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Elizabeth Warren Suggests She's Too Busy with the Coronavirus to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren Suggests She's Too Busy with the Coronavirus to Endorse Bernie Sanders 1

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) refused to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during a Tuesday appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, contending she is far too busy focusing on the coronavirus crisis.

Late Night, which returned on Monday with Meyers hosting from his home, interviewed the former presidential hopeful, who also broadcasted from her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two spoke about a range of topical issues, from the coronavirus to the emergency relief package passed and signed last week to the 2020 race.

Of course, Meyers used the opportunity to ask Warren if she plans to endorse either of the Democrat candidates remaining in the race — an action she has continued to avoid.

“You haven’t endorsed a candidate yet, and it certainly seems like your positions line up more in lockstep with Senator Sanders than they do with Joe Biden,” Meyers said.

“Are you going to endorse, or is this something you’re considering to wait on?” he asked.

Warren, who has been asked about her lack of an endorsement on several occasions, dodged the question yet again and suggested she is too focused on the coronavirus pandemic to back a candidate at this time.

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“You know, again, I really want to say that, right now, it’s less about the politics and much more about the crisis that our country is in, and I think that’s really where our focus has got to be at this moment,” Warren told Meyers.

“So that’s where I’m keeping my attention right now. We don’t get to do any political rallies at this moment anyway,” she added:

Warren initially said she needed “time to think a little more” before endorsing either of her former competitors. Dozens of her former staffers, however, have deviated from her position and have already endorsed Sanders, who they described as “best option for Warren Democrats right now.”

The Late Night host also pressed Warren on the possibility as serving as a running mate — an option she also dismissed, contending that she is laser focused on the coronavirus response:

I have not talked with people about it. Look, I’m focused right now on this crisis. Last week, we were negotiating a record $2 trillion bill to try to support health-care workers and to try to support our economy, and now I’m trying to push hard for this oversight part of it, sending letters to Secretary Mnuchin.

“That’s just where my attention is focused right now, and frankly I think it’d be presumptuous for me to be doing anything else,” she added.

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