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Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

Gourmia GFD1550

Gourmia Food Dehydrator 1
  • 5 TRAY: Five layers provide plenty of room to get creative drying anything from sweet pineapple slices to chewy beef jerky!
  • DIGITAL DRY: Adjustable settings from 105°F-158°F, and up to 48 hours. The bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide quiet, thorough drying- no shelf rotation required. Pause feature allows for temporarily halting process.
  • SAVE SPACE: Designed to neatly stack away for conveniently compact storage. Transparent lid allows for easy monitoring.
  • FRESH & HEALTHY: Forget store bought processed junk. Now you can make a more flavorful, nutrient dense, preservative free, and much much cheaper alternative to commercial products.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified and BPA free, so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.
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as of February 8, 2023 1:23 am

The Gourmia dehydrator includes 5 trays so you can create lots of tasty dehydrated foods at a fraction of the cost of commercial food dehydrators


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase Gourmia Cut + Dry Auto Food Dehydrator Model GFD1550. White. 6 Stackable Shelves for only $25.00
  • The lowest price of Gourmia Cut + Dry Auto Food Dehydrator Model GFD1550. White. 6 Stackable Shelves was obtained on February 8, 2023 1:23 am.

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Product Reviews

12 reviews for Gourmia Food Dehydrator

  1. Kindle Customer

    This dehydrator is awesome, especially around harvest time. I have made dried strawberries for hot cereal (for an upcoming cold Winter’s day), the best jerky ever with my homemade berry marinade and tons of plum and grape fruit roll-ups for the fam’s lunches. It’s been fun! I will purchase more shelves in future. Sugggestion: follow manufacturer’s instruction for properly stacking shelves.Also, if you want liners (dehydrator does not come with) you can make your own (see below). They’re perfect for making fruit roll-ups.Make Liners for Your Dehydrator#1 Purchase pack of 9 Premium (square) 14″ X 14″ Non-stick Dehydrator Sheets (Amazon).#2 Place your round dehydrator shelf onto one of the non-stick sheets and trace around the circumference (I used a waxy dark colored pencil but a ball point pen or sharpie would work). Also trace in around the center hub (between the plastic grating)#3 Cut out the the outer circle that you’ve just traced onto the liner material.#4 Fold the cut-out circle liner into half and then half again (now you have folded it into quarters) and trim 1/8 to 1/4″ off the outside edge. Also cut out the center while it is folded in a quarter round.#5 Repeat for as many dehydrator shelves as you have.Tip: The liner material is very slippery, so hold the shelf firmly against it while tracing. It also helps to cut out one liner at a time as the material is too slippery to cut multiples. Have fun!

  2. Mark Michael

    I love this dehydrator! It is my first time purchasing & dehydrating and I can’t stop thinking of everything I can dehydrate. The box came securely boxed and right on time. I washed the trays and started on the last of my tomatoes. I put the first batch in olive oil & they are yummy. Clean up was really easy; I was afraid the tomatoes would stain the trays but they didn’t. You can hear the motor but it is not too loud; I am listening to my laptop next to it and no problems. I love the on/off/pause button. I’m finishing tomatoes today and than on to fruit.. if you are looking for one that isn’t too expensive and works great this is the one.

  3. Aunt Rampage

    This is sooo much fun! I actually made Chef Johns beef jerky along with lots of great “summer seasonal ripe” fruits!!! The literature with the dehydrator is filled with lots of instruction and ideas for us first timers….this shipped quickly and there is lots of support from the manufacturer!

  4. Diane R. Razo

    I’ve been wanting a food dehydrator for a few years now, but it’s not been in the budget until recently. I did a lot of research in the meantime, and while there are certainly larger/fancier units out there, this one won out because:a) It was a good priceb) It has a controllable temperaturec) It has a timerI will say, when I received my dehydrator, a tray was damaged, but Gourmia was quick to send me a replacement tray free of charge. They had wonderful customer service, and I got to resume trying out the dehydrator!So far I have used this to dry out jalapeños, habaneros, bananas, and pears. The booklet that came with the unit has been great for getting me started, but I did some reading online for the peppers and bananas when they didn’t dry out as fast as the booklet said (and to be fair, spicy peppers aren’t included in the booklet.) This is partially my fault for not slicing the foods as thin as is recommended. Regardless, my pantry is well stocked with my bumper crop of hot peppers, and I greatly enjoyed the dried pears (basically candy!) My husband didn’t enjoy the dried bananas so much, but next time I plan on being more consistent with how thin they are sliced.All in all, this is a great dehydrator for the price, and I look forward to preserving more of my garden next season!

  5. zalman

    Item arrived earlier than expected.This is such a useful product. Makes healthy snacking easy. I can now be certain of which ingredients are in my dried fruits.My kids love dried fruits and now it is always readily available.Comes with great features and delicious recipes.

  6. Joe Stevenson

    This Dehydrator works great and is constructed very well. It’s digital interface allowed me to choose temperature to dehydrate at. This simple interface also comes with a built in timer. So even if you forget about your dehydrating food, there is nothing to have to worry about. It is extremely easy to use. The 6 different levels allowed for me to dehydrate many different fruits and foods at once.The guide it came with provided extremely useful, providing both temperatures and times for dehydrating many foods.

  7. Ann Harvey

    Is a wonderful product! I made apples and bananas last night and ate them this morning. I also made a bag of kale to make kale chips and they were ready and 3 hours. I am so glad I made the decision to buy this product.

  8. Bill A.

    Gave it as a gift and they are thrilled! Lots of uses and the price was right

  9. Prepboyz

    Very easy to use and straight forward. Great product.

  10. Alicia A

    Works good

  11. Damien George

    Hard to clean trays, easy to use and makes great jerky

  12. Gary A

    Parts missing,, package had been opened…Sent it back…

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