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  • N95 Mask
  • N95/KF94 Disposable medical mask
  • Particulate Respirator Face Mask
  • Disposable Face Mask for Protection
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as of December 21, 2021 8:18 pm

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  • At ebay.com you can purchase 50/100 Pcs Black Blue KN95 Protective 5 Layer Face Mask Disposable K N95 Marks for only $6.95, which is 82% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($38.48).
  • The lowest price of 3M N95 Respirator, VFlex Particulate Respirator 9105, Disposable, Sweeping, Sanding, Grinding, Sawing, Bagging, Dust, 50/Box was obtained on December 22, 2021 10:18 am.

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20 reviews for N95 Face Mask

  1. Nihil

    So there is a Corona virus outbreak going on in China and 3M proceeds to double to triple the price of masks. Very ethical…

  2. josh hackett

    Wow this is DISGUSTING that 3M has quadrupled their price during this virus outbreak. You are what’s wrong with this world 3M, putting profits over public health. I use your masks for my manufacturing business, sucks to not have many other options to support. What a PATHETIC company.

  3. J. Rosenberg

    So I have a box of the 8511s from a local hardware store, and also a box of store brand… and these are far and away more wearable. We’re in the Oregon Smoke right now, AQI at 400+, and these make the headache go away pretty much instantly. I have sensory issues, and where the cheaper masks are itchy, these are silky soft. Moreover, I’ve been able to use gorilla tape to take down the size for my five year old, who has tolerated it for hours at a time. I’m adding pictures of the process I used. Not the “ideal solution” for kids, but far better than nothing at all when the smoke is this bad. Leaks are minimal to none and the only place the tape sits is where the mask touches the chin–not where air would be coming through anyway.He says it doesn’t smell bad when he has the mask on, which is as good a test as any available to us.(the pictures are with duct tape, but gorilla tape stays put about 10x better on the felt.)

  4. Pnord

    This facemask is on the CDC website as one of the N95 particulate filtering facepiece respirators that they recommend. This is different than a surgical mask as it filters smaller particles. I can not stress enough how important a good seal is with the mask.These masks come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. It is important to find one that fits your face. The only way to know if the mask truly fits your face is with a fit test. Fit test kits can be purchased online. I do not know how accurate they are. I highly recommend a fit test if the purpose of the mask is to protect you from biological particles. I am a nurse. It was through fit testing that I discovered the type of mask I was using did not fit .It was not making a perfect seal. You can not put the mask on and say you have a seal. I thought that my mask was a perfect fit. I could feel it touching the sides of my face, yet fit testing determined I did not have a 100% seal. If you use the mask to screen biological particles it is important not to touch the outside of the mask. You can infect yourself. The exhalation valve on the mask prevents moisture build up and makes exhalation easier. Read the directions before using as there is a great risk of contaminating yourself with the mask if you don’t know how to use it.

  5. kang

    This is the standard 3M N-95 mask and it works just as expected.I’ve used this model for years, and here’s why:- it’s actually comfortable- it’s very breathable. I can bike with it and breath quite hard before it becomes a hindrance.- it’s rated N95, i.e. this is good against particles like PM2.5 (filters 95% of them)- the seal is very good regardless of your face shape and that’s importantNote: This is what to get if you’re in the bay area and looking for a mask right now. Do not get the non-rated one. You want N95 or P100 only. I just gave away what I had left so I’m getting a new pack.

  6. Maneki Neko

    In terms of fit, dust leakage around the side of the mask, and durability this is a better quality filter mask than the ones I have used in the past.The construction of this mask is a bit different from others of this general type. Most masks of this type have little depth. This mask is thick and has two part construction in depth. The surface of the mask is rigid on the outside. The interior of the mask is softly compliant. The springy exterior of the mask keeps the straps from pulling out, keeps the valve where it needs to be and holds the mask shape. The interior of the mask is soft, follows the curves of your face and wicks away sweat. The compliant, soft surface of the interior is perhaps the most important feature of the design both in terms of the fit and in preventing from dust from working its way around the side of the mask into your nose and mouth.The breather valve has been added to reduce the effort in breathing through the mask. This is not the only function the valve has. The valve is positioned to guide your breath away from your glasses. This means that on cooler mornings that my glasses do not fog up. If you do work which routinely requires masks you will recognize this problem. Heat rises. With a mask without a valve my warm breath rises from the mask and fogs my glasses. The valve exhaust is positioned to prevent that. On all sorts of levels this mask has been carefully thought through both in design and construction.By the way I have no relationship with 3M or any of its distributors. No one paid me to write this product evaluation. I appreciate the reviews written by others which guide me to better tools and more durable products, and help me separate good tools from cleverly packaged junk. I am returning the favor.

  7. mrswandalpn

    I needed something to wear when I cut the grass bc I would get so sick with other mask, this along with my 3m Virtua CCS protective eyewear works miracles for me! Highly recommend them both

  8. ohioengineer

    I bought these masks to use on our trip to China. I had read about the terrible air pollution in the big Chinese cities and my wife is very sensitive to this, so I was looking for something to help her. These worked very well. Not only did they perform well and allow my wife to enjoy her vacation, but they are easy to take on and off. Also, they stood up well to being squashed in a suitcase.My wife used them in Beijing to filter air pollution and in Tibet to filter the incense that is used in the Buddist temples. For both uses they worked well. Again, she is very sensitive to bad air and she was fine while wearing these. I would highly recommend them.

  9. harley

    The outside package was opened as it came in the amazon box. The worst thing is the ten masks were in a normal plastic bag “sealed” with a pathetic plastic thing you use to seal your bread. Not recommended for medical use they are all contaminated. But what choice do we have in the epidemic

  10. 905Canuck

    As a health and safety rep I say get these. N95-rated masks were the standard during the SARS outbreak and 3M doesn’t make junk. They’re comfortable and you can throw a few in a baggy to keep in your go-bag.

  11. Vinay Goyal

    The original 3M packaging is missing. N95 have been packed and sent in a plastic bag. This has been misrepresented in product picture. Avoid.

  12. TrevorNoah

    I use these in my workshop for sanding and around the house. They are quite comfortable and I trust 3M products. The only problem is the masks come in a plastic bag and box that are not sealed. Anyone could have opened the box, used one and put it back. Respirators are hygiene products, they should be sealed tight for that purpose.

  13. Stuart Beatty

    These are the only masks to use if you wear glasses or safety glasses. Your glasses will not fog up. The vent makes breathing easier as it keeps the tight against your face for a better seal.

  14. Annie

    I have a dust allergy and I get asthma whenever I move dust around. I tried all kinds of masks and this is the only one which works for me. I also wear glasses and the mask does not fog them up. It is important to read the instructions in order to place it properly on your face.

  15. Ryan

    I’ve sanded/painted a few times without these before . You can really feel a difference when wearing these . They are pretty comfortable as well vs the cheap brand/basic paper masks.I will not sand or paint again without one of these on again . Awesome product .

  16. Earmotion

    The vent valve on these masks made an enormous difference for me. Non vented mask get very moist inside from my breath and subsequently breathe poorly and become hot and uncomfortable. I won’t pretend that any mask is comfortable but these are certainly better than most. They fit me fairly well and even with my largish head cover from the bridge of my nose to under my chin. Talking requires that I adjust the chin portion from time to time and yawning dislodges it from my chin completely. The worst thing about these masks is the cheap elastic head bands. My head is on the large side but not huge but for some reason of geometry or poor materials, the bottom elastic (the less stressed one) has snapped on all of the several masks I have worn, most after only a few hours of light use. Not only does this render a perfectly good mask useless but it certainly hurts as it whips my neck and/or ear. It always snaps in the same area, within half an inch of the mask on either side. I have traveled with one of these masks and managed to wear it for over 30 hours of air travel and lay overs. Although I am immune compromised I did not catch any illnesses on my lengthy journey. That first mask did last for the entire trip before the elastic failed, subsequent masks suffered the elastic failure much sooner.

  17. Sir Harry

    Excellent mask filters. Great price. I reuse each one several times. Very comfortable and good fit. Relatively easy to inhale through and very easy to exhale from due to the exhalation valve.

  18. William Hussey

    I brought these masks to protect against Covid 19. When they arrived the package had been opened and the contents tampered with. I have no faith these masks are still sanitary.

  19. Caroline Tran

    Very disappointed that the company is up selling their masks to gain profit during a time like this. $100 for 10 masks is preposterous.

  20. Hisham Arafat

    Did not come with the 3m box as shown by the seller. Don’t know it’s authenticity seeing the package .

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