“But it’s our job to stop it.”

Mac Jones celebrates a touchdown with wide receiver Kendrick Bourne. AP Photo/Mary Schwalm

The Patriots got back on track with a huge 54-13 win over the Jets on Sunday, but Jets players reportedly didn’t appreciate how the Patriots ran up the score with the game well out of reach in the fourth quarter.

Per The Athletic’s Connor Hughes (via WBZ’s Michael Hurley), Jets offensive lineman Morgan Hughes said he was “bothered” by the Patriots, who tallied 54 points.

Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Rankins, meanwhile, said he was thinking “some things I’m not going to say” while watching the Patriots continue to throw down the field despite the score, but he accurately noted that “it’s our job to stop it.”


The Patriots didn’t really shy away from admitting they ran up the score. Kendrick Bourne said he watched a college football team put up 50 the day prior, and he wondered at the time whether the Patriots could score 50 against the Jets.

The answer, clearly, was yes.

“I don’t know if we got answers or whatnot, but it was crazy man,” Bourne said. “Everybody playing well like that, you can get those results. I was really screaming, ’50-ball’ on the sideline, just an exciting game, a game we needed to show us what we’re capable of.”

Bill Belichick has plenty of history with the Jets as well — he once resigned as head coach after just a day. He told The Greg Hill Show he doesn’t think about that anymore (readers can decide whether they believe him).

“Yeah that’s so far in the past, I don’t really think about that,” Belichick said. “Really I just am trying to think about what I can do to help our team perform better and do a good job for the Patriots. That’s all in the rearview mirror, it’s really for me just looking ahead and trying to do a good job with this team. I need to do a better job so I’ll just focus on that.”