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Tough Headband UV Face Mask

Tough Headband Face Mask Neck Gaiter 1
  • 5″ wide
  • THE SWISS ARMY KNIFE OF HEADWEAR – Known for its versatility and functionality, the Tough 12-in-1’s are like the Swiss Army knives of headgear. They adapt to a variety of situations. If you’re tired of routinely changing headwear for weekend hikes, fishing trips, hunting expeditions, or cycling, this single headwear might change your perception (and having 12 options to look awesome) of multifunctionality.
  • MULTI-WEATHER PROTECTION – Sailing? Fishing? Trekking the High Mesa Trail? No matter what the climate, this UPF 30+ headwear adapts so you’re protected in severe weather changes. Use it as a turtleneck/gaiter this summer, or rock it as a balaclava in the chilly mountain weather. Fits perfectly under your favorite helmet and wicks sweat leaving you fresh and dry.
  • UNCOMPROMISED STRETCH AND FIT – The soft & stretchy fabric of this 12-in-1 sits gently on your head giving that secure, but not too tight fit. That kind of versatility makes it a perfect fit for teens and adults! Nature-lovers and those with long, thick locks will also appreciate the headband/hairband option. With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find the right fit.
  • COMES IN SOLID AND HI-VIS COLORS – Wondering what color goes best with your get up? With 9 solid colors and 3 Hi-Vis options, finding the right one for your adventure will be an easy task. Looking to make someone happy? This headwear works wonderfully as a gift for your outdoor loving friends! Choose from neutral or bright colors, flag prints and Camo. And for an added layer of safety, we highly recommend Hi-Vis with reflective stripes. Perfect for evening runs or bike rides.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Tough Headband Face Mask Neck Gaiter

  1. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    This is not identical to the competition. For me, that’s better. The material is slightly lighter weight than others, which I like very much, and it isn’t branded, which I LOVE. You should get a discount for being required to advertise for some mega-corporation, rather than paying more for the privilege. IMHO only, obviously. Frankly, even if you don’t like the marginally thinner material and you don’t care about branding, this product is significantly better than the competition for the price, alone.Now, I just bought this and have worn it once. After I wear it in Big Bend for two weeks and wash it several times, I may have to update this review but, on first impression, this appears just as sturdy as my other polyester microfiber headbands.

  2. Avatar


    I really had my doubts, so i bought only 1. I bought this to contain my long curly hair when I am out in the garden. Otherwise its constantly in my eyes. I have a large head for a woman so I always have trouble finding head bands and hats that fit. This perfect. Yet its so stretchy I suspect it will work well for those with smaller head too. Most headbands give me headaches. This will not be too tight. I am so impressed I will be ordering more.

  3. Avatar


    I will start by saying it is very thin. But I love the versatility of this thing! I used it while skiing and whipped it out when it started snowing. It kept my face warm and dry. I felt like I could breathe eaisly through the material. It also didn’t fog up my goggles. I get cold easily and it was probably about 30F out (in Colorado so maybe a dry cold, not humid). Now if it was colder I might would of went with a fleece lined one, which they make. I might buy some more for hiking to kept dust out of my hair. Or one for my face and one for my hair which you see in the picture is covered in snow! At this price point I say give it a try. There are videos on YouTube to show all the cool ways it can be applied.

  4. Avatar

    Steadman Uhlich

    I bought this to wear while sailing and boating. I wear it to protect my neck from sunburn because a sunburned neck can be very painful. It is light weight material, wicks moisture, and when wet can provide evaporative cooling which is very nice in hot sun. I wear it as part of my standard sailing outfit of gear, in hot weather or cold weather. It stretches enough for me to cover both my neck and my lower face (up to my eyes) when needed in intense sun on the water (where reflected sunlight can cause burns on the underside of your neck or head). It is comfortable. It is NOT something to wear for warmth in cold, but it can provide a thin layer of protection from windburn and chafing from other garments such as foul weather coats. I wear it and then wash by hand every other day when on a boat trip. It packs small, and is easy to carry in a pocket, to be worn when needed. When worn with a boony hat, it provides excellent sun protection (probably about 40-50 SPF) so I don’t have to put greasy sunblock on my neck, which keeps my other, more expensive garments such as my foul weather coat, cleaner on the collars. Because the material is thin, when I wear it as a “turtleneck” rolled down, I don’t notice it. If you need sun protection while on the water, this is a very good solution. I also like that it is in hi-vis ANSI yellow/lime as that can aid in visibility when on the water or in it.

  5. Avatar

    Tyler Athon

    November is coming up and that means so are firearms hunting seasons, and local state laws require all head garments to be bright orange. I recently bought similar products from Alpha Defense Co. that I loved for their comfort and thermal capabilities, but they didn’t offer anything in orange. Enter this lovely little thing.1) Color is right for what I needed. 2) The microfiber construction is even more comfortable than the ADC ones I own. 3) Incredibly warm. I have only stress tested this at about 45 degrees, but I have a feeling it will hold up. 4) Cheaper than alternatives.My experiences are only with it being a face mask from the ears to neck so I cannot attest to moisture wicking of the other styles

  6. Avatar

    G. Snow

    I’m a 66-YO man living on the lake Erie coast in northern Ohio. I have a big dog that walks me about every day in the winter. Wind chill on the face and neck were a big factor until I bought a couple of these. These make a HUGE difference in comfort level by protecting me from that cold wind.Light, pack-able, breathable, flexible, warm, comfortable, and inexpensive. It normally sits around my neck until the wind hits my face, then I pull this up with my forefinger and thumb over my nose and I’m all set. No more fumbling with a scarf. Normally, my glasses would fog up, when I pulled my scarf over my nose, but not with these. They allow enough breath to escape through them, instead of up under my glasses, so that doesn’t happen.BTW, these also loosely holds my earbud cord, so when I unplug from my ear(s) the earbuds aren’t lost in my clothes or on the ground.I LOVE these, and I will be buying more.

  7. Avatar

    Jean Sue Kim

    These buffs took me up Mt. Kilimanjaro and back! They did their job and did it well…so versatile…used to cover my ears, my face, as a headband and so much more! Thank you!

  8. Avatar


    La tela esta muy delgada, me fui con la finta de muchas estrellas pero la verdad es que si esta de calidad muy baja, se transparenta, se traspasa el frío. Si vas al walmart y ves una de $99 pues así está esta polaina. Y cuidado porque no puedes hacer devolución por considerarse como ropa íntima. Mejor ve otras opciones.

  9. Avatar


    Diría que podría tener mejor precio, pero no encontré ninguna con esta calidad por un precio menor, es versátil, cómoda, me ha ayudado mucho con el frío de las mañanas y muy agradable al tacto, me parece que es una buena compra

  10. Avatar

    Cliente de Amazon

    Más delgada de lo q imaginé. Casi transparente. Esperaba mejor calidad por el precio.

  11. Avatar

    Cliente de Amazon

    Lo bueno:Súper elásticoEs ligera y permite respirarLa puedes usar de varias formasLo malo:La flanja plateada se cuartea muy rapido

  12. Avatar

    Miri García

    Material suave, cubre perfecto del frío, no suelta partículas como pelusa, no pierde la forma al lavarlo

  13. Avatar


    El producto llegó a tiempo y en bien embalado, quizá es la tela es muy delgada que se puede rasgar fácilmente.

  14. Avatar

    Cliente de Amazon

    Tela brush de la peor calidad súper delgada, solo es un tubo de tela mal echo y de mala calidad

  15. Avatar

    Luis cesar

    Es un producto de excelente calidad, cómodo, ligero y fácil de usar

  16. Avatar


    Very versatile, soft and thin. Worked well for what I bought it for. Would have liked to pay a little less though, which is why it got 4 stars instead of 5.

  17. Avatar

    Efraín B.

    Es muy cómoda no se siente que estorbe en absoluto y es muy delgadita lo cual me permite traerla sin molestias

  18. Avatar

    Bernardita Stuven

    El color fue totalmente diferente.

  19. Avatar

    Adalberto Rodriguez

    Excelente material muy resistente

  20. Avatar

    Cliente de Amazon

    No me gustó, la tela es incómoda y pica en el cuello, además de ser muy delgada…. es como si trajeras una malla de pantimedia en el cuello… así de incómodo.

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