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cpr pocket resuscitator

CPR Mask Pocket Resuscitator 1
  • The Adsafe CPR Pocket Resuscitator combines functionality with portability. Professional CPR face shield for use in trauma kits, and EMT bags and supplies.
  • Ergonomically shaped mask with soft-air cushion for leak-free performance, easy grasp, and patient comfort. For use on adults, and inverted for use with infants/children.
  • High efficiency and low resistance one-way disposable valve with 3M filtrete filter to minimize possibility of cross contamination.
  • Comes with handy pocket storage case with operating instructions, disposable gloves not made with natural rubber latex, and alcohol wipe included.
  • 15mm O. D. connector can be attached to any standard ventilation and oxygen equipment.
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as of January 28, 2023 5:21 am

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  • At ebay.com you can purchase 5pc Universal Plastic CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask Replacement Valves, 3 colors for only $5.99
  • The lowest price of BVM Pocket Bag Valve Mask AIRWAY Resuscitator CPR Manual - IFAK- EMT- First Aid was obtained on January 27, 2023 3:22 am.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for CPR Mask Pocket Resuscitator

  1. Linda D. Voth

    I purchased several of these to place in locations throughout the Retirement Community I am the Director for. Yesterday, the incident everyone dreads happened. A Resident Collapsed in the hall on his way to get the Sunday Paper. No Pulse, No Respirations….Staff used this CPR mask and performed CPR until EMS arrived about 7 minutes later…Resident still was not breathing. Today he is in the hospital awaiting a value replacement. Mentally intact including his sense of humor….couldn’t remember anything but wanted to know if he Got his Newspaper cause the darn paper is expensive! Must have been an effective tool in this situation!! Staff found the mask easy to assesmbe and operate.

  2. Jay

    I have been an American Heart Association CPR instructor for almost 24 years. This is a very low quality product, stored in a very sturdy case. The peripheral seal is so poor, that it is completely unusable. I would NOT recommend anyone purchase this product.

  3. IdahoMike

    First impressions are fantastic. I just received this today and was very happy with the quality of everything. The case was especially a surprise; mine arrived in perfect condition and the case was much nicer than I expected.As others have mentioned, “pocket sized” is a bit of a stretch. Yes, I could actually fit it in the front pocket of my shorts, but it would have been a huge stretch (literally) to fit them in jeans pockets. I can’t imagine a scenario where someone is going to be keeping this on their person, but if so, I’d question whether or not there were better products for that application. To keep in a reasonably small first aid kit in the car or backpacking equipment, this is exactly what I had in mind and is everything I expected it to be, and more.Just like everything in my first aid kid, I hope to never have to use it, but it’s confidence inspiring to have it on-hand and I’ll be very glad to have it should the need arise.

  4. BASS

    The case is not the best but it will do the job especially for under ten bucks. I recently came up to a crash… head on collision and the driver was not doing well at all. I know CPR and after seeing the driver I hopes I didn’t have to use the training.After that crash I knew I had to purchase a mask like this one for not only my safety but the patient as well. Again, for less than ten bucks, it’s a must have item and could one day save a life.I hope I never have to use it but at least I know it is there.

  5. R. J. LaBarba

    An essential addition for your first aid kit and/or glove compartment. In today’s world, for better or worse, even more essential to protect yourself from bodily fluid transfer. Solid case protects rescusitator and unpacks easily. Read instructions carefully so precious time isn’t wasted.

  6. Buck Chuck

    I purchased this CPR mask as I wanted something small, portable and inexpensive I could carry around daily. This has fit the bill perfectly. I especially appreciate the hard case that was included as my mask spends a lot of time getting knocked around in my daily carry bag. Hopefully I won’t have to see how effective this mask is. I’ve recently become a CPR/AED instructor at work and will be using this mask to demonstrate just how affordable and easy it is to carry around a CPR mask.

  7. Emb

    The packaging is nice in that the plastic box seems more durable than the other options’ bags. And the product looks good. Haven’t had to use it thankfully. I purchased it for the off chance I hay be in the right place at the right time to help someone. But when I was choosing I just clicked the wrong one. Kids and infants are more likely to have respiratory codes, so I wanted to get the pair. No return on this item, but I’m not out that much money so it’s okay. I’ll just go buy the one I actually wanted.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Perfect to have on hand in a drawer, car, backpack, gym bag, or first aid kit. Unless you’re putting this in a pair of cargo pants, though, I wouldn’t call it “pocket-sized.” The mask itself is pliable, includes an O2 port, and a neck strap. The hard case latches closed and the orange color makes it easy to find.As an added bonus — not listed in the product description — a pair of powder-free nitrile exam gloves (latex free) and an alcohol cleaning wipe are included in the case. I was looking for a mask kit that included the gloves, so these were a pleasant surprise, making the product even more convenient where gloves aren’t normally available (e.g., workplace, car, gym bag).The mask is reusable, so long as it is properly cleaned (soapy water, followed by a soak in bleach solution according to the enclosed instructions). The filter valve must be replaced after use. Replacement filter valves (ADC part number 4053v) can be found by searching “ADC 4053v” on Amazon.Product is marked as Made in Taiwan, Inspected in USA.

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