Zinc Lozenges

Immune Defense

Zinc can help block the Coronavirus and most other viruses from multiplying in your throat and nasal ferrings. When you feel any cold or flu-like symptoms it is a good idea to take a zinc lozenge – let it dissolve in the back of your throat and nasal ferrings. The zinc is very powerful!

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  • IMMUNE & ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: Zinc is an essential mineral for our immune system and natural defenses. Bronson’s Zinc Lozenges provide 23 mg of Zinc Oxide per lemon lozenge to support a healthy immune system and antioxidant health.*
  • FAST ACTING LOZENGES: Bronson’s great tasting lemon formula provides fast acting lozenges that are absorbed quickly and can be taken at any time. Zinc Lozenges help coat the mouth and throat for a soothing effect.*
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY FORMULA: Manufactured within our state-of-the-art GMP Registered New York Facility with high-quality Zinc. Zinc Lozenges are vegan/vegetarian friendly.

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  1. Explorer

    I don’t like too much artificial stuff and these lozenges have been a big help. I do public speaking and they’ve twice gotten me through now without excess coughing (which lingered after the cold).

  2. Martha C.

    I swear this helped stave away a lot of colds this past winter. I was perpetually sick last winter – I blame it on my toddler and her friends. This winter was soo much better at least for me. I take these like every other day in the winter.

  3. Jessica

    It makes your mouth feel pretty dry and cakey especially after the lemon flavor wears off.I like that it has brown rice syrup instead of sugar but I’m just not sure i like it enough to use in the future.

  4. Audrey Eve

    I always keep Zands zinc lozenges on hand.

  5. E. Ndaki

    My daughter and I use these when we are feeling a sore throat or cold coming on in order to lessen the duration. These work, but have a less than tasty finish, as expected with zinc lozenges. The lemon part of the flavor is okay, but I much prefer the berry flavor of these, since I think it covers the zinc taste a little better. As long as you view them as medicinal lozenges and take them for a purpose, they’re great. Amazon generally carries these at a great price, much better than in the store.

  6. Mac H. from California

    We like this brand and taste of lozenges. We would recommend this product to anyone!

  7. Helen Robert


  8. Kelly D Farmer

    I take these when I travel. Good preventative.

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