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8 mil Nitrile Powder Free Orange Gloves

orange nitrile gloves

Adenna Catch Nitrile Gloves 1
  • Powder-free, nitrile & full heavy texture
  • 9 mil finger thickness, durable for high risk and mid to heavy duty applications
  • 100 percent rubber latex free eliminates potential allergic reactions to latex protein
  • 100 gloves by weight per box
  • Suitable for: auto mechanics, aviation, dairy/ranch, industrial/Manufacturing, janitorial/cleaning, marine/naval, plumbing, painting, safety

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Adenna Catch Nitrile Gloves

  1. Avatar


    Product is working good for me. But the company has created a lot of confusion (as seen in many reviews) on sizing by showing a picture of a measurement on the glove across the palm and associating a size with it. Be aware this is the dimensions of a flat glove, not your hand. As shown in my picture, my hand measures 3.75 in but I need a large glove that measures 4.25 in to fit properly once your hand is in the glove and it needs to fit in 3 dimensions. Also of course it is a little more difficult to get a powder free glove on your hand even if it is the correct size. So my advice is to order your regular glove size to get these to fit correctly.

  2. Avatar


    I have been buying small packages of nitrile gloves at the local auto store. They were mostly good, but there were two issues. First while the black color looked cool (who cares doing your own maintenance is cool enough) you could not tell where the grease or oil was. The second was grip the generic gloves were smooth and once oily were less effective.Catch gloves are bright orange you can see the grease. And the texture is amazing, super gripy and has a great tactile feel.I recommend using the size guide, I normally buy Mediums although my hands usually measure large but I like the gloves to be tight. I went ahead an bought the suggested size according to the size chart. If I had purchased the mediums I would have been disappointed, the larges are large enough but are very snug without any play, the sizing is very true.I “Catch” myself using these gloves for more than just auto maintenance as well. The price is reasonable for quantity and quality of the product I would highly recommend! Adenna CAT456 Catch 8 mil Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (Orange, Large) Box of 100

  3. Avatar

    Katherine B.

    No, I would not recommend these. TO ANYONE. EVER. Let me tell you why these are so bad…These were a new purchase for me – I usually buy the pink Blush nitrile powder free gloves when I don’t need grip and Panther Grip green nitrile powder free gloves when I do. I have been very happy with both brands, but I always like to mix things up – so I purchased these Adenna orange gloves. MISTAKE! I can’t wait to go back to the Panther Grip – these are terrible. They are stiff and don’t fit well. I thought they were old but they were manufactured June 2018 – it’s Feb 2019 as I write this, but they truly feel like at any moment they will start cracking and turning to dust. That’s how horrible they feel – like old rubber and really limit dexterity. The cuff won’t stay down so they want to constantly roll up. About those crappy old rubbery cuffs…I stopped counting the instantly useless gloves I can’t wear because the cuff has ripped off while putting them on. That has never happened with the other brands I mentioned. I don’t have long nails and I use A LOT of gloves – and can confidently tell you these suck. BADLY. Awful. I wouldn’t buy these for a buck…I wouldn’t take them for free.Blech. Stay away from these money-wasters.

  4. Avatar


    Having used a number of different nitrile gloves to try to keep oil off my hands when working on my car, so far these are my favorites. I think the grip aspect is a bit gimmicky, but it does work. The gloves are definitely tough enough to handle most situations. After using dozens of pairs of these gloves I’ve only had one rip while under some serious use. I’m very impressed with these, definitely recommend.Keep in mind, as with all nitrile gloves if you put enough solvents like brake cleaner on them, they will tear more easily. I haven’t had these fall apart immediately after using brake cleaner on them like with other nitrile gloves, but I could tell they would likely be softer and susceptible to tearing. Just an observation.

  5. Avatar


    Great gloves, but sizing is way off. I accidently ordered large, I wanted XL, my bad. They do fit my wife. Their sizing is not reliable. My hand measures 3 3/4 in wide. Look at the chart, large should fit me, they don’t. If I blow them up and get my hand in them, I feel my blood circulation being cut off. I do like them and will try XL, and cross my fingers.Update; I finally ordered the X Large and they fit perfect. I guess they got the right size in the right box. The Large that I had ordered were difficult to get one, even for my wife. The great part about these gloves, is, that even with the difficulty that I had putting the large on, they lasted for several uses. I replaced the clutch in our ‘ 76 4×4 truck wearing these gloves. The texture made gripping the wrenches very easy without slipping out of my hands. The transfer case and transmission were oily, but still I used a pair for about 3 tow hour sessions before replacing them.As for using them to do caulking or chemical mixing/ spraying, they last for at least 5 times. You just have to remove them carefully.

  6. Avatar


    First glove I put on rips… like wow… hand was not sweaty or anything. I am not impressed with these gloves so far. I will be posting an update after actually using them for a few weeks. Maybe I got a bad first glove. Only time will tell. More to come.

  7. Avatar

    Mickey Mouse

    These gloves seem to be very good quality so far. I usually use Microflex Duraflock gloves which are fantastic, but a little pricey. I agree with others; these gloves run smaller by about 1 size. I’m a mechanic and also work in the medical field and pretty much every brand of exam type glove runs a size larger than these. I just received these gloves and have only used them for household type chores and have reused the glove 3x so far without tearing. Time will tell how well these hold up to automotive type work. I will update later on how they hold up for auto use. But based on what I can tell so far they seem to be as good as the Duraflocks for durability. Obviously the duraflocks slide on easily and sweat less,but for the price difference I will use these as long as they hold up.

  8. Avatar

    Billie-Lyn Devine

    I do a lot of crafts, baking, gardening, cleaning, hair colouring etc. And I use rubber gloves for EVERYTHING bc I don’t like when stuff gets under my nails or stains on my hands from paint hair colours etc. I have tried many different brands of gloves but have found after reusing two or three times they would rip , tear etc , or sometimes would rip with first use depending on project I’m working on. So I came across these diamond gloves the reviews looked promising so I figured I’d give them a try. AMAZING gloves, they r a bit thick but breathable, I find my hands don’t sweat in them like other gloves I have tried. These are reusable to which is a nice money saver. I bought a size large and they fit my hands perfectly, not to big not to tight just perfect, whereas others in the same size have either been a bit bit or a bit tight which made doing some projects difficult bc the gloves would interfere, but these are perfect. And I love the orange colour which makes them easy to find when I can’t remember where I put them haha. I’m going to order the green ones too. Great gloves, well worth the money, great for any use from cooking to auto repair. Excellent!!!

  9. Avatar


    The glove I have receive were smaller than another similar batch mark ”L” that I have. I was concerned with the fact that they might be too big but very usable…They were way way too small and too tight and ironically I do not have big hands !!!!Very frustrated that I had to return them…returning anything requires an effort…re-packaging, printing a label, returning to the post office etc.

  10. Avatar

    Juan Garcia Lopez

    Despues de informarme y saber que el grado 8mil es para uso pesado o rudo adquirí estos guantes y al usarlos para trabajos de mecánica automotriz han sido de gran ayuda resistentes al aceite, polvo, grasa y claro si se pueden desgarrar con alambres o navajas pero si rosas cosas del motor no se rompen. Contento con estos guantes.

  11. Avatar


    I have used these already and the extra thickness is awesome. Normal blue nitrile gloves tear doing greasy jobs for some reason, but these are thick and really hold up. HOWEVER, I do wish sizes were consistent across brands. My blue gloves are L and fit loosely, My older latex gloves were L and fit loosely. THESE SIZE L gloves are quite snug, almost tight. I can use them but it’s annoying that they aren’t the same fit as others.

  12. Avatar

    Steve Donaldson

    These gloves work excellent. Have used them while fixing a snowblower. No tears in the gloves at all. I was impressed. Going by the chart my hand size fell into the large category. I ordered the large and find them a little tight to get on. I should have ordered the XXL, but the large fit very snug. The texture in the gloves makes it easy to grip or pick up things especially if you hands have grease or oil on them. I would highly recommend these gloves.

  13. Avatar


    These gloves are great! I had some generic 4 mil gloves at work (machine shop) and was burning through 3-6 pairs on most days. These 8 mil gloves lasted on average a little longer than a day each. At worst, I had to use 2 pairs in one day. At best, a single pair would last 2 days. That’s 50% to 1100% longer than the generic (blue) 4-mil gloves! Would definitely recommend! These gloves would even last when handling hundreds of fist-sized castings a day.

  14. Avatar

    Miguel Z

    Había estado comprando unos guantes negros en autozone, pero se rompían rapido, además no se notaban las partes sucias por lo que al tocar algo lo manchaba, este color es perfecto, se exactamente que área del guante esta sucia, además son super resistentes, creo que me voy a lavar las manos con los guantes antes de quitarmelos y posiblemente puedan ser usados más de una vez.

  15. Avatar


    I saw another review for 8 mill gloves and it said “good gloves but not quite as good as 8 mill Watson Grease Monkey gloves” or something like that. These gloves are about 1/2 price of Grease Monkey gloves (when Grease Monkey gloves go on sale locally) and they are very very close in durability. The orange colour and textured surface are not good however as they get very dirty and difficult to wipe grease off with the textured surface. As well the textured surface makes no difference in grip as they advertise. So basically it comes down to very decent strength (tear resistance) and quality at a very good price. I will continue buying.

  16. Avatar

    peter w.

    I’ve just tried using gloves while I work on my own cars. Previous gloves constantly rip or fall apart. One pair of gloves lasted repeated removal and stayed together for the entire job.I was able to feel all the nuts and bolts and put everything together.Really tough and good quality

  17. Avatar


    Haven’t actually used these beyond trying them on, but just to reinforce what everyone else has said, you will DEFINITELY need to order one size up. I wore a size Large in the last Kirkland Signature nitrile gloves I bought, but they were quite thin. These seem likely to hold up better for the automotive work I will use them for. Orange color is nice so grease stains stand out and look cooler than the beige ones I had before.

  18. Avatar


    I usually find a large will fit my hand but not these. I had to buy the extra large for a comfortable fit. And I use baby powder to get them on and off easily. Other than that they work great for all by messy & dirty jobs.

  19. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I bought the XL and they were so tight to put on, but once I put them on, it wasn’t snug, kinda loosey goosey if you know what I mean. Atleast they didn’t rip while I struggled to get them out Of the box and put them on.

  20. Avatar

    Russ G.

    I like the gloves but they fit small. If you like a tight fit, the sizing would be OK. I normally take a large, but in these I would need an extra large. I can get these size large gloves on, but it takes effort and my fingers feel constrained. I cannot relax my hand without the glove forcing my fingers into an unnatural “squished” condition.

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