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  • AMMEX black nitrile industrial gloves offer better elasticity than vinyl gloves, better puncture resistance than latex gloves, and better chemical resistance than either.
  • Industrial-grade nitrile gloves come with textured fingers, fingertips, and palms to provide enhanced grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Latex-free and powder-free, these black nitrile gloves are generally safe for a wide variety of users, including those who are allergic to natural rubber.
  • The gloves are 3 mils thick around the palm and fingers, as well as 9. 5 inches from the tip of the finger to the cuff of the glove.
  • Sizes range from small to XXL. Sold in boxes of 200 or cases of 2000.
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3 new from $18.79
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as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am

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Ammex X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves - 3 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Medium, BX344100-BX, Box of 100
in stock
4 new from $18.79
as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am
Free shipping
AMMEX X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves, Box of 100, 3 mil, Size Small, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, BX342100-BX
in stock
3 new from $18.79
as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am
Free shipping
X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves - 3 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Large, BX3D46100-BX, Box of 200
in stock
3 new from $29.99
as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am
AMMEX X3 Industrial Blue Nitrile Gloves, Case of 1000, 3 mil, Size XLarge, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, X348100
in stock
2 new from $129.99
as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am
Free shipping
AMMEX X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves, Case of 1000, 3 mil, Size Small, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, BX342100
in stock
as of December 22, 2021 9:19 am
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  • At amazon.com you can purchase Ammex X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves - 3 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Medium, BX344100-BX, Box of 100 for only $18.79
  • The lowest price of AMMEX X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves, Case of 1000, 3 mil, Size Small, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, BX342100 was obtained on December 22, 2021 9:19 am.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for X3 Industrial Nitrile Gloves

  1. Mike L

    I’ve worked in a lab for both biological and chemical applications and, with PPE requirements, nitrile gloves are up there on the list of things to wear. I’ve tried many brands out and, wanting to bring my good experiences with nitrile gloves home with me, I wanted to grab a box that I thought would suit my needs for regular around the house activities.Unfortunately, these gloves are the worst nitrile gloves I’ve worn to date, but that doesn’t necessary make them bed. There are quite a few gloves in the box which I suppose is nice for the price. The bad parts get worse though; several of the gloves do not come fully formed and are unusable, they tear easily (which is supposed to be an attribute that nitrile gloves are good at avoiding) and they’re extremely thin.Next time I buy nitrile gloves, I’ll probably spend more money on a better more notable brand as the amount of gloves I’ve thrown away due to the aforementioned issues most likely would offset the discount that this brand is sold at.Genuinely, I’d give them 1.5 stars but I’ll have to give them a 1.

  2. Joy B. Horner

    These work great for my purposes. I have sensory processing disorder and discovered by accident that I can get a heck of a lot more work done around the house when I dull the sensation to my hands, especially when dealing with wet or messy things. I use them for hair dying, dish washing, litter box cleaning, bathroom cleaning, food prep, garbage removal, paint projects… you name it. I’m much more productive with gloves on. I had nooo idea how much I hated touching things.There are some drawbacks. I’ve only ever had a few break. That hasn’t been as much of an issue for me. Some projects I will double glove for if I feel I need to extra sure nothing gets through. More often than breakage I find gloves that are unusable because they have a little “pebble” embedded in them. I’m unsure if this is just a lump of the material they’re made of or if it’s foreign debris embedded. When I encounter them, the glove comes off immediately, trashed, and replaced with another one. Not only is it uncomfortable but it’s prone to affecting the integrity of the glove. Still, when I first purchased the box of 200 they were only $11 and change, that’s totally worth it for the usage I got out of them.I’m at the end of my box and coming back to order more. The price is now $20 and change. I’m not super happy about that and will probably watch the price for a while before I pull the trigger again, but if I had to I’d pay it. They’ve become a must-have for me.

  3. Juicy J

    Did not care for these gloves as they are too thin. The type I normally get were completely sold out so I bought these as a replacement, Shamrock 83013-L-bx Work, Nitrile Rubber, Thin, Cheap Large, Black These are only 3 millimeter thick and the gloves I normally purchase are 5 millimeter. These are jammed into the box too tightly so they will stick together. I actually tore some of the gloves just attempting to get them out of the box. Due to them being so thin, I have issues with them tearing while putting them on my hands.In all fairness, they did fit well and did their job but they failed as a replacement for my normal gloves. Will not be buying these again.

  4. LaLunaTrevor

    This goves run a bit smaller than other brands I have used. Ive always ordered the medium size of gloves and they fit just fine, but these are much tighter, and when I wear them with cotton gloves under they sometimes rip when trying to get them on. I ordered a larger size option to have on hand when I use the cotton gloves, but ill still wear these on bare hands cause I actually like them as tight as they are except that fact that they are impossible to get on if you hands have an amount of moisture on them. Like you have to wait 5 minutes or so after you have washed and dried you hands.The only other complain I have is that about 1 in every 10 gloves has had a defect. Basically like a clump build-up of rubber on the inside that ends up being a bit sharp/itchy.

  5. Chipper77

    I’m a barber and I recently began using gloves to protect my hands. I ordered these as a second option because the ones I usually order were sold out. These gloves are decent for the most part. But here and there they will spontaneously rip for nothing. Some days I’d have them on for an hour or so and I’d feel a sudden coolness on the palm of my hand not realizing one of the gloves ripped…without a snag or puncture of any kind. I felt like the Hulk busting out of these gloves lol. Overall they’re a fair price for the the quality and quantity. But I’ll probably look elsewhere when I order again.

  6. LP

    These are much thinner than the Raven brand I use at work but they are also about 1/2 the price per glove. I would also recommend ordering a size larger than normal. In the Raven brand I wear a size XL and they are comfortable for extended wear but in these I have to order a size XXL and even then they are a little snug.These also do not explicitly say they are food safe but merely state that they are manufactured from food safe materials, which is a little disconcerting.

  7. SarahG0529

    We get these gloves for multi-purpose use. Mostly we use them in the kitchen when we are preparing meat with rubs or when packaging bulk meat into vacuum bags for the deep freeze. The hubs also uses these while doing to work or maintenance on the truck. I occasionally use them cleaning around the house. I really prefer this style since that are vinyl and don’t have that powder that gets all over your hands. They are good to keep on hand. We just have them set up on our subscribe and save.

  8. Mike C.

    I spend a lot of time in front of the BBQ and smoker. These gloves are perfect for me. They are sized correctly and save a ton of time not having to be constantly washing my hands when prepping, trimming, and seasoning meats. I feel that they are the perfect thickness, and I am able to grab and pull silver skin easily. Will definitely buy again when these run out.

  9. Jason R

    PROS:- Gloves are chemical resistant nitrile- Gloves are packaged nicely and work even if you get the wrong size (due to stretch)CONS:- Gloves are a bit on the thin side and can rip during abrasive activities- Your hands will get sweaty after prolonged wearing———-Hit that helpful button or I’ll challenge you to a duel for besmirching my honour.

  10. Elinge

    Desde que he estado desarrollándome en el asador había visto a varias personas utilizar guantes para manejar la carne, así que decidí probarlos. Ya los he usado tanto para un día de asado fuera, como cocinar en casa. Me encanta el que pueda tocar todos los alimentos sin transmitir o impregnar algún aroma en mis manos, además siento que es más higiénico que andar contaminando los alimentos con mis manos.El paquete tiene una forma de disponer de los guantes como si fueran pañuelos de papel.Buena calidad, suficientemente gruesos para resistir un rasguño de algún filo que pase desapercibido.No tiene talco y el tamaño fue el esperado al que recomendaba la tabla que está en la publicación de Amazon.

  11. Ricardo X. Mendoza

    Compre estos guantes para trabajos ocasionales de pintura y mecánica principalmente; opte por esta opción ya que la mayoría de los guantes de látex viene con polvo y este tiende a caer en la pieza cuando se esta pintando cuando el guante es nuevo.Le pongo 4 estrellas ya que la guía de medidas dice que para una palma que mide 9.6 cm la talla debe de ser L; pero en mi caso al colocarlo queda arrugado en la sección de las yemas de 2 de los 5 dedos aun cuando estiro todo el guante. Aun con esto, son útiles.Actualizo la reseña al probarlos ante thinner, pinturas de aceite, aceite de motor y gasolina.

  12. Jorge Pérez

    Son unos guantes de excelente calidad, e visto comentarios un tanto negativos en personas que los quieren usar en el area de la mecanica, que porque se rompen, yo los utilizo para preparar barnices y pinturas y creanme que hasta el uso con thiner lo soportan muy bien, los recomiendo al 100%, y del envio ni se diga, excelente servicio, me llegaron al dia siguiente que realicé la compra y en su caja 100% sellada, recomiendo 100% a amazon.

  13. Captain Canuck

    It’s now clear to me that not all these Nitrile gloves are the same. This 200-pack has given me some issues. I use these primarily for cleaning, light DIY work with paint and crafts.More than a few pairs have ripped on me immediately after putting them on. The box itself is thin cardboard so that it ripped open and doesn’t dispense the gloves very well (never had that issue with other brands).They’re OK but I think I should’ve paid a little bit more to go with a brand I have experience with and trust more now.

  14. JP

    I’ve been a property manager for 12 years and have used many types of latex gloves. These are hands down the worst ones I have ever used. They literally fall apart with the lightest of use. I was just flipping through books and the fingers started to break apart. Another day I just slid them on my dry hands and they broke in 2 pieces. Garbage.

  15. Jennifer T.

    As a nurse, I have used a lot of gloves, these have to be the worse ones EVER! They rip incredibly easy (see photo on other reviews) and my finger nail goes through the ends like butter (I don’t have long nails). The description states that they are textured – I don’t see anything or feel anything different. They are just like other nitrile gloves only thinner and weaker. If you want something to simply protect your hands while dying Easter eggs or similar activities then they probably would be fine. If your activity involves using your hands quite a bit, then don’t buy these.

  16. Kelvin

    These tear and rip super easily. Working on my truck, every time i look at my hands, one of my fingers is exposed. One even ripped while I put it on. Went through 15 in one short brake job, going to have to use the rest since I opened the box.if you are doing any remotely rough work, STAY AWAY. These might be good for simple jobs like mixing or pouring oil but anything where you touch metal, forget about it.

  17. David

    There is a lot of reviews of people claiming that these break easily and I am not seeing that issue, I put one on and stretched and pulled on it fairly hard and it did not snap or break.They seem quite durable to me, I have used them several times and no holes, Maybe there was a bad batch of these awhile agoI have used gloves like these a lot over the years and one thing I can tell you, do not try to put wet hands in gloves like these, as there is a good chance they will rip, the force of your wet hand catching on the material will add extra pull and can rip them, you will see what i am talking about if you try to put wet hands in them.Also try to avoid buying a size to small for your hands, too much continuous stretch can wear them out faster.

  18. Roberto Alfaro

    Para mi uso, que es la cocina y manejo de alimentos crudos tanto como preparados, me han servido bastante.De 15 guantes yo creo que he roto uno o dos al momento de ponérmelos, sólo hay que revisar bien la talla.

  19. Stacy

    They fit a little small but work great for what I am using them for which is truffle making and cooking with meat. They’re food safe grade and prevent me from getting fingerprints on my chocolates and Luster dust getting all over my fingers. I also use them when cooking with meat, bbq’ing and such to prevent cross contamination 🙂

  20. Cross Lake

    J’ai acheté ces gants pour une utilisation normale, travaux dans le garage, travail dans le jardin ect….. Mais ces gants sont vraiment pas durable, le bout des doigts de brise tout le temps, même pas capable de faire une tâche complète. Ne pas jamais acheter ce produit.

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