Letter: Protest to remind people of injustices felt by many

The endemic racism in our society today is not a political issue, but an urgent humanitarian one that must be addressed before yet more people are murdered because of their skin color.

Yes, voting in elected officials who will uphold the American ideals of ‘liberty and justice for all’ will help, but we don’t have time to wait, which is why we protest – loudly, and peacefully.

Given the delay before criminal charges were brought against the Minneapolis police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd, I doubt that they would have been arrested were it not for the protesters who demanded justice.

So let’s keep protesting — loudly and peacefully; exercising our constitutional right to do so, thereby reminding people of the ongoing injustices suffered by so many, and with a clear vision of eradicating the systemic racism that is the scourge of this nation.

Elizabeth Ward

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