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Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood

Superfoods for Kids

Organic Vegan Superfood Nutrition Shake for Kids 1
  • It will be better if a shaker style bottle is used to help dissolve the Amazing Grass powder in fluid or blending it in blender in water, milk, juice or smoothies.
  • This nutritional smoothie combines our farm fresh greens with a rainbow of over 30 wholesome fruits and veggies providing kids with the whole food nutrition their growing bodies need and the amazing taste they will love.
  • 7 leafy greens, 14 wholesome fruits & 11 nutrient-rich veggies
  • Helps kids achieve their daily recommended fruits and veggies
  • Certified Organic by CCOF, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO
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  • At you can purchase Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood:Vegan Protein &Probiotics Kids Strawberry BB 04/23 for only $17.95
  • The lowest price of Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood: Organic Greens Fruits Veggies Beet Root Powder ... was obtained on February 6, 2023 8:24 am.

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Product Reviews

9 reviews for Organic Vegan Superfood Nutrition Shake for Kids

  1. Michael Corcoran

    Used to sell this to parents when I worked in a health food store. Now, I’m a SAHM with two of which has disdain for veggies and is a vegetable sleuth. If you want to disguise this in chocolate milk- tip: mix first a scoop with a little warm water until it’s fully dissolved then add to the chocolate milk. If you don’t, it will be lumpy and not dissolve…and worse detectable lol.

  2. thisone

    I never write a review so it clearly had to effect me big time for me to write one. I was super excited for my kids to try this out, however, when I opened it over half was gone. It advertised 30 servings but I’ll be lucky if I get five. I inserted the knif to show you exactly how much was in it… on the third picture you can see it only goes to the berry blast logo. What a shame, I would’ve bought it again except for the huge flaw(I’m a huge review reader so hope this helps)

  3. Rachel Adams-Kelly

    My 13 year old son is a very picky eater and he can “taste” the health in the shakes, smoothies, etc that I make. I wanted to find a morning shake alternative to Carnation’s breakfast shake packet because of the chemicals and fake stuff in the Carnation shake. This is the third shake I’ve tried (the first two were totally unsuccessful for my older kids). I am very happy to say that this shake was a huge hit with my teens! Even my son loved it (I made it with almond milk and 2 tbsp powdered peanut butter) and he gulped the whole thing down. I am very happy to see all those nutrients going into his body! Highly recommend for even the pickiest kids 🙂

  4. Donna

    Disappointed in this product. Like the other review, you will not receive a full container. For the price that I paid, I should have received a full container. I order the amazing greens as well and I had not problem with that order.

  5. Erin Alkinburgh

    We have been using Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood for a few months now and I have to say that it is a really impressive product. The chocolate flavor is a little weird at first, I imagine because of all of the vegetables but you get used to it. My daughter drinks one shake every morning with her breakfast and she loves it. The serving sizes that they estimate are pretty close. I would even say that they are usually over. Depending on what she is having for breakfast we will sometimes blend in a little peanut butter in the blender bottle to give her a little protein boost too. It’s also great for when your child has a cold and a low appetite and helps get you over picky eating humps. I wouldn’t second guess buying this. 100% worth it in my opinion.

  6. Nate

    I had to tweak it up a bit and add cocoa powder with a tiny bit of turbonado sugar because it’s chalky a bit with out it. It makes a big difference adding 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa. Also I blend it on ninja blender since it’s hard to dissolve with a spoon. Hope this helps

  7. K. O’Neill

    I like this for my picky almost 3 y/o who will not touch a vegetable or fruit in natural form. I read a review that mentioned mix it with a little warm water to dissolve it before mixing it into a cold beverage. This has worked pretty well. It doesn’t exactly taste like chocolate milk and if you try and put a whole scoop into whatever you’re hiding it in, yes they will detect it. I am working up slowly to a full scoop. Started with a little and gradually added more as time goes on. Some has to be better than none at all right? The container does come half full, but isn’t everything done by weight these days? The scoop is small and the amount that we got has lasted a pretty long time. I have been mixing in some extra fiber with this and things are “moving” better so to speak.

  8. JTL

    My 6 year old asks for her smoothie every day. We use a little organic apple juice and frozen fruit then throw her scoop of this in. She loves it and it gives her lots of nutrients she would not get otherwise. They prefer the berry over the chocolate. This DOES contain sugar, but to me the benefits outweigh the small sugar content and it makes it palatable for them to drink.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Good for kids immune system

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