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  • BABY MULTIVITAMIN SUPPLEMENT DROPS: Our Baby Multivitamin is packed with 9 essential vitamins, including A, C & D, plus Iron. It can help support healthy growth, development, & a strong immune system.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: These multivitamin liquid drops are for babies 2 months & up. Naturally sweetened with agave syrup & natural orange flavor, with no gluten, dyes, drugs or artificial flavors.
  • MADE ESPECIALLY FOR BABY: The littlest ones need extra-gentle care. Formulated with safe, handpicked ingredients, we’ll be there with our complete range of products made just for infants & toddlers.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: From vitamins that help support immune systems to cough syrups that soothe, powerful natural ingredients like dark honey, elderberry, & agave form the backbone of our products.
  • WE’LL BEE THERE: Healthy families start with wholesome ingredients for everyone from babies & toddlers to kids & adults. Try our vitamins & supplements, immune support, cough & throat relief & more!

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  1. Rene R

    My daughter has been taking this multivitamin for over a year now. This is my first time purchasing on amazon (I’ve been paying double in stores!), and was iffy about the reviews but went for it since I’m familiar with the product. Her hemoglobin/iron levels require a multivitamin with iron and there are not too many options out there. Polyvisol has crap ingredients, Zarbees doesn’t. I am not sure that many reviewers have used this vitamin before and because of that maybe don’t know what is “normal?” There are a lot of comments on the odor…that is the ferrous gluconate (the source of iron!), and it darkens around the mouth of the bottle when it dries (some reviewers thought it was mold). There has been some residue on nearly every bottle I’ve purchased. Maybe they could improve the seal, but if the plastic safety seal is still in tact, the open box (I’m sure it’s not always handled with caution…shipping problems) and what’s under the seal don’t disturb me too much. It’s improved my daughters iron, she likes the taste (regardless of the smell), and takes it without hesitation.

  2. Christy M Ballard

    Let me preface this by saying, I have been an amazon customer for years and have never taken the time to leave a review, but this was so awful I felt the need to join in the others warnings. Do not purchase this item. Ours was received molded with an absolutely rancid smell. The fact that an item intended for babies is so poorly taken care of is disgusting. Don’t waste your time or money.

  3. Kayleen

    Received it today and sending it back. Has weird chunks of stuff floating in the liquid. It must not have been stored properly. I like this brand normally and have had no issues so it must be the seller here on Amazon.

  4. David

    We buy this product for our children before school starts every year and after every Christmas break from our local Walgreens. For the past 2 years, our kids haven’t had big viruses and have been overall healthy – one never knows if it’s the supplement but I’m certain it helps.We needed 2 bottles this year and Walgreens only had 1 so we ordered the second from Amazon. The top bottle is from Amazon, the bottom is what it SHOULD look like. I’m sure that not all of Amazon’s supplements are faulty, just BE AWARE. Look before you give. I saw plenty of negative reviews with the bad photo, I’m glad I could compare with a good bottle!

  5. Melissa D Panter

    An absolute must for vitamin D. Before finding Zarbees, I tried the d-vi-sol and the Ddrops. The d-vi-sol solution was hard to give to an exclusively breastfed baby that rejects anything but the boob. The serving size was too big- it took 4 squirts to get my kids to swallow without choking on it all (not to mention the awful smell). I really wanted to like the Ddrops, but the serving size was too small. The baby has to get on the boob on cue- not always an easy feat. It was hard to tell if the drop made it in the baby’s mouth, then I was too afraid to give another drop, because that would effectively DOUBLE to amount I gave him…. and I didn’t want to give too much…But Zarbees has the PERFECT amount to be able to squirt in my baby’s mouth without it causing him to choke. It was like Goldilocks and the 3 bears- the other two supplements I tried were too much or too little, but Zarbees was JUST RIGHT.My only complaint, to which I wish Zarbees would listen, is that the last box I bought, there was no extra dropper included! The dropper they gave was the one in the lid. Now, if you read the directions, after you give the baby the supplement, you are supposed to rinse out the dropper. I do like to do this, rather than contaminate the bottle…. but the dropper IS the lid! How am I supposed to wash it out good enough and dry it and put it back in… meanwhile there is no lid on the container.How I solved the problem: luckily, I had saved the original dropper than came with the first box of Zarbees I used. The dropper is much easier to clean and use overall.To Zarbees: Please include the skinny little plastic syringe dropper in the box again!

  6. Marie30

    Unfortunately the dropper attached had no markings for dosage at all. I tried going through all the other droppers I have for various infant medicines and vitamins and none had a dosage for what this required (I believe .25) completely useless. I opened the package about a week before I actually used it, and realized I couldn’t remember if the dropper was packaged separately and if the tamper evident seal was on it. Then I was worried that maybe someone had previously opened this and changed out the dropper.. sounds crazy but why else would there be NO markings?? Ended up just throwing away and replacing at the drug store. Won’t be buying online again (there goes my convenience factor)

  7. Rjc

    White stuff floating around and when i tried it it was soo sour & metallic after taste!! And unfortunately i bought two!!

  8. Darth

    Came opened in the box with grape medicine on outside of the box. This is for my child and I feel uncomfortable giving her medicine that looksLike it has been tampered with.

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