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  • TRIPLE ACTION IMMUNE BLEND*: Sambucus elderberry gummies are made from European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) has been traditionally used as a winter remedy for immune support.* Made with our unique, full spectrum black elderberry extract, ensuring Flavonoid BioActives content, which has been tested and shown to be active within the body.
  • PREMIUM ELDERBERRIES: Elderberry gummies are made from a unique cultivar of black elderberries with a higher level of naturally-occurring flavonoids; each serving delivers 50 mg of black elderberry extract, vitamin C and Zinc.
  • STANDARDIZED BIOACTIVES: Full-spectrum black elderberry extract is standardized to anthocyanins, which are potent flavonoid BioActives.
  • TESTED FOR BIOAVAILIBITY: Our elderberry extract has been tested for bioavailability and activity within the body.
  • Gluten and sugar-free. Citrus flavor.

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8 reviews for Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies

  1. Avatar

    Nia Bernard

    My family and I have been taking these for a while now and the company recently changed the formula and the label, the old label shows them not having preservatives in their gummies, as well as them now using vegetable oil instead of coconut oil, and they also smell horrible now! Definitely lost my business, I will no longer buy from them and I’ll definitely be spreading the word! We do not deserve to be tricked.

  2. Avatar


    It’s a great product, but they recently changed the ingredients. I’ve uploaded pictures for reference, but they have switched from coconut oil to a palm and coconut blend. The packaging says “new look- same great product” but that’s misleading.

  3. Avatar


    I am a firm believer in the medicinal power of elderberry when it comes to the immune system and I always make sure to have some form of it (liquid, gummies, effervescent tablets) on-hand in the house and on-the-go. As a teacher in an elementary school, it’s imperative that I have some sort of immune support supplement with me because my students are constantly sick and don’t always cover their mouths or noses. I take these both as a preventative to keep from getting sick, and then as a “medicine” if I do get sick. The taste is good, kind of grape-like, so you definitely won’t dread having to take these.There are three different Elderberry gummies on Amazon that I looked at before deciding on this brand. Here’s a breakdown of the three brands, so you can decide which is best for you:Nature’s Way:- 60 gummies per container, you have to take 2, and each serving has 50mg of elderberry in it.- Vitamin C is 90mg.- Zinc is 7.5mg.- Cost is $13.Sambucol:- 30 gummies per container, you have to take 1, and each serving has 50mg of elderberry in it.- Vitamin C is 45mg.- Zinc is 3.75mg.- Cost is $10.Zarbees:- 60 gummies per container, you have to take 3, and each serving has 135mg of elderberry in it.- Vitamin C is 187mg.- Zinc is 2.3mg.- Cost is $17.Zarbees brand has the biggest milligram amount of elderberry and vitamin C, which is great if you prefer a stronger supplement, but it also costs more and has fewer servings for the money compared to the other brands (20 servings instead of 30). Sambucol brand is the cheapest of the three, but its vitamin C and zinc content is minimal (and you need those, they’re beneficial!). You could double the serving with this brand to 2 gummies to get more milligrams out of it, but you’d be cutting your servings down to 15 per bottle. Nature’s Way, for me, has enough vitamin C and elderberry in it to justify the cost, and I don’t have to sacrifice servings, so I won’t go through this bottle as quickly or break the bank when I need to re-order. It’s the best middle choice if you’re on a budget or if you just want to try an elderberry supplement for the first time.

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    I work in an elementary school and am surrounded by sick kiddos during the winter season. I also have two kids of my own who attend two different schools and a husband who works in a health clinic. To say we are exposed to the flu regularly is an extreme understatement.I started using these gummies around Xmas time when the flu started making itself known in our small Wyoming town. I took two gummies in the morning and two gummies at night, daily. My kids (10 and 12) each took two gummies once per day. We were stupid and didn’t get the flu shot. Around January many of my students and kids’ friends came down with Influenza A. Everyone was dropping like flies. Our family remained strong…until…the gummies ran out. I had recommended them to all of my friends. Apparently everyone else had too because Amazon ran out and I couldn’t find them available in any local or online drugstores. We went elderberry free for the remainder of January and all of February. About mid February my husband caught a nasty cold and passed it to me (I hadn’t even had a sniffle when taking the Elderberry gummies.). Kids began coughing. I searched high and low but still no Sambucus gummies available anywhere. After fighting the cold for a few weeks, I ended up getting Influenza B. I passed it to my husband and daughter. At that time, I found some elderberry liquid at our local drugstore and began taking it immediately, as did my daughter. Since I was too late for Tamiflu by the time I was diagnosed, I had to solely rely on elderberry to help with symptoms. While friends fought the flu for 2 weeks, mine only lasted 4 days and my fever was gone. I won’t lie…it was a rough 4 days, but the elderberry really helped ease my fever and symptoms and eventually eliminated the aches and fever. During that time, my shipment of Sambucus Elderberry gummies arrived. Everyone but my husband began taking them again. My daughter (who has asthma) recovered from the flu in record time – exactly 3 days. During that time, her fever never went above 99.3 and her aches and stuffy nose were eliminated within 2-days. She’s had the flu in the past and has never gotten through it so quickly, even with Tamiflu. Her lungs survived (and they’re usually not so lucky) and she was back in school after a long weekend with high spirits and a healthy body. Our son never got the flu. My husband is still fighting it and ended up developing a secondary infection (he’s asthmatic too) which has given him a serious medical fight.Do they work? YES. My family is living proof. I believe that we never would have gotten the flu had the gummies not run out. I’m sure my husband would be feeling much better had he taken them regularly. After all, everyone around us was sick in December and we remained healthy and strong. I can vouch for the fact that they do, indeed, minimize the severity of symptoms and they length of the actual flu. I think both the liquid (Nature’s Way Sambucus Syrup) and these gummies were equally effective. The liquid is thick and overly sweet, and quite frankly, hard to swallow and stomach for continuous days. Neither of my kids liked it and they are sugar addicts. The gummies are delicious! They taste like grape fruit chews. My kids gobbled them up and asked for more.We’ve already ordered several reserve bottles and will continue using them until flu season is over. Next year, I’ll get on top of the game and have it stockpiled in preparation for the fight. If chronic disease such as asthma is in your family, these gummies will make a necessary addition to your flu-fighting arsenal.

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    My entire household takes these as recommended on the bottle every single day. We’ve done so for at least two months now. We’ve even subscribed to receive 3 bottles a month. They taste great, and we all look forward to them as a healthy dessert after lunch. However, I can’t say that they actually do anything for immunity. We are currently all sick with the common cold-it started with one of us and gradually passed to the rest of the household over the course of a week. This is a household of 3 adults, and 2 children. We all take these, and we all still managed to catch this cold. I’ll continue to buy them because they are still healthy and the kids love them, but I can’t recommend them for building immunity to the common cold.

  6. Avatar


    Work like a charm to keep everyone in the family healthy.

  7. Avatar


    Got this to ward off getting the flu. Have been OK so far

  8. Avatar


    sad this is no longer avail through GNC..

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