fitting lab goggles are uncomfortable and never quite conform to your face, leaving holes in which hazardous fumes can enter. Not a big safety issue for short-term/temporary needs, but if you’re spending over 50 hours/week in some type of chemistry lab, who knows how that could affect you over the years. If you’re like me and would rather not find out 30 years down the line, these googles are for you.I’d like to stress that they are also breathable and don’t begin to hurt your head from the strap after extended use. Haven’t fogged up on me yet. So this hit every mark for me; my only caveat is despite being the most comfortable protective glasses I’ve tried, the padding under the eye can each slightly from time to time.

  4. Becky T

    These goggles would be fine for a person who did not need eyeglasses; possibly OK for a person with a very small head who does wear glasses. They will not accommodate eyeglasses worn by an adult with an average sized head – the lens of the goggles presses the wearer’s eyeglasses into the bridge of the nose.

  5. Buddy

    Don’t buy these goggles, coating is defective. While sports will appear on the LENSE after fist use and cannot be removed.

  6. Kat

    Using this product for a semester of Biology. It’s a good deal, seals well, and the ventilation shafts are on the side as a safety feature. I like them. They goggle part is a bit small, hence why I rated 4 stars (but my head is rather large, especially for a female).The adjustable elastic strap makes sizing for the width of your head a breeze. I would say the buckle is a bit cheap, though, so be gentle with it.I like their aesthetic value, as well. Much more comfortable than those 3-dollar knockoffs you get at the hardware store. I’d say this was worth the buy, and I’d do it again.I have yet to see as to this product’s durability, however. Perhaps I’ll check in again when I’ve broken these in. 🙂

  7. giovanny padilla

    Strap is a plastic rubber and broke after a month, the actual face cover part is amazing though. I use the pressure of my glasses to hold them in place, they’re super lightweight. If this pair had a different type of strap that didn’t fall apart it would be five stars easily.

  8. Sunny

    I had an old scratched up pair of these exact goggles. I bought them for sanding. I have a small face, and can wear them over my glasses. The new ones fit better than the old ones, because the seal isn’t warped. They fit well and keep my eyes from hurting from the dust. There may be a small gap at the bottom, but it isn’t a problem. Easily adjustable too. Comfortable enough. Great buy.

  9. Amazon Customer

    the plastic is SUPER cheap and brittle, it has ZERO flex to it. unless your face is exactly molded to this shape it will not provide a real seal to your face. Also there is huge gapping between the glass and rubber. NOT suited for working with gasses or chemicals. Maybe suitable for wood working but many cheaper alternitives for that. Already in the trash bucket. These ARE NOT!!! 100% Not CSA approved for working with chemicals or vapours of ANY kind. TOTALLY false advertising.

  10. marcus pheonix

    These goggles are slotted and allow for air exchange. My eyes burn like fire when I use these goggles for bleach cleaning or anything else using Volatiles. They are not hermetic and eventually Fog like crazy. As a professional using these, I would strongly recommend you look at an alternative option.

  11. Jim

    I bought them in case of someone coughing during this virus problem. It’s easy to wipe this lens more than others because the lens doesn’t fit in a groove. I see some people complaining but I think they are using these goggles for purposes that they were not intended.These goggles are made more to stop liquid splash than gas. They can be worn comfortably for longer periods than my last pair because it’s soft rubber. I can wear my glasses but there is a bit of a gap on the side it’s no problem. Anti-fog does not mean Fog-proof so they will fog if there is high humidity such as when you were watching The Titanic (admit it, you cried) but normally they don’t fog in. The top vent is designed so if there is liquid splash it won’t seep down into the goggles. My other goggles have regular vents on top so if I get a liquid Splash it will drain right down inside. They are lightweight, well made and probably very good for medical type stuff if for instance you are an EMT and you’re dealing with fluid splashes this could be good. Good bottom vents. Well gotta go, trying to type with one finger while petting a cat who won’t leave me alone has been a bit to do.

  12. Vlad E

    I guess my facial convexity is not quite sufficient (flat face, lol?), but there is a gap under the rubber, into which stuff flies sometimes when I’m grinding something with a Dremel. Would expect the rubber gasket to conform better to the face.

  13. Jeff

    I wanted to believe that these wouldn’t fog up when I was working. If I was indoors and it was cool they would be fine, but working hard outside and working up a sweat they dogged right up. Still 4 stars as they were very comfortable and fit right over my glasses nicely.

  14. eric bilodeau

    J’ai toujours utilisĂ© depuis plus 30 ans… j’ai achetĂ© une marque peu connu et le pris plus bas…et la qualitĂ© du plastique laisse Ă  dĂ©sirer et j’ai eu un accident et depuis Uvex seulement!

  15. Thomas N

    it does fog up, especially if left on forehead. however, it clears up fast with airing.It is a bit tight fit with the 3M quick latch mask, not the most comfortable with that combination, but can be tolerated for some time.

  16. mathc1rca

    A little on the cheap side…And slighly unconftable if you have bigger nose / narrow face.One thing I would have like to know before purchasing is that the goggles don’t flex, it’s the rubber inside that provide the seal on your face.

  17. alex

    It was a very worthwhile investment as I do a lot of lab work in high school. It rarely fogs up and even if it does you can just wash the inside of the lens and it would be good for another couple of hours. The neoprene headband is very secure but it cuts into my ears if your ears are big. I would definatly recommend a fabric headband or something that does not cut into you.

  18. Raúl González Durán

    Materiales de excelente calidad, muy buen ajuste, el anti empañante funciona muy bien siempre y cuando el usuario no esté sudando demasiado, pero aún sudando, la visibilidad es mucho mejor que con lentes de protección comunes. Lo utilizo para carpintería y la protección es muy buena.

  19. Lynda

    Great product, exactly as described, packed well shipped lightening fast and arrived safely; Thank you!!!

  20. Jesus chay

    CĂłmo siempre llegan en fecha programada, muy buen producto, super cĂłmodo ya lo use y hasta ahora ningĂşn problema

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