'Insurrection'? Climate Change Protesters Attempt to Storm Interior Department Building

'Insurrection'? Climate Change Protesters Attempt to Storm
Interior Department Building 1

The Jan. 6 Capitol incursion was not an insurrection, as many left-wing politicians and pundits have claimed.

Sure, some of those present during the incursion were rioters who broke the law. They should be punished accordingly.

But the idea that the events of Jan. 6 constituted some sort of domestic terror attack is nothing but a calculated narrative developed by establishment elites in their attempts to garner more power.

Leftists know this. Otherwise, they would apply the “domestic terrorism” label to other attempts to storm federal buildings.

On Thursday, a large group of climate change protesters tried to enter the Department of the Interior, according to Ellie Silverman, a reporter for The Washington Post.


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“Climate protesters are now rallying outside the Department of the Interior. They’re trying to get inside but police are blocking the entrance. I can see a few Indigenous women through the doorway who are sitting on the floor inside the building and linking arms,” Silverman tweeted.

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She further noted that “protesters are remaining on the steps and won’t move out of the doorway where several police are blocking passage into the building.”

As you might have guessed, the establishment media hasn’t been so eager to cover this story.

Most likely because it totally debunks the left’s Jan. 6 propaganda.

If these activists happened to be conservatives protesting against vaccine mandates or Bidenflation, the media would be covering it ad nauseam.


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Panicky headlines declaring the return of the Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” would spread like wildfire across social media.

But instead, since the protesters happen to be supporting a cause backed by the establishment elite, the media has remained largely silent.

The rioters who illegally stormed the Capitol in January should be condemned for their actions, just as these activists should be condemned for theirs. This isn’t how anyone should peacefully protest.

That being said, neither group is made up of “domestic terrorists” or “insurrectionists.”

Anyone who tells you as much is simply pushing a partisan agenda.

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