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Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, and Diarrhea Relief

Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets, 48 Ct

Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets 1
  • 5 SYMPTOM Digestive Relief: Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea
  • The #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand for Upset Stomachs (Based on Pharmacy Times 2018 Survey-upset stomach remedies category)
  • Power of Pepto in a chewable for portable relief
  • Contains Bismuth Subsalicylate for fast digestive relief
  • Whether you’re looking for an upset stomach medicine or nausea help, wondering what to do for ingestion or heartburn relief, or trying to find what’s good for diarrhea, Pepto has a coating action to calm and soothe your sour stomach
  • Expiry date is present at the bottom of the box with two letter month abbreviation with two letter year.
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  • At you can purchase 1 Pack Of 30 Tablets Pepto-Bismol Nausea Heartburn Indigestion Diarrhea 01/2024 for only $7.50
  • The lowest price of 4 Pack-Pepto Bismol Chewables, 12 Chewable Tablets Each, Exp: 07/2023, *Damaged* was obtained on January 29, 2023 4:22 am.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets

  1. Samy

    Didn’t have expiration date.

  2. Brett

    Wish I had not purchased and plan to call the manufacturer. I am concerned about the lack of expiration date on the package that I just received, especially because the package looks old. The bottom of the box is printed with labels for a LOT number and an EXPiration date. But there is no information there! I am concerned that this is a counterfeit product.

  3. Spicahontas

    This stuff tastes like crap (hey, it’s pepto), but it works great, and ordering it here is even cheaper than brick and mortar stores. Also, it’s better than liquid because I can grind one tablet into powder and mix it with my dog’s food when he has diarrhea (it is approved by my vet). Way easier than forcing a syringe of liquid down his throat

  4. Em Perdue

    I chew two before each meal when I travel in foreign counties as a first level preventative. I believe it’s a smart plan no matter how careful I am about my food.

  5. Javier Knows Best

    I love this product it is very easy to throw in your backpack and have ready whenever you get some heartburn. This product is very simple to use, all you do is chew up one or two tablets and you are good to go. I like it because it is easy to transport and you do not have to keep it inside the fridge. The cost is very affordable and these are way better than tums.

  6. Katya

    It’s Pepto! Like it or don’t. The taste is a bit nostalgic for me, reminding me of days when my Grandma gave me Necco wafers out of her purse, so while it’s somewhat plain and chalky, it’s not bad. My husband pops them in every now and then after meals and it quells down his symptoms fairly quickly, I always carry some in my bag. Way more convenient than the liquid.

  7. NoName

    These don’t come in a bottle like 99% of other medications. They come in a plastic sheet with several on one sheet. They are very easy to break and the plastic doesn’t tear easily (you have to use your mouth) so you end up breaking each tablet into a bunch of little pieces before you get it out.

  8. Brenda P. Tapp

    I’m OK w/the Pepto taste – but this is just not for me. Even tho it is a GREAT product to help w/my IBS-d. Sorry, just hard to get that taste outta my mouth. Great portability, however.

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