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EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY FAVORITES Wise Foods provides an innovative approach to providing dependable, simple and affordable-ready-made freeze-dried and dehydrated meals for emergency and outdoor use! These meals are delicious, nutritious and lightweight. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts! They’re Easy to Prepare! Just add boiling water and wait 15 minutes! The box contains 16 Total Servings or Wise Foods’ favorite entrees. The meals are sealed in heavy-duty Mylar Pouches providing for a 25 Year Shelf Life; The Box Contains: Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (4 servings), Tomato Basil Soup (4 servings), Savory Stroganoff (4 servings), Cheesy Lasagna (4 servings).

  • Includes 1 total box
  • Food is safely sealed in Mylar pouches
  • To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains a select amount of servings
  • Up to 25 year shelf life
$23.99  in stock
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as of January 28, 2023 3:22 pm


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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Wise Foods Emergency Survival Freeze Dried Food Favorites Sample

  1. Andrew Strauss

    First let me say that I was doubtful when a friend gave me this box of emergency food, asking that I write up a review once I tried it – personally, I don’t see why you would care if the food was any good during the apocalypse. I bring this up because the side of the box boasts that this product is endorsed by Doomsday Preppers. I was much more interested in how this food would be if I were to bring it camping. I was pleasantly surprised.I only have a few issues which I’ll admittedly say are sort of nitpicky, but worth noting nonetheless. First, I didn’t get what I think you’re supposed to get. The box has listed four different dishes, pre-bagged and ready for cookin’. What I got was three of the four, and an extra Tomato Basil soup. The quality assurance guy missed this one when the box was put together, but it didn’t really bother me too badly. I chose to try out the Cheesy Lasagna: Dehydrated onions, tomato and spices smothering strips of flat pasta? I’m in.All of the bags have the same picture on the front. This is weird because there are the corresponding photos on the back of the box. I could see how you might grab the wrong one by accident. The next thing about the bag I didn’t care for is that it was hard to open. I expect that all things which come in bags these days to be super easy to open. I couldn’t tear it open with my hands, so I ended up using a knife. Again, not a big deal and if you’re a Doomsday Prepper, I’m sure you have a knife handy anyhow.The directions for the meal are very easy. There are four steps to follow, and one of them is to take out the dehumidifier paper baggy so you don’t end up eating it. Cooking was just as easy.The food itself ended up being a little better than I was expecting, as well. The lasagna was a little bland, and the sauce was a little on the thick side, so I just added a little salt and everything was fine. I have yet to try the soups, but I am assuming they’ll be similar.What I like the most about these meals, and what I insist on when I go camping, is ease of use. There are literally three things you’d need besides the food to cook one of these meals: Water, heat source and a single pot.I don’t think these meals are going to replace other easy to make meals for a busy evening at home, but they sure beat most of the food I’ve brought camping in the past.

  2. donmke

    One of the sealed pouches had a small rip obviously (to me) from a manufacturing (machine caused) problem. But the manufacturer refused to accept a claim, said I had to make claim with the retailer I bought it from. But there was no outside damage to box, it was one pouch inside. I suggest if you buy any of their products you inspect EVERY pouch before storing away.

  3. Benny S

    I’m really grateful for these vegetarian options, and the nice convenient box. We got two boxes to supplement other food storage. I did try one packet (Vegetable Rotini) while hiking with my spouse. One package (4 servings) is good for one meal for 2 people, if you have an additional side (we had a bunch of crackers). It’s not a dinner for 4 by any means, but I didn’t expect it to be. We enjoyed it though, easy to make and tasted good. Basically expect this box to be 8 meals, or 16 side dishes.When I purchased the price was about $18. That was a good reasonable deal. It appears the price has gone up dramatically, and it’s NOT worth $30 like they’re charging now.

  4. Takoda

    First all there is some misleading advertizing going on here. I should have looked closer but there are only 4 packages in this box. 4 packages “4 servings” each. But we all know in reality thats more like 1 serving if your backpacking or something like that. The food taste afwul but i asume thats because its made to store for such a long time. It also says to add 4 cups to each meal, dont do that. Maybe 2 cups at most. Otherwise your making soup.

  5. TA

    Not a big fan of having to cook “emergency food” in a pot or pan. I prefer boiling water into a pouch, much easier.

  6. Skyhawk

    Service was 5 star. Arrived in a couple days. Mixed up the beef stroganoff for our citizen corps group and compared it to another brand of beef stroganoff that was also made that night. This was a bit watery so I would recommend reducing the water from 4 cups to 3.5 cups to see if it reduces the stew consistency. Flavor was fine.

  7. rockhound

    Product is reasonably priced. I compared a similar wise brand 72 hour kit at local store at nearly 3 times the amount, so needless to say I was happy with this purchase. Had to try one item and it’ll do when there’s nothing else to eat in an emergency situation and other food in house is no longer available. It’s easy to prepare as long as you have clean water to cook with and longer shelf life than a MRE. I just keep stored in a weatherproof container outside in case of the big one here in California.

  8. Wes S.

    This really is handy for me. My refrigerator just died. So, I’m using these until I go back to work and save up for a new or reconditioned refrigerator (just had back surgery). The taste isn’t perfect for me because I’m not a Teriyaki fan. However, I really like the Beef Stroganoff. I guess you could say I’m in the middle of testing this product. I’d be very happy to have it if I ever encounter an emergency. If I still went camping, the packets are perfect for my backpack or BOB too.

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