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adult swim goggles

Swim Goggles 1
  • Black mirrored colored lenses and silver lenses swim goggles.
  • Anti-Fog Up -The inner surfaces of the lenses are coated with the latest anti-fog Environmental Treatment Technology, that provides maximum anti-fog protection for your goggles, and is safe for your eyes and skin.
  • No Leaks – The specially manufactured Premium silicone material plus the Ergonomic design of the goggles ensures a snug fit on all face shapes, and STOPS annoying leaks.
  • Includes UV Protection – The outer surfaces of the lenses are carefully coated to enable the lenses to filter out harmful rays, and protect your eyes from heat and damaging UV rays.

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as of August 26, 2020 4:17 pm

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8 new from $14.20
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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Competitive Racing Goggles Silver Grey for only $4.01, which is 83% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($22.99).
  • The lowest price of Swimming Goggles, ZIONOR G1 Polarized Swim Goggles UV Protection Watertight Anti-fog Adjustable Strap Comfort fit for Unisex Adult Men and Women (Polarized Mirror Lens Black White) was obtained on August 26, 2020 12:16 pm.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Swim Goggles

  1. Avatar


    Ive tried a bunch of different goggles. As a triathlete, I’m a bit picky and have found many goggles don’t hold up, fog, leak or have other issues. Ive don’t a bunch of swims and a triathlon in these since getting them and they are great. Comfy, don’t leak, don’t fog, and the mirrored ones I’m using give the world a great color. 🙂 Swimming at sunrise means direct sun in the face on each breath, and these have definitely done their job as far as keeping my eyes from getting irritated. I love the strap and adjustment too. These are the first rear clip straps I’ve ever used and i love the quick release coming out of the water during a race when every second counts. They are also easy to adjust even once they are one without all the fiddling some side adjustment goggles have.I got the two pack. Mirrored and smoked. Digging them both a lot. And you can’t beat the price.John TaglieriTAG TEAM FitnessTriathlete, Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutrition Consultant.

  2. Avatar

    Slip Mahoney

    Not exactly the review writing type but, I have purchased goggles for myself and 4 kids throughout the years and I have to say that these goggle are AWESOME ! They are comfortable, they have a great adjustable band, the tint on the lens are wicked and I had them on my face while swimming laps, then on my forehead while resting and not a trace of fog.

  3. Avatar

    B. Turner

    The goggles fit well, are easy to adjust and block enough sunlight to make swimming in a Florida pool at noon bearable on the eyes. The only con for me is that both pair make my underwater view blurry. Above the water the view is clear as a bell, but underwater the view blurs significantly. I know that it’s the goggles and not my eyes because if I put on a diving mask my underwater view is crystal clear.UPDATED: Once the seller found out about my vision problem with the goggles they offered to replace them with a flat pair of goggles. I received them and with the flat goggles I can see clearly underwater. I would definitely buy again from this seller, the response to my problem was very fast and my issue was resolved quickly.BE SURE that you can use curved goggles and that the curve won’t affect your vision. Some people (like myself) can’t see clearly through curved lenses. Aegend also sells flat goggles which would be the correct purchase for eyes like mine. Odd because I don’t wear corrective lenses aside from “cheaters” for reading fine print, but I’m sure there is a reason.

  4. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Being light sensitive these goggles were what I was looking for especially the dark blue and dark gray mirrored lenses. Also, I have a tube implanted in my right eye and absolutely no water had gotten inside! It has been years since I’ve found the right eyewear where I didn’t have to constantly wonder if the water will get in no matter how hard I swam or played. Thank you so much fo a fantastic product. My wife absolutely loves them because they’re so comfortable to wear.

  5. Avatar

    Gloria Galey

    These goggles are very comfortable, they fit my face perfectly. I adjust them to fit. The goggles are sturdier than any others I have had. No leaks or fogging up. The anti-fog works better than any goggles I have ever had. These goggles do all that the description claims. Good field of vision. Just don’t touch the inside of the lens because that will certainly destroy the antifog properties. Highly recommend. I will order more when needed.

  6. Avatar


    My daughter (10 yo) has long lashes and googles tend to squish them. These sit up a little farther from the face so her lashes move freely while wearing the goggles. She also says they are comfortable. I like that they are easy to adjust and it comes with a nice case.

  7. Avatar

    Stacy A. Pritchard Jr.

    bought the 2 pack one with tinted lens and other relatively light lens for indoor use. and yes you look like vin diesel from Riddick (but I’m jacked) jk due to the single band with clip in back. some reviews say it broke because of thin plastic and if that happened you could always glue it to make a solid band and just put on like all other goggles.it did not fog and liked the clip style band but wish the case was larger so I could put them back in the case after use. they obviously fit but seems like they would get scratched. maybe a soft bag like most glasses come with now a days??

  8. Avatar

    Chris H

    I had purchased a pack of 2 swimming goggles (Black Mirrored Lenses & Blue Light Lenses). The order arrived quickly and I was even send an email with instructions how to care for the goggles.I was quite excited to use them because the goggles looked amazingly fashionable. The first time that I had used the Black Mirrored Lenses goggle it fogged up and it was blurry under water. I was quite disappointed. Then I tried the second pair, the Light Blue Lenses goggle and it worked as described. Anti fog and able to see under water.Later, I had emailed the customer service regarding my problem with one pair of the goggle and the seller responsed right away. I was given instructions to use baby shampoo on the Black Mirrored goggle. I did tried the method but it didn’t work and it continued to fogged during use. After a week of using this goggle, I finally gave up. I told the seller that I was disappointed with the defective goggle but since I had used it, I wouldn’t be able to return it. I figured that the materials used on the Black Mirrored Lenses probably makes the lenses unclear. I didn’t think it was the seller’s fault. It was a bad design flaw. I was going to purchase another one since I needed two pairs.To my surprise, the seller sent me an email that another goggle will be send to me and offered an option to pick from two goggles. I was also given a tracking number for the extra goggle. This is very kind and unexpected.I would recommend this company to anyone searching to purchase swimming goggles. It’s trustworthy. There are many summers ahead and this company has earned a loyal customer for many years to come!Chris H

  9. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Wow!!!! I absolutely love these, they are so soft around my eye sockets. Wish ied if got these ages ago

  10. Avatar


    My grandson says these are the best goggles he has ever had. First class service. Thank you.

  11. Avatar

    Peter De Leonardis


  12. Avatar

    Carolyn Campbell

    Great 👍

  13. Avatar

    Nick Woodward

    I bought these as they were a reasonably priced and had all the attributes of what swimming goggles are supposed to be. But once I tried them it was clear to me that they were definitely NOT Anti Fog as described!

  14. Avatar

    David williams


  15. Avatar

    chris hiseman

    They fog up after about 5 minutes making it very frustrating when swimming

  16. Avatar


    Received an empty box

  17. Avatar


    Habe so einige Schwimmbrillen, auf super tolle Rezensionen hin, gekauft & bin immer reingefallen. Entweder war der Tragekomfort ein Drama, oder die Brillen nicht wasserdicht, oder sie liefen an beim Schwimmen, etc.Diese Brille beherrscht alle drei Disziplinen vom Feinsten. Dies ist eine Backup Kauf, falls es das Produkt mal nicht mehr gibt. Die erste Brille ist seit knapp 3 Monaten erfolgreich in Benutzung !

  18. Avatar


    Die Brille ist echt ein Hingucker,getönte Gäser, kontrastgesteigert ? jedenfalls ist unter Wasser alles superscharf zu erkennen.Die Lieferung erfolgte schnell wie bei Amazon gewohnt.Das mitgelieferte Täschchen schützt vor Kratzern.Die Brille ist dicht und angenehm zu tragen.Ich würde diese jederzeit wieder kaufen.

  19. Avatar

    Marcus S.

    Absolut dichte Schwimmbrille mit gutem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis. Sicht & Kontrast unter Wasser sehr gut, allerdings und entgegen der Beschreibung läuft sie doch ab & zu an…Spucke hilft 😉

  20. Avatar


    No sé si salieron defectuosos los que tengo o qué, pero se mete el agua al ojo, los compré por todas las reviews buenas que tenía pero simplemente a mi no me funcionaron. Se marca el ojos y la nariz y el entrecejo muy rojo.

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