3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402

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FF-402 respirator

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402 1
  • SECURE FIT: Durable, long lasting head harness features a 6 strap configuration for a secure fit; Comfort cradle positions the respirator more comfortably on the head
  • COOL COMFORT: 3M Cool Flow Valve helps provide cool, dry comfort
  • SOFT SILICONE NOSE CUP AND FACE SEAL: Silicone full face piece design offers comfort, durability and ease of cleaning
  • PAINT AND STAIN RESISTANT LENS: 3M’s exclusive Scotch gard coating causes some paints and stains to bead up on the surface so they can be wiped off easily; Large lens provides a wide field of view
  • CLEARER COMMUNICATION: Passive speaking diaphragm is positioned to promote clearer and easier communications.Connection Type:Bayonet
  • EASY TO USE: Respirator filter and cartridge attachments twist on and off easily for quick assembly and disassembly; Bonded silicone gaskets eliminate loose gaskets that can be lost
  • COMBINE WITH 3M particulate filters or chemical cartridges to help provide respiratory protection against particulates (dust, fumes, mold, paint, etc.) and gases and vapors (paint, acid, chemicals, etc.)
  • For industrial/occupational use only; Not for consumer sale or use
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Product Reviews

15 reviews for 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402

  1. Dave

    My biggest issue was which size to orde and there isn’t much info on it. I’m about 6’1″ 192 lbs average build. My heads on the larger side. My ball caps are adjusted on the 2/3 end of the back strap, if that helps. I don’t have a wide nose or wide face but a little long maybe – just average all around. I got the medium mask, thinking it would be on the small side. What info I found said it fit 80-90% of people. It’s awkward at first but then you realize it fits fine. The way it cups your chin is annoying, but necessary. I’m just used to half face respirators, that’s all. Straps are great, they adjust fast. To get it off you release the bottom straps tilting the tabs upward and slide it up off your face. So far I haven’t had any issue with my hair getting caught in it. The rubber doesn’t grab, that’s good. Head piece is comfortable. The nose cup doesn’t sit flush to sides of my nose, kinda bummed on that. No fogging so far but only used in hot temps. It “really’ needs a release valve at the bottom front so you can let accumulated sweat out. Like on a trumpet spit valave,- push valve open and blow. Not an easy mask to do a pressure check with. You have to put your finger nail behind the top of the nose guard, pull outward and slide up to remove. The ‘gently’ block the one way valve/flap in front with the soft part of your hand and blow out. This will tell you if its a good fit or not. Then (even with mask still on) slide the cover back on and click into place. I have long chops and a goatee. Which I have shaved 1/4″-1/2” long and the mask does really well getting a seal. Using the p100 pancake filters allows enough flow to be the path of least resistance. Dont be afraid to wear it firm to your face. Great range of view. Speaking diaphragm is so/so. The carrying bag is great for lining a small trash can and offers little protection for the helmet. Many similar ones come with a much needed case. A bag isn’t going to do much if it’s with you other equipment in a truck. It doesn’t even fit properly or close up to keep dust etc out of the bag. It does come with one lens protector if you want to try it first/Mine however did not. It wasn’t even packaged at all. It was sent in the flimsy shelf stock box. They didn’t even bother putting tape on the lid. It was obvious that it had been opened, losing the paperwork and extra lens protector. I know this because of the condition of the lid. My co-worker’s have bought them before and they all came with it. 3M also answered an email saying they did. So thankfully I had a protector to use for it. Which cheats me out of about $6 because they are not cheap. I needed it asap or would’ve made a real stink about that level of sloppiness and returned it out of principle. It had a cover on the lens and that saved it from being damaged as it seem to have fallen out at some point. That much money for plastic and rubber, surely they can afford a piece of tape? A box would be nice as the postal service (to my knowledge) still provides them for free if you use their services – especially since the Postal Service is who delivered it to my mailbox directly.

  2. Rich

    Bought this for home use to be safe while spraying pesticide or crawling through the unfortunate blown in fiber glass attic insulation. I used to certify gas masks for military use, and this mask is built well. The mask fits both me and my wife (ordered the 402, medium size). The filters lock into place very securely. Zero issues with any seals and the pressure test assured this. The mask also comes with a free “trial” face shield cover to prevent scratches.Side note: if you’re unsure of what filters to get, just get the 3M 60923 filters. They protect against almost anything you’ll ever come into contact with in a home setting. I use them for pesticide, painting, sanding, ect. and have never smelled any odor nor breathed in any particulates. I also suggest getting some Tyvek 400 suits with hood and booties for complete protection.

  3. Chris

    I have a spray foam insulation company. Note: I don’t use this as a respirator during the application of spray foam, because I like my lungs. I only use this during cleanup after most of the fumes have been vented out. I really wish I would have had this 8 years ago when I started up. I’d always used the half mask, because I thought the full mask units would be hot, sweaty, and fog up. Was I ever wrong about that. It’s much more comfortable than the 3M half masks and it keeps the foam dust out of your eyes. Something that the half mask and safety glasses fail to do every time. It also seals better than the half masks and doesn’t slide around on your face.

  4. Chris F

    This is the most comfortable respirator mask I’ve ever put on. It is very easy to put on and to pull down the 6 straps to get it nice and secure. The medium fits my build well, I’m about 5’8 140lbs, hat size I’m usually between a Medium and Large, head is about 22.5″. I also have at times a pretty thick/long beard. If you’ve never worn a facemask and are concerned what your size is, try to find one locally to try on first. You should be able to put your hand over the exhaust flap (taking off the cover) and exhale slowly and feel the mask lift forward as its pressurized, without hearing or feeling any leaks. I also really like the straps they are very soft (yet strong) and comfortable, and the back plate it uses is much more comfortable then most masks there. The nose/mouth cuff is also really comfortable and even after hours of work in it, I have no discomfort. It stays reasonably cool, it’s obviously going to get a little warm with a face mask on but I’ve never had to take it off because of it. Likewise I don’t really have a problem with sweat or fog building up inside of it.I use this for paint spraying, general painting, cleaning with solvents, dusting/drywall work, and insulation work. It obviously works great for all of those duties and have never had a single issue with it. If you get paint or and chemical on it the included scotchguard treatment beads it up and it rolls off no problem. I use primarily 6001, p95, and p100 filter cartridges with this and it works well.I definitely recommend this to anyone in need of a good respirator and want or require the additional benefit of eye protection and a full face mask. It’s not really a con because I don’t think any face mask could properly seal, but just to note, you cannot wear prescription eyeglasses with this on. However they do sell spectacle kits FF-400-20 that mount glasses on your nose cuff. Contacts work well for me, when needed.

  5. cris

    Amazing mask overall, very comfortable and effective at eliminating contaminants floating in the air BUT the plastic holder where the actual filter goes is a bit flimsy, at least mine was. After about 2 weeks of use the right side just fell off rendering the mask completely useless. Tried putting it back together since it didn’t break but can’t get it tight enough to stay in place, keeps falling off and it’s frustrating because I really need it for work because of how dusty the work environment is….. it’s a 5 star in functionality but I’m giving it 3 stars due to this little problem I’m having.

  6. ve6fly

    Bought 2 of these respirators. Cannot get any answers, acceptance of the problem, or support from 3M Canada. They will not stay tight, keep loosening on their own (especially the bottom 2 straps). I had upgraded from an earlier model of respirator where I had no problem., There is no apparent fix to this defect – that being the ribs of the straps are not robust enough to keep a hold. This will put you in a very dangerous situation if you are counting on safe air. Do NOT buy these if you need a secure, tight fitting respirator.

  7. SRob

    The macdaddy of PPE. This is probably overkill for Coronavirus protection but you’ll certainly be safe. Comfortable, easier to breathe through than a disposable N95 mask (with the correct filters), and full face protection of course. Not quite a full CBRN gas mask but as close as you can get with consumer level gear.

  8. MasterLee

    they thought of everything while creating this face piece , it’s a masterpiece made to protect you from all airborne chemicalThis is the Ferrari of all mask , fully adjustable and fits like a glove.no more burning eyes from solvent and paint , and you can also use it from grinding metal, it will shield you from anythingI would of buy this mask sooner, if i knew it existed

  9. Amazon Customer

    Extremely happy with the mask ! ! !3m makes top notch products.Highly recommend this full face mask !I have extreme COPD.Fantastic vision, face protection and protects your eyes and lungs.A Must Have

  10. Raimond

    Well no one likes wearing p.p.e but we must and this made it much less of an inconvenients can see good fits nice only complaint is the screen protector they send with it sucks only sticks on the outer ring and leave a very annoying reflection and distortion.

  11. Julian

    Great for drywall sanding as it actually protects your eyes! Really easy to take off and on.Don’t go cheap on this, it’s very worth it for the comfort, ease of use, and health!!

  12. Amazon Customer

    I use this at work for fiber glass and and guess my lungs are thankful for this product

  13. FLEO

    I ordered the 3M FF402, the mask is awesome but the package DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FF400 17 semi permanent lens protector x1

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Just as advertised

  15. PEH

    Really good fit. even if you have a beard.

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