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Pump Hand Sanitizer 1
  • Antimicrobial gel helps reduce the number of germs on hands
  • 16 oz. pump bottle for dispensing small amounts of gel at a time
  • Contains moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated
  • Effective against bacteria, yeast, and molds
  • Free of fragrances and dyes
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as of December 21, 2021 10:18 am

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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase AltruFuel Hand Sanitizer Pump with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera (8 fl. oz.) 24Pcs for only $3.21
  • The lowest price of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1/2 Gallon Gel 64 oz 2L Pump Refill Jug was obtained on December 20, 2021 8:18 am.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Pump Hand Sanitizer

  1. My Two Cents

    It’s hard to find fragrance free products. I recently noticed that my “sensitive skin” laundry detergent has a new formula, THAT INCLUDES SCENT! Other “unscented” products contain a masking fragrance which can irritate allergy sufferers. This is the only hand sanitizer I could find without fragrance. It applies smoothly and evaporates quickly — all without any lingering scent. Perfect.

  2. Amazon Customer

    There is no better hand sanitizer than Dial Hand Sanitizer! I originally found this in an airport kiosk in a small bottle, and found myself upset when it ran out! It is impossible to find in our area, so I knew I could count on finding a bulk pack on Amazon. Dial Hand Sanitizer is much less harsh than other alcohol-based cleansers, leaving hands feeling smooth and clean rather than dry or sticky. I use this Hand Sanitizer every day!

  3. Jones

    Thank you Dial for still carrying a fragrance free hand sanitizer. You’re the only brand I could find that still does. Please don’t stop.

  4. DJ

    My husband and I are using this all day long to keep well during this cold and flu season. It doesn’t dry our hands and is fragrance free. It is so hard to find a fragrance free hand gel.

  5. Mrs. M

    I use these around our office. We handle food and therefore are not allowed to use anything with dyes or fragrance. These are perfect for what I needed and I love the price!

  6. JGal

    Hand santizers can be extra nasty if fragrances bother you, because they’re extra volatile. I was very happy to find a fragrance-free one, since this can be difficult to find in stores. Nice big bottle, so it will last a long time.

  7. Doty M.

    works well for work and no worries about people that are sensitive to scents

  8. Wahoochk

    It is so difficult to find fragrance free products nowadays. I buy these for my husband to use at work, so he doesn’t smell like fragrance when he comes home. I also use this product to fill up 3 oz. size travel containers for use in public restrooms.

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