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Warrior Wand Medical Grade UV-C Sanitizer

Warrior Wand

Warrior Wand UV-C Sanitizer 1
  • The Best Portable Sanitizer On The Market: With all the options why should you spend your hard earned money with us? In a word, quality. Featuring a powerful germicidal UV lamp, the UV-C light emitted by our sanitizer wand only takes 10 seconds to disinfect any and everything. And with the built in timer you can know for sure how long you’ve scanned a particular object. It is the best object to take wherever life demands, and it’s the most effective. Quality and Efficiency, that’s us.
  • Handheld and Portable: The most portable disinfectant lamp on the market today. With others you get bulky, hard to transport sanitizer wands. But with our wand it is the size of an iPhone and can literally slip in your pocket. Our UV-C Warrior Wand is compact and absolutely a sterilizing powerhouse so you can easily clean whatever you need be it at work, school, or the grocery store.
  • Indispensable: Scientifically proven to help protect you using Ultra Violet light that naturally disrupts the molecular dna structure of germs and viruses. The process is invisible, but the effects will be noticable. Stay safe and healthy anywhere wherever you go.
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: With 8 HOURS of continuous battery operation -a 15,000 hour lifetime- you can continuously use it throughout the day, and when it dies our lithium ion rechargeable battery charges quickly to get you back out there so you can take care of the important things.
  • Fast Shipping Guaranteed: With everything happening we know you need things fast, not in a month. So while things are the way they are we guarantee our products will ship out the same business day. We’re so sure you’ll love it we also offer a 100% Satisfaction Warranty. Our UV-C sanitizer wand become your most indispensable tool and if it doesn’t we’ll replace it or refund your money no questions asked!
$31.99  in stock
2 new from $31.99
as of December 21, 2021 12:18 pm


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase PhoneSpa Phone and Accessory Sanitizer Portable UV-C Wand - Original Packaging for only $4.95, which is 85% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($31.99).
  • The lowest price of Warrior Wand The Best Portable Medical Grade UV-C Sanitizer Wand - Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery - Handheld Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp for Home, Travel, and Work UV Disinfection was obtained on December 22, 2021 7:18 am.

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Product Reviews

5 reviews for Warrior Wand UV-C Sanitizer

  1. Ellen D.

    Received quicker than promised in secure packaging. Definitely a portable item. If you’re using it mainly at home you might want to get a larger one. Company followed up to ensure it Was working properly. That was great!

  2. AScannerClearly

    First issue with this product is the weakness of the UVC-LED. I was hoping it having just one meant it would be powerful, but after using 2 other UVC-LED products, the one contained in this seems to be 1/3-1/4th the strength of one of those other products, and closer to 1/8th the strength of the other (estimates based on observing crystal glass fluorescence from UVC.)The greater problem, which makes this product dangerous to trust, is that the bright purple/pink visible LED is at an angle while the UVC LED is straight down. Using white paper, the invisible UVC becomes visible, and the two light sources overlap only slightly. If the / is the visible light, the sanitizing light is | , so the light rays come out more like this: /|This means people using this product believing the visibly-lit areas are being treated while sanitization is actually occurring in a smaller circle below the visibly illuminated area closer to the hand. Therefore, it would be dangerous to depend on this product to sanitize anything, and there is no easy way to judge where the true UVC light is shining.While the timing feature is nice, the instructions give no information on the distance from the subject needed to sanitize. As the distance increases, exposure time needed also increases, as does the treatment area. Most products say 10-20 seconds at around 5 centimeters, but since the LED is the weakest I’ve ever encountered, I can’t even trust that estimate.

  3. Wilson Garfield Engler

    Highly recommended by their excellent product. I did a unboxing of the device. I love their service. Great company and services. Excellent people there.

  4. readyk

    First these work easy to carry & has a timer.The company is supper supper i bought 2 one came D.O.A.(dead on arivel) they were out of stock offered a different one i chose to receive same they worked hard to resupply then scent me replacement, thanks all of you at the company 2thumbs up👍👍

  5. Howard ozment

    Defective product

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