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Pro Series Rider Filtered Dust Mask by ATV Tek

ATV Tek Pro Series

ATV Tek Rider Mask 1

The ATV TEK Pro Series Rider Filtered Dust Mask, in Tan and Black colors with a 3D nosebox to provide a comfortable fit.

  • NO MOIST– This safety dust mask has 2 one-way exhaust valves that reduce lens fogging, releases heat, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.
  • DUST-FREE – The dust mask sewn in interior with filter that blocks 99.5 percent of all dust particulates. This ensures dust-free air inhalation and a more enjoyable riding experience.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – This universal dust mask is made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool and comfortable.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT – The dust mask has a universal and comfortable for riders of all ages. The universal size accommodates neck sizes up to 18 inches.
  • EASY CLEANING – When the safety mask gets dirty, simply remove the tek valves and rinse. Allow the mask to air dry.
  • Low-profile, width adjustable design / Universal fit
$30.47  in stock
5 new from $30.47
as of January 28, 2023 7:21 pm


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at, eBay.
  • At you can purchase ATV TEK, Pro Series Rider Filtered Dust Mask - Tan/Black, 18" for only $12.95, which is 73% less than the cost in eBay ($47.49).
  • The lowest price of ATV-TEK - BDMBLK - Pro Series Paisley Bandana Dust Face Cover Size: One Size Fit was obtained on January 16, 2023 9:49 pm.

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Product Reviews

15 reviews for ATV Tek Rider Mask

  1. Paul B

    Bought this dust mask and tried it out yesterday on the trails. I ride with a friend of mine who has a larger quad with two wheel drive so I’m always trying to keep up (in the dust a lot). This dust mask was comfortable and kept out most of the dust, a little bit leaked in around my nose but not much. I think with better adjustment to the nose piece it will do better, but I’m just getting used to it. Can’t believe anything could be both as comfortable and as effective. Seller was great, I got the mask in about 4 days. One word of caution, I read some reviews on another site about the fit being to small. Since my neck size is right at 17 inches I went with the XL size. It came with a removable extension piece, I don’t know if that is what made it XL. With the extension, it was too big, could not get it to fit snug but just by taking it off (it’s velcro) it fit just fine. I’m going to pick up another for my wife. I have a ton of allergies and dust can be a big problem. I give this mask two thumbs way up.

  2. Gary

    Decent quality but not great. I would say the filtration is comparable to or slightly less than a cheap paper mask, but it fits the face better, is more comfortable, and is easier to breathe through (very easy to breathe through, actually). I am 5’9″ and pretty lean and the regular size barely fits me. If it was any smaller I would have exchanged it for a large–the package states the regular/universal size is suitable for children as well as most adults. The mask smelled pretty funky out of the package so I washed it by hand as per the instructions, and I recommend you do the same–the fabric bled quite a bit and the smell went away entirely. I look forward to trying it out at Burning Man–I will keep a normal sanding respirator at camp just in case, but this should be a good replacement for a bandana or cheap paper filter.

  3. I.B.

    Too small. Maybe I have a big head, (read: I have a big head) but it was uncomfortable to have it snugged down with no velcro hanging out. Why that’s a problem is that they used the stiff velcro so if you haven’t set both tabs over each other you have velcro trying to rub a hole in your neck. On top of that issue is the fact that it’s missing a head strap to keep it from riding down. After about five minutes of having it on it works itself off till it’s just dangling around your neck. All they would need is to have a top strap starting from the cheek-bone going up over your head so it wouldn’t slip down. Forget using this with a helmet without the extra strap I described.To review:Add some sort of this strap adjustment so that I don’t have to have velcro rubbing the back of my big head, OR change out the velcro to be the soft type that doesn’t scratch. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just ignore this review.Add a second strap that goes over the top of your head so the damn thing wont slip off without a fight.

  4. DerekD

    product appears well made and would like to rate higher and would be if did not wear glasses just could not get it to fit around nose with glasses on with no glasses would definitly rate higher

  5. BK

    Unlike the mask in the product picture mine has improved design featuring black metal strip over the nose, which helps to shape the top part to minimize the gap between the mask and the face, as well as adjustable over the year straps, which help to keep the mask from sliding down. I like mask construction and it provides good airflow while walking through the woods. Protected me well from intense pollen. The front fits my bearded face fairly well. The problem for me is neck straps. Measure your size before buying. My head circumference around the chin and the top of the neck is 21 inch. The distance from tip to tip along the edge of the mask is 19 inches. The straps are not even touching while they should overlap. I failed to visit manufactures’s website for more info and ordered a universal size, my own mistake. The X-large would probably work for me. But given the overall satisfaction and considering additional costs I decided to modify the straps and keep it. I removed hook and loop patches from both straps and used a piece of black soft hook and loop tape (used to bundle electric cables) and for me it works even better than original design.

  6. sje

    The fabric edge digs into the top of your nose.I am an average sized person, and it was a bit tight for me.I had to cut the fabric to make a V notch on top of the nose area, then worked fine.The dust mask part worked great.

  7. Carlos Alvarez

    Lo unico que le puedo ver mal es que no esta hecha para personas que usamos lentes de prescripción, la parte de la nariz estorba para eso.

  8. KMS

    Incredibly disappointed. Valves don’t open without falling out, mask has a very strange smell to it.But most of all, after I open it I saw on the box a safety warning. P65 warning. Product declares this mask may give you cancer or cause reproductive harm.Disappointed that this warning was not mentioned in the description of the product, or I would have never bought it.I’ve looked everywhere for more information about this warning and mask and there’s nothing anywhere.Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

  9. Philip Diaz

    Seems well made, but the sizing is WAY too small. I am not a big guy (5’10” 180lbs) but this “universal/one size” mask barely reaches around my neck, and the velcro only has about 1/2 inch of overlap. Also, the metal nose piece is in an awkward angle and has a curve that doesn’t quite make a good deal around the bridge of my nose, no matter how much I pinch/bend it. The contour and shape of the mask needs work.It might work for you but it does NOT fit me well

  10. Amazon Customer

    Warning: there was nothing in the description about this being cancer causing. This product should be banned! Does not fit well…very tight and not one size fits all

  11. Larysa Sukha

    Good quality.

  12. V. Putin

    Garbage. Arrived with one of the elastic ear bands unanchored. Something I could fix with a needle and thread, but why should I have to do that with an item this expensive. Find another solution. Would have rated it as zero starts but that’s not possible here.

  13. Not You

    I’m not impressed for the price. The “filter” (fine mesh cloth) is sewn in place so it is not easily removed. Sure, you can wash the whole mask but if you want to use a different filter that is not so easily done. I received the “universal size” and it was none too big even though I am a pretty small guy (5’7″ 145#). If you are big the fit might be a little tight. The nose piece worked OK and you could get a good fit there. The little strings that go over the ears didn’t seem to be necessary as the mask had no tendency to slide down using just the neck strap. The valves did not seem to work that well as it was still hot and stuffy in the mask. Oh, and it was made in china (no real surprise I guess). The seller did send my package out same day as my order and I received it quickly so that was good service. Overall, I don’t think I would recommend this mask at the asking price.

  14. Jeremy Darndiddlyoss

    I don’t know what the other reviews are talking about this not being big enough. I’m 6’5″ and 240 lbs and it gets around my neck just fine. Maybe there was an older version of the product where the straps weren’t long enough.The fit is pretty good, though even with the vents some exhaust still comes up around my nose and fogs my glasses. I guess nobody makes a mask that doesn’t do this, but considering how hard masks are to come by at all during this pandemic, I’m pretty happy with this one. I got it less than a week after I ordered it too, which was nice! It’s not perfect, but it’s a better than the 3M N95 mask that I have which is good since that one was starting to smell funny after several days of use… ew.

  15. Susan Newman

    The most comfortable mask out there, and it’s adjustable. This is the only mask I can literally wear all day. Highly, highly recommend!

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