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  • [ Face Masks ] Set includes 2 face masks. Face Mask campatible with Apollo, Zeus, Khaos, Atlas, & Artemis, by utilizing a red and blue mask system, it’s easier to make teams!
  • [ Comfortably For Most People ] Fit for most size. Recommend for 6 Age+.
  • [ Eye Protection From The Bullets] Our goggles provide eye protection from the bullets with the face masks.
  • [ High Quality ] The protective face mask are made of ABS plastic material and easy to see from the clear lens. Your kids will love them totally!
  • Customer First: If you have any problem about our product, please contact us at any time, we will solve it immediately.

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  1. mookerblu

    One looks brand new, other obviously used.I bought these for our family to try while using Nerf guns. They are going to be from “Santa” so I opened them up to check if there were a good fit and they seemed the perfect size for myself (30 something female) and my husband (50 something male) and looked like they would even fit our 4 year old son. The problem was that the white one had no protective film on it. -i probably wouldn’t have noticed the lens film missing… But after looking at the black one, noticed that there was film on both sides of the black lenses, and nothing on the white. Then I saw a gap between the white masks nose bridge and the lens, and saw that the lens was partially popped out. I’m not sure if it will stay but it did click in.The white lens was missing the protective film, popped out of place, and it has small amounts of slight dirtiness…. Like as if you had something a little dirty on your fingers and maybe held the mask. Not quite a direct dirt smudge, but small marks.I looked to see if I can exchange it, but it won’t be in time for Xmas. I have to buy more masks anyway once i find out if these fit my son well, so maybe I’ll research some other brands before I make that purchase.

  2. Beyond Seclusion

    Got these for the kids and extra. They really work well and don’t seem to really fog compared to others. I did a full review of Airsoft products purchased on Amazon on my YouTube Channel “Beyond Seclusion” The video is called “Airsoft – GETTING STARTED (Product Reviews, Beginners, Info for Parents, etc.)” See for yourself. I list these on my Amazon Page.

  3. Mark Masaki

    I was expecting a sturdier plastic “glass” visor. Instead I find that the visor is flimsy plastic. The kind of flimsy plastic that you find around product packaging. If someone were to step on this, it would likely break. As for the rest of the product, it is actually okay. It is comfortable and is decently breathable (compared to most other masks). I also like that the faceplate is detachable (for a month I didn’t even know it detached). Aside from the cheap visor, it is a good replacement for the Nerf Rival mask that they cancelled (production of the official Rival masks ceased) because the inner rubber broke too easily. I must give this product credit for looking nice and working, but I will not go so far as to say it is fantastic because of the thin plastic visor. Oh, and you get two masks. That is definitely a plus.

  4. Shark Bait

    I got this double pack mask for my son and eye when we have a nerf shoot out. It fits comfortably on my face and my boys. I like there is two color white and black in this set so you can play teams.You can take the mouth piece off but putting it back on is a little tricky. You have to align it perfectly to snap it back on.Overall for nerf battle works great. Not sure doing airsoft or paintball works the same.

  5. DWM

    Our order arrived in a timely fashion as promised. The two masks fit our boys’ faces and provide excellent protection when they play with their Nerf Rival guns. We are very pleased with the masks and have recommended them to both family and friends. Our boys love how cool they look on and the fact they can also interchange the bottoms of the masks or leave them off as just goggles. They are well cushioned and I have heard no complaints from anyone about our rule to wear them while playing. They have been a great purchase and we would definitely buy them again.

  6. @DandyArchives

    Do not use for airsoft or paintball. The plastic is too weak. Only use this product if you are shooting nerf guns.

  7. Michael Reviews

    These are awesome! They are a little bit smaller than the official neef masks but they are much more comfortable. They are really well made and for the price the best out right now.

  8. Brian W.

    The mask looks cool and very protective. Kids won’t complaint again being shot at eyes.

  9. sandy

    The black one is defect on the top of the clear transparent plastic. There is a hole. The plastic was not inserted well into the groove. The white one was perfect.

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