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Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3900B

Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator 1
  • DRYING SPACE – 9-trays totaling 15 square feet of drying space offers plenty of room for your favorite snacks
  • PATENTED – Hyper wave technology and horizontal parallex drying removes water from food with a continuous circulation of thermostatically-controlled Warm air
  • LOW AND SLOW FOR IMMUNITY BOOST – Cooking foods at a temperature no higher than 115-118 degrees in a dehydrator preserves nutrients and enzymes.
  • DIAL IN – Adjustable thermostat 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit featuring accurate temperature control and built in on/off switch
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Poly-Screen trays do not need to be moved or rotated during operation and prevent foods from sticking
  • HEALTHY SNACKS – Dehydrate delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat for jerky, fruit puree for fruit roll-ups, raise bread or make homemade yogurt. Great for preppers, large families, gardeners, and sportsman
  • Includes 7″ Fan for excellent air circulation / 110 Voltage and 600 Watts / 10-YEAR Limited Warranty Coverage

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Healthy snacking and food preservation with the Excalibur 3900B food dehydrator


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Product Reviews

16 reviews for Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

  1. Avatar

    S. Fine

    I have been wanting one of these for years, having heard so many good things about them. I have an old Aroma Dehydrator that I have had for at least 15 years, and it was passable–but slow. And I know I could not dry certain foods in it at all without problems.So, after drying some surplus zuchinni (who doesn’t have that?!) that took 18 hours, I decided to pull the trigger.These dryers are not cheap. I passed on the economy version, as well as the one with the built in timer. I figured I could just use a plug-in timer. When the box arrived, I was initially dismayed at the sheer size of this thing! Now, I know it would be big, but somehow I hadn’t imagined a machine just as big as my big ol’ microwave! I have a tiny kitchen, and this dryer was certainly not going to fit on any counter. I put it on my little table, and it took of half of the real estate.Now, I have lots of kitchen equipment stored in the basement. Canner, meat grinder, the old dehydrator, etc. But the Excalibur was so big and bulky, I was reluctant to have to carry it up and down the stairs–hey, I ain’t getting any younger.So what I did was set it up in the basement on top the dryer, laid some paper on the adjoining washing machine, and plugged it in. I sliced my zucchini upstairs (better light) and put the slices in a bowl to take downstairs. I like to sprinkle a light coating of salt on the zucchini chips, so took that with me.I used 6 medium zukes, and it only fit on 5 of the trays. I set the timer for the maximum time (14 hrs), and went upstairs to bed, figuring I could take off the chips that were dry, and figure how much more time it needed while I was away at work.Seven hours later I awoke, and decided to check on the progress, and was amazed to find EVERYTHING was dried perfectly an evenly! 7 hours (and they might have even been finished at 6 hours) as compared with 18 hours with my old dehydrator!So I am initially VERY impressed. I like the built in thermostat, and I like the way the trays are nice and square, and the massive amount of space that can be utilized. Last year I dehydrated tomatoes, and had to do 2 or 3 loads, 24 hours at a time. I cannot WAIT until I get those ‘maters on this workhorse!I have a lot of peaches coming in. I am going to try my hand a leather, and even use up some of that apple butter I put up last fall that nobody eats much of. I ordered some silicone sheets from Amazon; I would have gotten the Excalibur ones, but the cost was just too prohibitive. I know they are an American company, and cannot charge the cheap prices that China can, but I am on a budget, so have to make do.All in all I am really happy with this machine. It will live in the basement, but that is okay for my needs. The only thing I will miss is the wonderful smell the permeates the house when I dry the basil. Maybe if I leave the cellar door open…UPDATE—If yours makes that annoying vibration that starts after it has warmed up (not the fan guard), I found a fix for mine. Once the vibration starts, turn it around and gently loosen one or both of the nuts in the back that attach to the fan. Not much, just a tiny bit–less than a quarter of a turn will quiet it down, but the nuts will still be tight enough to be secure. What a relief!

  2. Avatar


    See my glowing review below. But I have one major complaint. The dryer is not easy to clean. Please, Excalibur, make a unit where the fan and electronics can be removed, so that the dehydrator itself can be thoroughly cleaned. I absolutely hate to do any kind of cleaning, and sure wish I could just take the whole non-electric part of the unit to the tub and wash it. Gets really sticky!! Plus, herbs and other light items get into the fan area, and are hard to get out. Otherwise, my review that follows is still true. I had to go buy more jars, the garden produced so much. And now the winter squash is in….. I could cry.———Original Review—–I’ve never been happier!! I have so much produce that I had been canning myself into a stupor. Canning is hot work, and when you go at it like I do, takes up lots of space on shelves, etc. Last year, I bought this dryer at the end of the year. I dried loads of veggies, and powdered most of them in the blender. I then put them in wide mouth quart jars. I got a vacuum attachment for the jars, which works awesomely. As a result, I had much more food in much less space, and it lasted almost all winter. I still canned and froze, but not to such a degree. This year, I’m able to dehydrate foods all summer. I already have jars of summer squash, raspberries and strawberries ready to go. I use the powders in everything. Baking, cooking, smoothies, anything you can think of. I also mix everything (except tomatoes and broccoli) together, add almond meal and chia seeds and a little oatmeal, and eat it hot for breakfast ( with milk). It tastes unbelievably sweet, like you dumped a ton of sugar into it. Eggplant is my favorite, since it makes a really dense powder, tastes sweet, but has no eggplant flavor. Even kale goes in my cereal, and if you don’t add too much, it also tastes great. Summer squash chips are good on their own, but if you mix with a little oil garlic salt and parmesan before dehydrating, they are simply awesome. Everyone who tries them just can’t believe it.The dryer is going constantly. Not everything reconstitutes well, but when powdered, it doesn’t matter. The dryer is out on the porch, with a window fan sucking the heat out a window. All the jars and lids are reusable. I started with vacuum bags, but nearly went bankrupt!I also bake all my own bread, and always substitute one of my powders for some of the flour. Tomato works really well for this, but all the powders have their uses, depending of the kind of bread you are making. When there are no fresh tomatoes, and you can’t bear the store-bought ones, tomato powder on salad really zips it up.Oh, and one more thing. I dry all the eggshells from my chickies, and powder them too. I add the powder to the transplant holes as I’m planting tomatoes and other big veggies. Just put them in the freezer till you have a bunch, then dry and powder. I could go on about this dehydrator all day.

  3. Avatar


    Disappointing quality for the price. It doesn’t seem to have more than $50 worth in parts so I assume you are just paying for the warranty.-The mesh liners were cut unevenly. Not a big deal, but really?-Fan assembly looks thrown together. Just a fan, and coils with all wires exposed. All protected by this top of the line chicken wire. Holes behind fan are drill sporadically. Not certain but the welds seem to be oxidizing or at least not cleaned.-Didn’t come with a manual as listed on amazon-Sticker claims there will be a 15% restocking fee if returning.-Everything is plastic…-No drip tray. If food were to somehow drip down and flow behind their fan guard which has a large gap beneath, how would you ever clean that?-Upgrading to stainless steel trays will set you back $100 yet you could buy a Chinese unit with SS trays included for that.-No timer. Not a big deal before buying but seeing the quality and the markups to include the timer makes this a flaw now.-Massive hole in unit? Top right of the unit under the temperature decal is a large opening secured only by this decal. There is another on near the temp dial. Did they not want to create a new mold this model? I’m fairly certain they could have still used this cheap method but secured it more appropriately.-Temp dial secured for shipment with painters tape….

  4. Avatar


    Very user friendly!!

  5. Avatar


    Easy to use.

  6. Avatar

    Amanda Draig

    This dehydrator works really well. My only complaint is that it takes 24 hours to dry. I read a review which suggested this was an issue and encouraged people to buy the bigger model. I wish I followed that advice but I wasn’t willing to spend $400 on an experiment. The Excalibur works great don’t be afraid to buy the larger model

  7. Avatar


    It is very small and I was able to get about 3lbs of meat in 1/4″ slices in one go. It took a very long time to dry. It had to be rotated often – both moving trays up and down and turning the trays. Different levels would cook at different rates and the front would often be cold and the meat at the back almost cooked. If you can’t afford a better model, this may do. If you can afford a better model, I would not consider this unit.

  8. Avatar

    Ryan Schweitzer

    Great value for your money. I bought this mostly for the design as you can slide each individual tray in and out. Most dehydrators you have to stack trays on top of each other which is annoying if you wanna look at the bottom tray. I noticed some complaints about noise. Its basically a background white noise so its only loud if your sensitive to noise and sleeping in the same room. Sounds pretty quiet to me….besides i dont think there are any sound proof dehydrators …lol..

  9. Avatar


    This was a present and we immediately tried it out to experiment with a few things. Dried bananas and cinnamon apple rings were the first thing to be tried. They turned out great. Directions in included booklet were clear and simple. Ready to try new things now and looking ahead to the summer when things come in from the garden. Comments about the fan noise seem overly critical from my point of view. The fan does make a noise of course but no different than your microwave, convection oven, and certainly far less than the dishwasher, dryer or washing machine! It can easily be placed in your basement or another room to run it, or put it on timer overnight, as you cannot hear it then from other rooms..

  10. Avatar


    Great price for a mini dehydrator, other Excalibur are double the price and size.It has four trays that can fit a lot of food, for one or two people this size is ideal.There is some uneven heating, the top and bottom tray don’t dehydrate as fast as the middle two. Not a problem though.Easy to clean, it is made out of a material that things don’t stick to, making it ez to clean.The fan makes an audible sound but it is not bothersome nor loud.

  11. Avatar


    Excalibur 2400 4-trays – Seems like a dollar store product;-Very cheap materials all around-Trays were loose-Cheap & loose/unfitting plastic grates on trays-Door was loose-Noisy-Durability seems questionable and I’m generous…-No tray for residues or liquids at the bottom, cleaning it would’ve been a hassleI’d recommand either putting around 100$ more for a professional one or 100$ less for the ones with stackable trays depending on usage frequency.This thing just cannot be US #1 dehydrator and if it would be, they’d need to raise their standards by A LOT… Deserves 1 star because the refund was made, the product itself would’ve been a big ol’ 0. Absolutely NOT worth the price unless it goes down below 50$…

  12. Avatar

    Nature / Food / Music lover

    Fantastic product – very efficient as the heat comes sideways. Stores nicely, and also very easy to clean. Bravo for the excellent product. We have made the best ever salmon jerky, beef jerky.

  13. Avatar

    KC Manning

    We ordered the Excalibur 9 tray and now have all the components, so we thank you. So far we have dehydrated sweet potato chips, onions, garlic, lemon zest, apple slices and carrots. All turned out well as friends and family all attest to. Looking forward to making crackers and dill pickle chips. As market gardens open we hope to dehydrate soup veggies, fruit slices and more.

  14. Avatar

    Shira and Ron

    My mother makes a lot of beef jerky and she had been using the same dehydrator for over 20 years, so getting her to use a new unit was a challenge. But she’s very happy with this one. She likes the temperature control, the compact rectangular shape, and that it’s easy to clean.

  15. Avatar


    Product just didn’t work. I was really hopeful, but after more than 40 hours of dehydrating I finally gave up. The product failed to dehydrate a batch of blueberries that have been blanched and poked. Manufacture manual suggested 10-15 hours. The quality of the product also didn’t meet expectation for the price. I opted to pay a premium price over cheaper models, but the quality was disappointing.

  16. Avatar


    I love this dehydrator.I use it for fruits, but I like mine gummy/chewy so I use the low setting and it takes FOREVER (over 24 hours). Completely-dried (ie. crunchy banana chips) fruits stay fresh longer, while the softer versions are often stickier and I’m not sure how long they last.I love that it’s a good way to enjoy my fruit and don’t have to eat an entire piece of fruit at once.The construction is decently-made (though, would never ever pass as air-tight as the door especially does not have sound seals).The plastic “linings” are a thick plastic sheet (similar to things I’d used in sewing classes in elementary school making tree ornaments and pot warmers), and they are very easy to clean and won’t fall apart from doing so.

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