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Coronavirus means less sex – for Americans, British, Chinese, Turkish

Coronavirus means less sex – for Americans, British,
Chinese, Turkish 1

(SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST) — There is growing evidence that people across the world are having sex less frequently during the coronavirus pandemic, with studies in China, the United States, Britain and Turkey appearing to confirm the trend.

A survey of Americans this month by dating website found that more than 70 per cent of single Americans did not have sex at all from March to October, while a US study by the Kinsey Institute in June found Americans in general were having less sex – one reason being tension between couples isolated together at home.

Researchers said in July that British people’s sexual desire had been found to have declined immediately after they were subjected to lockdown measures in spring – before later rebounding after extended spells of isolation as people used sex to “ease stress and anxiety or overcome boredom.”

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