Watch: Protesters attack police car with officers inside, then say video was taken ‘out of context’

Watch: Protesters attack police car with officers inside,
then say video was taken ‘out of context’ 1

CALGARY, ALBERTA – A shocking video has been making the rounds where two police officers sit in their patrol vehicle as two masked men approach the vehicle, shouting curse words and insults, and attack the cruiser with a lacrosse stick and rocks. 

The vehicle’s windshield is broken and there is surely body damage to other parts of the car.

Police are being faced with a multi-pronged attack on their careers and lives.  Lack of support from their administrations, defunding of their departments that directly impact their manning numbers, and a public audience that is emboldened to commit acts like these, knowing they’ll likely see no punishment.

Instead of jumping out of the vehicle and taking these men into physical custody, or going to battle with their hands or less-than-lethal weapons, they chose to do nothing.

The video was shared Sunday night by Ontario Police Commissioner Thomas Carrique, who defended his officers.

“Protestors falsely blamed #OPP for escalation in #Caledonia,” Commissioner Carrique said.

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“Extremely proud of my officers for their professional and measured response to keep the peace & preserve life while under attack. Arrests continue as members take responsible and sustained enforcement approach.”

Here’s the backstory.  It happened on Oct. 22.  That’s when protesters blocked the road to a housing development in Caledonia.  CBC reported that they faced off with provincial police.

It was only hours earlier that a judge had given a permanent injunction against the land rights protesters.

When cops arrived to “keep peace in the town” after the ruling, things popped off.

“And the male with camo is throwing rocks at us,” the officer said to the dispatcher as the man walked up to the police car.

The protesters flipped out when they saw what the police commissioner had posted about them.

In an ironic twist, CBC said the thugs claimed the video had been taken out of context.

“I think it’s really despicable content that you show a one-minute clip out of context,” said Skyler Williams.

He’s a spokesman for the group that has been occupying the area for more than 100 days.

“That was just following rubber bullets being fired at people, a guy getting Tasered,” he said.  These are the tactics that we’re used to seeing from not just the OPP, but police in general, across the county when it comes to dealing with people of color. This is why Black Lives Matter is the way it is. This is why Indigenous standoffs are happening across the country,” Williams told reporters.

But the truth is that police only fired one rubber bullet during the confrontation.  He said they also used a Taser to “gain control of the assaultive suspects,” CBC reported.

According to officers, one of the men featured in the video had been identified and would be charged.

Officers everywhere were surely angered by the video, as evident on social media, due to the fact that police are often choosing to let criminals attach them rather than protect themselves and take the bad guy into custody. 

One commenter on the video summed it up well:

“The police are not weak. Rather, the local and state governments are weak, or support the goals of the terrorists and thus offer no support to law enforcement.

“On the contrary, if the police do the job they are trained to do, they are on their own. If something goes awry, the individual officer will pay the price, not the terrorist thug.

“So, for many police, short of quitting, the only option is to do nothing. Ultimately, this decision harms those whom the police are sworn to protect and serve.”

During a recent free speech and pro-police march in San Francisco, members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked marchers and police.

The rally was organized by “Team Save America” in order to protest Twitter’s banning of a New York Post article alleging that Hunter Biden had set up a meeting for a Ukrainian businessman with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, during the Obama administration.

Twitter still hasn’t unlocked the Post’s account.

Members of the march wore pro-American clothing and carried signs in support of the First Amendment and President Trump.

Portland, Oregon is certainly a ready example for violence against police by Antifa.  These demonstrations and directed attacks are very well-organized, according to police:

“With shields at the front of the march, the group proceeded west on Northeast Killingsworth Street, ending at Portland Police North Precinct at 449 NE Emerson Street. 

“There have been previous attempts to storm this building and burn it down with people still inside. Portland Police Officers and Oregon State Police Troopers stood at the perimeter of the property to prevent the gathering from approaching the building.”

A Portland police spokesman explained that police were interfered with while trying to make arrests:

“While one suspect was being processed, he kicked an Oregon State Police trooper and two Portland Police detectives.  Reports came in of other attacks on officers. One officer was struck in the face by a ball bearing.

“The officer’s face shield protected him from what would have likely been a very serious injury. Another officer had an arm injury during a scuffle and she was treated and released from a hospital. Officers had golf balls, rocks, and potatoes launched at them.”

There is a breaking point coming, it is believed, and that point may just coincide with next week’s election. As things come to a boiling point, it appears that regardless of the outcome of the election, our police will be tasked with dangerous control issues through protests, riots, and looting, which all have already been promised by Antifa. 

If President Trump wins, especially, it is predicted that the rioting will be incredibly violent, and likely supported by leftist elitists.

Our National Guard will be on stand-by for the upcoming days and weeks, and it remains to be seen just how our nation’s citizens will react.

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October 8, 2020

WASHINGTON D.C. – While political pundits skillfully choose words and descriptors that best fit their biases, the issue of whether Antifa is an organization or merely an idea seems to be drawing ire.

Regardless of where the American people come down on the issue, it appears there is no doubt that Antifa meets the criteria to be labeled as Domestic Terrorists.

In the recent presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden revealed that he believed Antifa was not an organization, but instead was only an idea.


However, when an idea is linked to action by someone, it becomes a movement. The violent actions perpetuated by individuals claiming to be members of Antifa result, in fact, in the classification of Antifa as a movement.

Of course, Biden indicated the “idea” assessment had originally come from Trump’s own FBI Director Chris Wray.

But Chris Wray called Antifa an ideology. Not the same thing at all. 

According to National Review, here’s what Wray actually said:

“We look at Antifa as more of an ideology or a movement than an organization. To be clear, we do have quite a number of properly predicated domestic terrorism investigations into violent anarchist extremists, any number of whom self-identify with the Antifa movement.

“And that’s part of this broader group of domestic violent extremists that I’m talking about, but it’s just one part of it. We also have the racially motivated violence extremists, the militia types, and others.”

FBI Director Chris Wray’s direct quote, according to the National Review, stated:

“I want to be clear that by describing it as an ideology or movement, I by no means mean to minimize the seriousness of the violence and criminality that is going on across the country.

“Some of which is attributable to that people inspired by, or who self-identify with that ideology and movement. We’re focused on that violence on that criminality. And some of it is extremely serious.”

In a comment on the YouTube video of Biden’s “idea” opinion during the presidential debate, one viewer named Andrew wrote:

“When an ‘idea’ has followers who communicate with each other and coordinate strategies, organize security and execute plans to destroy property and harm individuals, it becomes an organization.”

James Woods, well known actor and Twitter user followed by 2.6 million people, facetiously seems to agree:

The Antifa movement has thrived in those communities suffering violence and riots, many of which are governed by Democratic mayors. As the Antifa movement becomes more organized, it thrives on the power vacuum created by anti-law enforcement cities.

Legally, the definition of a terrorist organization is a group that uses violence or the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.

FBI defines domestic terrorism as violent criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals, stemming from domestic influences of a political, religious, social, racial or environmental nature.

As businesses and individuals in riot-hit communities can attest, they have been the victims of domestic terrorism.

It is clear that the activities undertaken by violent rioters by those claiming to be Antifa fit the definition of domestic terrorism.

Biden’s assessment led to a vigorous and heated response from law enforcement officials across the nation.

Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston (Texas) Police Officers’ Union, heatedly responded in a video posted on the Facebook page of the National Fraternal Order of Police:

“Vice President Biden said Antifa is an idea. Well excuse me, but ideas don’t throw bricks at officers’ heads.

“They don’t hit officers in the heads with baseball bats, they don’t throw Molotov cocktails and they don’t attempt to assassinate police officers.”

Gamaldi went on to say:

“Antifa is terrorists, and we need to make sure they are calling it by that name. And Vice President Biden frankly owes an apology to every single law enforcement officer across this country who puts on a uniform every single day for that ridiculous comment and to undermine the very real threat that Antifa poses not only to law enforcement but our entire country.”

Antifa, much like ISIS, formed first as an idea. ISIS then became a movement and eventually a full blown terrorist organization – formed in the absence of a legitimate or inept government.

Remember, the definition of a terrorist organization is a group that uses violence or the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives. ISIS or Antifa – both fit the description for terrorism.


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