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Augason Farms 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Supply 1
  • QSS-Certified food supply
  • Averages 1, 854 calories per day
  • 8. 5-Gallon Watertight pail is easy to transport
  • Easy to Prepare and ready in minutes
  • Shelf life of up to 25 years*
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  • At you can purchase Augason Farms Deluxe Emergency 30-day Food Supply 1 Person 200 Servings 36 600 for only $50.00
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Product Reviews

10 reviews for Augason Farms 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Supply

  1. Jeremiah J.

    Augason Farms 30 day food storage: First off when reviewing this item before purchase I noticed that most people gave good reviews. However, most people had not opened the bucket, which is pointless to give a review. For all they know they got a bucket of sand… 5 stars! The first thing I noticed after receiving my order was that both buckets ordered were upside down in their shipping boxs. Maybe not a big deal, but shows lack of quality control. The buckets were in good condition, no physical or water damage to the delivery box. After opening the first bucket the top item, Cheese Powder, was broken open and all over the inside of the bucket. The second bucket was good on top but getting about half way through I found that Cheesy Broccoli Rice had a break in the bag. The bags that the food is packaged in are very chintzy. I would like to note that even though two bags were broken open the buckets are air sealed and the food “should” still last. However, another side note, the bucket says “up to 20 years” but the best by date on the Cheese Powder was 26-April-2027. Not 20 years. There was no date on the Cheesy Broccoli Rice and other items. I give this 3 stars for the following reasons. 1- When people buy food storage they buy it to be prepared and having a damage product just isn’t acceptable 2- Items that have a best by date should be noted on the outside of the bucket. 3- Bucket was upside down in package for shipping.I would buy this product again but knowing that I will have to open the bucket make sure the product isn’t damaged. Also, remember to place oxygen absorbers in the bucket when you seal again.

  2. Icon Green

    Alright, so I went ahead and opened this and started eating them.The oatmeal is pretty good. Close to what you’d expect if you were buying Quaker’s oatmeal packages. There’s only one flavor they offer, but honestly brown sugar is the best flavor, and I usually don’t buy the multi-flavor packs. You’d eat one every morning.The milk is actually good. It’s better than canned milk that you might buy for long term storage. It’s great to add to the oatmeal when you want to have a bit of a change. You’ll be taking one to two servings per day. There’s only two bags, so be careful not to A) spill the bag or B) let moisture get inside it.The meals are a lot of noodles and rice. That explains the calories and price. The food comes in multiple packages, and each package suggests opening and cooking the entire package at once. I didn’t do it, and I wouldn’t do it in a survival situation, throw some sandwich bags in the bucket. The creamy chicken is probably the best, I like to mix it with the potato soup. The hearty vegetable mix was the worst part and it’s acceptable for a bad day. I seasoned the first few hearty vegetable mixes because the flavor was clumped up in the bottom, and when I did eat the flavoring, it still didn’t overpower the dish. The meals vary per day, but do end up feeling bland about ten days in. Ten days is as long as I went without breaking the pattern and it was not fun, but I’ve managed to keep about three days on and one day off this food source without feeling suicidal. I’d suggest getting onion, garlic, something hot, salt, and pepper to add to this. Makes it significantly better in terms of breaking monotony.If you’re not going to eat it, do not remove anything from the bucket. You will not get it back into the bucket. I took out one bag of each product and put the remaining back into the bucket. It was full again.When you plan to actually use it in a dire situation, you wouldn’t want to rely solely on this bucket, but it would greatly increase your odds of survival. Hunt and forage, supplement with this. You should consider stocking up a vitamin of some sort, any decent multi would work. If you are going to have a lot of physical activity you’re going to want to eat more food. This contains a reasonable low calorie diet amount for an adult male of average size, but you would lose weight. Maybe pick up some protein powder, with fats in it too.

  3. Lloyd Hayes

    Update August 3, 2017I really had not paid much attention to this, but the bucket being shipped now is a larger bucket than what this package used to come in. I had an old empty bucket out and noticed the difference. (I use the buckets for storage.) The previous buckets from this company were 5 gallon buckets. This is a 7 gallon bucket. And like before, it is packed to the top and squeezed under the lid.Augason Farm foods are the basics, without a lot of frills. They have some things which tastes great, and others which I can pass on. It’s a matter of taste. For tastes and ease of preparation, I prefer the Mountain House brand. But for basic good food for the buck ($$$$), this is the best deal. Their “Morning Moo’s” is the best powdered milk that I have ever tasted. So my money seems to go to these guys here on Amazon.Previous review below:———————————————I figured that it was time to re-order one of these buckets. I am in the process of finishing off a bucket that I opened about 4 years ago. You can buy this bucket in Sam’s Club, but I like having it delivered to my door. Plus I think it is slightly more expense at Sam’s Club.The food is basic, but very good. The powdered milk in these buckets is the best powered milk that I have ever had in my life. I normally hate powdered milk, but I like this. It does not have that typical powdered milk taste.I made some “Hearty Vegetables” tonight. It’s basically macaroni, rice, carrots, lentils, and I am not sure what else. It tastes good, as if it just came from a garden. One of the ingredients in it still seems slightly dried out even after being cooked. I am not sure which one. But I add butter, slat, and pepper to it and it tastes fine.I had some “Chicken and Rice” from the bucket last night. This probably takes longer to cook, more then anything else in the bucket.One down side, or up-side, depending on your point of view. The food here is seriously dried, with ALL moisture removed from the food in this bucket. You can’t just add hot water to any of this, except the milk. You really do have to cook it for awhile in boiling water before the food will soften up. This is great for preserving it. But it also taxes your patience while you are waiting for it to be done.The food will definitely fill you up. No questions there. Like all of these dried survival foods, there are somethings that you like better than others.One thing about it, if you are traveling or without access to refrigeration, this is the way to go. I don’t know about the 30 day part since my last bucket has lasted me 4 years. But I just pull something out of it occasionally, and when I happen to even think about it.But I have met people who buy these buckets on a regular basis to feed their families. I remember meeting a guy wheeling 10 of these buckets out to his car at Sam’s Club. And these buckets was all that he had purchased.I am uploading photos of my “Hearty Vegetables” and milk for my meal tonight, from my 4 year old bucket.Update July 145, 2017The local Sam’s Club appears to be dropping these. The local Des Moines Sam’s Club is currently selling their in-stock buckets for $30.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find information on the method stored. The food is good well protected and takes very little space. What they do not tell you is that each envelope of food is for 6 to 8 people. The envelopes don’t reclose.

  5. Jim Giles

    Purchased this as a “just in case” product – something I hope never needs to be used. The pail was well sealed on arrival; in fact I struggled to get it open without destroying the lid. I guess it would be best just to leave it hermetically sealed, but I wanted to make sure all was as advertised. The individual packages have oxygen absorbers so I’m sure no harm done.Inside the packets all seemed to be intact and portions as promised. A big plus is the easy to understand 30 & 45 day rationing guide, which also includes the amounts needed for single servings (the packages each hold multiple meals worth of food). I threw in a bottle of multivitamins before resealing as I’m sure some nutrients would be lacking if having to survive solely on this.All in all, I am very pleased with this product.

  6. Jason Brenner

    Arrived as promised. The bin is round, not square. I also bought a ARK 390 servings which was square. Something to think about if mixing prepper stuffs. ARK 390 was sealed so I couldn’t check it. Auguson was not sealed so I took a quick look without digging too deep. No broken packages found. I’m satisfied with the product. I would recommend. Wait til the weed wears off first though before you press BUY NOW.😉

  7. Randall Bath

    Completely disappointed, the item came damaged, the overall handling was substandard

  8. Linda Karam

    It seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I will only open it upon emergencies and it’s good for 25 years. Easy to store in the Heavy Duty container that it came in.

  9. Martin


  10. yan

    Bon produits

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