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Febreze Fabric and Unstopables Fabric Refresher Pack 1
  • Contains one 27 ounce Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher and one 27 ounce Unstopables Fresh Scent Fabric Refresher
  • Get the best of both worlds with this Febreze and Unstopables Fabric Refresher combo pack.
  • Replace odors either with the sparkling smell of a freshly cleaned home OR with a fresh-out-of-the-laundry scent.
  • Febreze FABRIC (formerly Febreze Fabric Refresher) Extra Strength is perfect for cleaning away odors from hard-to-wash fabrics such as clothing, upholstery, carpets, and window treatments. It is a perfect addition to your current cleaning routine.
  • Unstopables FABRIC is perfect for those items you want to freshen with more perfume and longer-lasting scent, with up to 2X Scent Power*. It delivers an irresistibly bold scent. *vs base Febrez

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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Febreeze Small Spaces air fresheners Hawaiian Aloha scent single unit for only $6.99
  • The lowest price of Febreeze One Fabric & Air Mist Bamboo Discontinued Scent Value Pack 10.1 Fl. Oz was obtained on August 26, 2020 9:17 am.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Febreze Fabric and Unstopables Fabric Refresher Pack

  1. Avatar

    gordon Moss

    Teens stinky shoe room. OkMassive egregious dump. Good.Dog dander on couch. Good.Dog yellow fog. Useless. Even after cleanup. 60 pound mutt.Burnt bacon. Great.Blood sent from a kill. Fantastic.Tracked in shoe poop. Great after cleanup.Car garage malaise. Good.Car after Uber stink. Good

  2. Avatar

    LADY O

    Has anyone else heard that Febreeze and scented candles are the two worse things to breathe in if you have lung issues?

  3. Avatar

    C. G. King

    These sprays have a pleasant light scent that doesn’t linger in the air like some others. If you get up close to an item you’ve sprayed you can get a whiff, but it’s very light. What you don’t get is an unpleasant smell. There are some clothes items I like to wear multiple days if they still look good and I do not want any odor to linger on them, mine or a spray. This stuff works great to extend the time I can wear something. The other product does a good job of keeping my bed smelling fresh, the bathroom rug, the inside of my closet, and even my shoes. I’ve rebought this set multiple times.

  4. Avatar

    Ryan S.

    It’s Febreeze. It sprays, and it smells good. and it’s a 2 pack.

  5. Avatar

    M. Heinz

    I bought two fragrances. Both are overpowering, perfume-y, sweet. It gives me headaches.I can tolerate the air spray with Gain. But anything flowery gives me a headache. It said it smells like fresh laundry so I was hoping it would be lighter.

  6. Avatar

    Daniel A


  7. Avatar

    Taina Bonita

    Can’t go wrong with these!!! Used both in my living room.. This is like having your entire living room- couch and all -get washed and put into the dryer ..so good, I’m I love with the scents and will continue my subscription of this bundle, forever! Love them!

  8. Avatar

    Lydia Wagoner

    Love this product…will order it again.

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