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Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetable Garden Kit

exotic vegetable seeds

Exotic Vegetable Seeds 1
  • Everything you need to grow 4 beautiful vegetables from seeds: Nature’s Blossom’s grow kit contains all the gardening supplies needed to grow four types of rare veggies at home – fresh vegetable seeds for planting, planting pots, potting soil, plant markets, Plant water mister & a detailed gardener’s manual
  • Grow a funky vegetable garden: grow purple carrots, black corn, yellow cucumber and romanesco broccoli ; Our seeds have the highest germination rates, and are sourced from local farmers, right here in the USA. Our seeds are NON-GMO, chemical free, edible, and can be grown indoors or outdoors.
  • Unique gift for men, women and children: looking for an “out-of-the-box” gift to amaze your loved ones? Nature’s Blossom Exotic Vegetables grow kit is the perfect gift for someone who has it al and is especially great for kids, experimenting their first steps in home gardening
  • High germination rates: our seeds are non-gmo, chemical free, and grown in the USA ; Each seed goes through multiple tests and we’ve placed more seeds than you actually need to make sure you will successfully grow multiple plants
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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon.com.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase NATURE'S BLOSSOM SOW AND GROW SEED STARTER KIT 4 Exotic Vegetables for only $20.99
  • The lowest price of NATURE'S BLOSSOM SOW AND GROW SEED STARTER KIT 4 Exotic Vegetables was obtained on January 26, 2023 10:22 pm.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Exotic Vegetable Seeds

  1. Philip D. Gomes

    cute beginner’s kit with pretty much everything you need to create a fun memory with your kids. We planted the seeds a few days ago and they learned a lot about the basics of home gardening. The manual was extremely helpful. Highly recommended.

  2. L Parr

    A clever and thoughtful gift for the avid gardener! I loved the unusual choices that are included in this kit. I’ve had several of these vegetables and I think they are worth growing! For an avid gardener I think this is very gift a bowl and would make a very thoughtful and unique gift. Inside there’s really nothing special, seeds, peat moss pots, soil discs and instructions. And yes for what is involved is the price a little high… Yes which is why I took away one star. That being said I would still pick it up for a loving friend because it’s just a nicely organized and thoughtful gift.

  3. samiam

    I love Romanesco (a type of broccoli) but it is hard to find in the grocery store. I am so happy to have a kit that will allow me to try to grow my own! If you haven’t tried this wonderful vegetable you should.The kit comes with four different seed packets (cucumber, carrot and corn in addition to Romanesco), 4 plant markers, 4 soil discs and four biodegradable pots. The corn is blue corn, the carrot is a red “cosmic carrot” and the yellow cucumber is aptly named lemon cucumber.The kit comes with a fully illustrated, easy-to-follow Grower’s Manual. The directions are simple and the photographs and illustrations are clear and vibrant.The only thing I do not like is the spray bottle. It is essentially a plastic bag bottom with a spray nozzle attached.

  4. ReviewToaKill

    I really love the presentation of this little kit, although given that it’s still December and these will need to be repotted outside once of sufficient size, I’ll be waiting to actually plant the seeds!My son is a plant nut, wanting to be a botanist when he grows up one day. Yeah, I know. That’s strange but also kind of wonderful. Every spring he begs me to plant edibles, and when we’re actually successful, you’d think he won the lottery. Every time we go to Whole Foods or some other fancier food store, he demands the expensive rainbow carrots or purple cauliflower and gets despondent when I don’t but them. Yeah, I know. That’s strange.This is a great way to get us started this year, and to allow him the opportunity to plant himself. The peat growing medium, and biodegradable pots make that all very easy and kid-friendly. I am a bit embarrassed about one thing: I knew there was a plan/purpose for the lase-cut wood (bamboo?) pieces, but my particular box did not contain any explanation. I finally saw in another review that it fits together to make a plant stand. Eureka! And sheer genius, as that will limit the horizontal footprint of a bunch of germinating seeds.I really like this, and can’t wait for another couple of months to pass. We’ll be ready to plant!

  5. Kimberly, New Mexico

    The product is great, I’m happy with it. I did have an issue with how it came. The box was as you see it in the photo, with a shipping label slapped on it. It didn’t come in an additional box, which was a little inconvenient as it was a gift for someone in my house. There was no hiding what it was, so I was kinda forced to just go ahead and give the person the gift since it was obvious what it was and they had already seen it. I had assumed it would come in a separate box, as most everything on Amazon does. So, if this is a gift, make sure you check that box or the box for it to come in Amazon packaging. Other than ruining the surprise, it was a great gift and my person really liked it.

  6. Celia Hayes

    For growing some really unusual vegetables – this would be the perfect gift for a child with a bent towards growing garden vegetables. Everything to get started is in a small and compact box: four pots, potting materiel, seeds and a spray bottle, plus a booklet of detailed instructions.The growing medium is awesome, BTW: a 3/4 x 2 inch disc of tightly compressed, dried material, which once soaked with a cup of water expands into sufficient materiel to fill a single pot. I’d love to be able to buy a brick of this the size of a conblock, soak it with twenty gallons of water and have enough to fill a single raised bed, instead of wrestling thirty pound sacks of potting mix into the back of the car.We started this kit the morning, since winter in Texas promises to be mild this year. This review will be updated when the vegetables mature.

  7. Cassandra Strand

    We love purple carrots and purple/black corn and wanted to try Romanesco broccoli but most of these are very rarely available locally. Occasionally, we’ll see purple carrots but, usually in the mixed cut baby carrot bag. Purple/Black corn we rarely find fresh and usually what’s available are the dehydrated decorative ones in the fall. I’ve never seen the lemon cucumber or romanesco broccoli in person. We shop our local Asian markets, Whole Foods, Local Grocers, Farmer’s markets etc… and they just don’t generally carry them. We’re always delighted when we find these kinds o things but it’s just too far and in between so we thought it might be fun to try growing our own. We like in MN so our growing season is pretty short and still months away from starting but we are so excited to get to try these.The kit really does have just about everything you could need… the seeds, little pots, soil discs, a detailed growing guide, and more. The only thing not included is a patch of land to transfer it and a growing lamp/sunlight. I’m hoping I’ll be able to update this review later in the year with pictures and reports of how well everything grew.If you know someone who likes growing and/or eating exotic fruits and vegetables. This would make a nice gift whether you grow them and then gift them your gardens results or the kit for them to grow themselves. It is a bit pricey but, I think it’s worth it for everything you get.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Grandma loves it!

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